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Ina and Iden - DnD Characters

I have a special DLC print available on Patreon!

I am prepping for a D&D campaign and I am pumped! I wanted to introduce you to my character Ina and her twin brother Iden~

They are part of a race of shifter buns from the planet Verr'Luna. As our campaign is based not in just a kingdom or planet but within a galaxy we're planning to explore, all of us playing are creating planets/systems for our characters!


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shifter usagi twins are so amazingly drawn!! (▰╹◡╹▰)

Decederes's avatar

One day you'll open commissions. I can dream.

matchaartist's avatar

I can't wait to hear all the DnD stories about their adventures ;w; !

TastyPeachStudios's avatar

All the adventures!!!

Dungeon Bunnies gonna rock the world .

Did I say rock ?

All hail the Rock God Harold and his Demi-god sidekick Darold 🥰

TastyPeachStudios's avatar

Blessed be his crust :please:

Aww they are so cute!

CruzCtrl91's avatar

The hype is Real for these adorabuns!!! Excited for more Ina and Iden!! 🤩🐇🐇

TastyPeachStudios's avatar

Thank you bb! I want to make a little charm of them for myself ( and maybe anyone that wants them?? )

CruzCtrl91's avatar

they would be much wanted!!

AtomicKawaii's avatar

These BEANSSSS! Seriously I don't know how you make a sketch look so damn good! I adore the design of these two so much! The harlequin rabbit idea was so amazing Bunny Emoji-10 (Loved) [V1]

TastyPeachStudios's avatar

THANK YOU! I am really trying to work hard to let myself sketch more and get pieces out that are not S tier finished work. I think this is a great way for me to capture the ideas and get them out faster!

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Ahh! SO cute! I love the movement and emotional you show in this!

TastyPeachStudios's avatar

THANK YOU! I am trying a new style of just loosely sketching them out so I can get ideas on paper. Thank you so much!

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Approve [YT BadComedian] Wow! Fantastic!!

TastyPeachStudios's avatar
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You're most welcome! ♡

LolMarth's avatar

Yep. Loved the sketch and absolutely love the final product.

Yeah yeah, I know, I'm biased, but still :P

TastyPeachStudios's avatar

It's cause you're the best bun twin~

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