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How to De-tangle and Re-curl a Heat Resistant Wig

Here is part 2 of 2 for taking care of a heat resistant wig!

This tutorial shows you how to de-tangle and re-curl a heat
resistant wig. This one is for after you wash it. I hope you
enjoy it!

Please check the washing tutorial for washing a wig below!

:star:How to wash a wig: [link]

This wig along with many others are availabe online at
Animestuffstore's site here: ---->

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Wigs by Purple Plum Inc by AnimeStuffStore.
Tutorial by Ryan Zanfei ( mooglegurl ) Tasty Peach Studios
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What diameter do you use for the curlers?
TastyPeachStudios's avatar
Depends on what you want to have as an end result, mine are standard large rollers
could i use any detangler that has silicone if i can't find the pure silicone one?
TastyPeachStudios's avatar
I would test it first, but I don't see why not.
Would using the hot water method ruin the wig fibers?
TastyPeachStudios's avatar
it would not, however I find a blow dryer works better for straightening/curling
ZombieOwl's avatar
The lubricant is a very cool idea! great tip!
Your-friend-Sushi's avatar
I couldn't find anything in the comments, but does the spray help any at all with holding the curls?
TastyPeachStudios's avatar
curls hold on their own for the most part, as they are set to keep this curl. However using it often will wear em down, which is why washing them and re-curling them keep them as good as new :)
ChibiNyte's avatar
I just got my Purple Plum wig, Meiko in the natural rainbow blend, and while I haven't worn it around, it's kind of... Got fly-aways, sort of frizzy-like just from me giving it a light combing while on a wig head.XD I don't have foam curlers, could a curling wand work? owo I'm madly in love with the GIANT voluminous curls in the wig already so I want to keep them.XD Worried the fabric softener-washing would ruin the giant, bouncy curls.
TastyPeachStudios's avatar
The curls they have will not come out in cold water because they are perm set this way :) heat tools are not exactly recommended because the slightest over heat will melt your wig. I recommend getting large foam curlers, washing the wig, letting it air dry, spraying it with a silicon based lubricant spray, and then setting large curls in the curlers. 
naginamini's avatar
Both of your wig tutorials are SUPER helpful. I've been looking for a way to restyle my wig for the longest time and this îs by far the most helpful instructions I've found so far!
TastyPeachStudios's avatar
Oh wonderful! If you have any questions feel free to ask me :)! I do this once a week and might even make a video tutorial soon ^__^!
XxKayMaerinDevilxX's avatar
Thanks, good tutorial
SymphonicBoom's avatar
Omg, you have an american girl brush. Glad I wasn't the only one that used one of those on my wigs.

Great tutorial btw!
PreciousChattel's avatar
Do you do the same thing with the clip pigtails?
Aldyth's avatar
I love, love, LOVE this tutorial! But for some reason I can't get the plunger to stay steady; even when I suction it it keeps falling down. I'm highly contemplating getting out my mom's power tools and building myself a no-fall wig stand. I started with a few test curls (which turned out awesome!) and then my stand fell over and ruined all my work. :( Got any tips for a better stand?
TastyPeachStudios's avatar
Not too sure, but you can make a stand from connecting thin PVC pipe.
Aldyth's avatar
That is a really good idea. Definitely worth a try.
emillovescupcakes's avatar
hey Are you selling that wig? I bet on one like this on ebay XD
TastyPeachStudios's avatar
Sorry this is one of my favorites I wear quite often <3 You can get this exact wig here: [link]
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