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Light Riders: Air Element: E-Vap

By TataliTat
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I put this character in one of my mini comics, now I've finally posted her!

Catch Phrase: What goes up must come down!

Story: E-Vap was once a farm girl, she wanted to prove that a drought spell was causing her families crops to die, she experimented in her families fields, and in the neighboring farm, she discovered that somehow the water in their crops was drying up way to fast. She found out that their neighbors farm was perfectly fine if not doing better. The culprit was stopped, and E-Vap's family farm was back in business, however the rival farmer took his revenge overnight, and use his evaporation potion to turn E-Vap into air! She managed to maintain a physical form and was able to continue helping on the farm, but her life changed forever at the market a week later. She was helping her father when the evil King of Shadows took her and tried to corrupt her, but the Light Riders came to her aid. Storm Striker had to fight for her freedom, but if he lost then they would loose Shard and Hydroplane, and they were their Caster experts. Striker nearly lost but E-Vap called for a substitution putting her life on the line, she whisked the enemies away with a whirlwind but then fell unconscious for a week from the stress, when she woke up the Light Riders offered her a place among them, the Shadows would be back and they would want her power, E-Vap agreed to join the Riders for both her protection and other Caster's.

Personality: Cheerful, kind, energetic, loving, generous, honest, fiercely loyal.

Facts: Half wind Caster. Massive crush on Hydroplane, a fellow half-cast. Ability to control wind, and sometimes weather.

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She is absolutely beautiful. Kind of looks like a seahorse girl, or a ghost though. Anyway, it's so much better than her original design. Especially her hair color, the purple is a nice touch.
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E-Vap: Thank you! .:blush:. 
Agreed E, way better than before.
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Indeed it is. I'm pretty surprised that Hydro hasn't asked you out himself.