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Container transforms

Yet another failtutorial.
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Thank you for this tutorial it is wonderful and is a great help to understand xoas... unfortunately I get to the last example with the tile_log and tile_hlp plugins from ZyOrg. My Apo 7x16 version doesn't recognise them? :confused: I am having a really bad time with Apo at the moment, where so many "common"plugins just don't show up or they crash the program?
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Very nice tutorial. I can't wait to try this (still some renovating to do at home).
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=D yay great
lemme know if you have any issues
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that's so interesting, can't wait to have time to try it!
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downloading... and thinking about apo/chaotica once again :D
thank you, tatyana!
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Thank you tatasz.
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Thank you for sharing!  Going to try my hand at it~
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Thank you so much, Tatyana, for sharing this!!  It looks like some really stunning images will result!
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Thank you for the information.  I haven't done any Apophysis in a while but I'd like to get back into it.  This will help. 
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Xaos tutorials are the best :D  We need more of these!
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=D thanks
well not sure really, the main issue is people actually using it to make something different (such as take the glynnsim3 example and use something crazy like a bloom to fill it)
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Tatyana, You are amazing thanks for always showing us the way on a sometimes dark path. :hug: :)
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Astounding work, eternal thanks. :)
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looks awesome, will have to study it sometime :)
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i suggest not starting with this one, just in case =)
can be mildly frustrating as requires some previous knowledge

could be useful for you mostly in a sense that you could take some inspiration to improve the editor.
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Awesome! I love to fail.
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Thanks for all the hard work in putting this together and sharing. I will have fun with it.Heart Clap 
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Tatasz.  I love you ♥ thanks for all this wonderful information, look forward to making a fractal
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Good writing, I'll experiment! btw looking at the fluxograms, a node-based editor would make life million times easier no? :D
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Yup =)
Although i worry a bit about how it would look for more complex stuff, with 20+ transforms and xaos going all around.
Those things tend to have more links between nodes than whatever stuff uses node editors, i think
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But i'm thinking like we could have a node that replaces a group of nodes. So like, make a linearsplit with fancy effects -> make it into a group so it's not very complex
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