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Please take your time to look into this before ordering!

You are free to email me if any questions comes to mind. Any commission related questions are welcome so I can update this post more and more.

ALSO REMEMBER TO READ MY ToS here! -> My ToS - Terms of Service


Q: Were can I fill out an "order"?
A: I have links to my "ordering" forms around my social media.

In MY channel "Commissions tab",
in my "Price sheet" image in here DeviantArt -> Commissions
and in my FurAffinity "Commissions" tab.

And there is a whole own system when ordering simpler art by Ko-fi.


Q: How can I pay?
A: Atm. I only use Paypal.

After we both have agreed with everything and the selling price - I will send you invoice by paypal and by the email you have included to the form.

 Also know that I don't accept purchases from minors.


Q: What I should do before sending the form?
A: There is few things you can do to make things go smoothly.

When you write the commission order - just add all the necessary details, all special requests, character traits, expressions and character interactions etc.
There is no need for backstories. I know they are interesting but not needed on this point.

2. Everything must be told me upfront in the form.
Best to avoid all the "back and forth asking thing" that lasts over 20 messages. I'm sure both of us want to things go quickly and simply as possible.

And why on the form?
Cause we end up talking after the info is given and then I don't need to keep scrolling and looking for the info between random messages. When the info is in a single place, it's easy for me to just look back to the form while working on your art piece.

3. If the art is a gift to someone!
It's best to tell me right from the start - so we son't spoil the surprise.


Q: How are your working times?
A: Well basically it depends on the amount of work in my list in over all.

My normal finishing times goes between a week to a month - but I usually will inform if the waiting time will be long.
I don't work on weekends - especially on Sunday. That is fully "me time".


Q: Is there any Discounts?
A: Yes there is! 

My Patrons and Ko-fi members get discounts based on their pledged tier! Go check out for more!

There is -30% discount if you allow me to have the FULL ARTISTIC FREEDOM
(discount not possible on ref sheet, ko-fi or special offer commissions))


Q: What I can't order or shouldn't order?
A: That is a good question. Here is a list of themes I won't accept.

Bullet; Red Rape (if the pic shows even slightest sign of that the character's not enjoying it)
Bullet; Red Too Highly detailed vehicles.
Bullet; Red Nuns and satanist themes (anything that shows too much religious themes)
Bullet; Red Comics
Bullet; Red Animations/GIF animations
Bullet; Red Full images of robots
Bullet; Red Loli
Bullet; Red Fetishes that are out of my standards like;
- Peeing/pooping/toilet stuff, Fart, Cannibalism, Vore, Gore, Incest, Anal etc.
Bullet; Red Hyper stuff; genital, fat, muscles etc.
Bullet; Red Yaoi
Bullet; Red Death

If your fetish isn’t on the list - you are free to ask before ordering.


Rules about using my OC's in commissions

This sections is for those who have been following me a longer time and shown interest of including my characters in the commissions.


There is gonna be a lot explaining with this one.
Over the years my looks have changed and I have drawn myself in different situations and worlds.
Sadly many don't understand that those versions are still me(minus one). I don't feel comfortable seeing myself in any lewd situation with anyone except my BF :iconxsuperix:
So I'm free for friendly, funny, situations. Everything clearly lewd/NSFW is NOT allowed - with anyone else than my BF.

Examples of which versions I'm talking about;

Tuua - my Fursona.
All the versions of my fursona... SFW and friendly situations ONLY!

Agent Finland.
This is the name I was called when I was part of this Halo Freelancers group - and people from that group still call me that. SFW and friendly situations ONLY!

Every old version of me! Sadly people don't understand that these are all still ME with the hairstyle I used to have. So none of these versions are allowed! I don't wanna use my old looks in any art pic.

Dragon Ball - Tatara

She is created to the Dragon Ball  universe and to my fan fiction. I'm shipping her with Piccolo. In my story I have a "past version" of her. So if you wanna include her in something - contact me first! SFW and friendly situations ONLY!

Mature Content

Tatara collage 2021 by Tatara-Arts
Ice cream date by Tatara-Arts

Booma and Adam

These are my main characters of my own story "My Friend My Beloved". SFW and friendly situations ONLY!

Other characters

Limited; I have a story behind these characters and might have a partner already. Contact me first! SFW and friendly situations ONLY!

Free; these characters aren't attached to any story etc.
© 2015 - 2022 Tatara-Arts
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Not gonna ask for a commission, but I have to compliment you on how organized this is! :salute: *Takes note for my own commission business*