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Dragon and st George

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I wanted to check how many levels did I got up since one year...

the link to the previous version -…

the older one took me many hours, maybe 20.
This one was done in 6.
Comment and critique is welcomed!
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Hello! I am looking to use your image for a game called Ingress ( In the mobile game, the real world is the battlefield where you visit landmarks and conquer them for your team. In this game there are so called missions. The goal of a mission is to visit landmarks in a certain order (and optionally telling a story), and as a reward you get a small badge. The badges are shown in 6 columns, and nowadays it's popular to create 'banner missions', a list of missions which create a bigger image, as shown in #1.

My home town has a lot of buildings and streets named after the St George and the Dragon, and would make an excellent candidate for a St George banner. I was wondering if I could use your image for this?

Awaiting your reply

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Hello, friend. I'm a brazilian writter - starting my carrer - and I just finish a book about Saint George. It's a fantastic tale about the legend, the version it's known here in Brazil, to kids about 6 to 9 years old.
I was looking for images and found your art. I'd like to use in the cover, because it's very close to a scene I've imagined.
Would you be interested? If so, you can find me at Facebook (Elton Rodrigues), Twitter (eltonlrodrigues) or by the email
I dont have the text in english, only in portuguese. But if you become interested I could translate it for you.
Best wishes.
Best wishes.
Elton Rodrigues
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BilboobliBProfessional Artisan Crafter
Game on :) great gallery
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MKTDragonHobbyist Digital Artist
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TatarskiSkandalStudent Digital Artist
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EnvyMachineryStudent General Artist
A lotta levels. Your dragons look very stoney; not sure if that's the look you're going for.

You did a great job on the motion blur. The action looks really good.
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TatarskiSkandalStudent Digital Artist
yeah I know about the stony stuff. Textures are my weak point. I guess I tried to hard and over textuerd/rendered it. My goal was to make a dragon that is old (hence the scales aren't shiny, but very hard and matt), but know when I think about it - if it's old, it should have more scars, holes in it's wings etc.) Well, there's always the next piece...
Gotta do more studies of scales, I suppose.
Thanks for the comment!
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EnvyMachineryStudent General Artist
I don't even know where to start with textures. I do just about everything with normal brushes, not that I've done much that requires more than that.

You're welcome.
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