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Eevee Evolutions

I love all of the Eevee evolutions~ so here is my version of
them all! I do hope you like them :3

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Pokemon © Nintendo
Art © Ryan Zanfei. Do not claim, use, distribute, or trace this work.
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Babies!!!! Ahhh neeed!
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Thank you! I have wanted to draw them again sometime :3

Have you made any more art like this? Pokemon now has a fairy-type Eeveelution called Sylveon, and I would love to see that one thrown in the mix!
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yo españo y hay un juego de cuidar pokemons
es este:
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Eevee has a new evolution....AGAIN, it's pretty cool it's called Ninfia...I really hate that it has more evolutions then is needed but I think the pokemon is pretty cool (it's in Japan there's no english name and it has not type)
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aaah these are so cute! would it be okay to make mac dock icons out of these if i don't distribute them at all and they're just for personal use?
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i think Eevee is the most amazing pokemon ever cause it has a lot of evolutions
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I have pins of all of these! ^_^
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Could you do those for Midna01's Fake Eeveelution collection? :love:
Colourpelt's avatar
Looks great!

Icon by [link]
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eevee and eevees evolutions are my faves too! :squee:
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Very cute! I love eevee evolutions :D
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Trop choupinou! Il sont trop cuuuuuuuute !!
Tia-chan25's avatar
so cute!
I loooooove it!!!
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How did you make it?
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@o@ all Eevee evolutions. So much love!
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