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Random Quiz 4
do you dream? what was your last dream?
i don't remember my dreams but AJ says i always smile when i sleep so good ones i guess
if taking your own life meant that 10 people would be cured of terminal disease, would you do it?
no, i know it sounds selfish but you would too
who are you?
a sister, a carer, a girlfriend and a friend indeed
who did you last love, and why?
AJ, i love her personality, spirit her outlook just everything about her
what was your first love like?
it was AJ i hated myself for it for a while but we all know how it worked out :)
what is your loveliest memory?
thats a hard one, id say a draw between Jenna's first words & me & AJ telling each other we loved each other and would never hurt one another
have you ever seen a ghost? would you like to?
no & no
what do you believe in?
Atheism combined with self-peace
how much of your life (dreams, aspirations, day-to-day activities) was pre-decided for you by your culture?
i guess patriotism from the most patriotic nation on
:icontastetherainbow111:TastetheRainbow111 2 0
My Little OC's by TastetheRainbow111 My Little OC's :icontastetherainbow111:TastetheRainbow111 1 0 Skipping by TastetheRainbow111 Skipping :icontastetherainbow111:TastetheRainbow111 1 4 Hopeful Flower is Hopeful by TastetheRainbow111 Hopeful Flower is Hopeful :icontastetherainbow111:TastetheRainbow111 2 0 aCloud Party by TastetheRainbow111 aCloud Party :icontastetherainbow111:TastetheRainbow111 2 0
Tales of a Weird Childhood Episode 10
Episode 10, Coming out and a Great Start
well, im here Valentines day know for the story of how me & AJ started Dating.
but first a story of why planning these things fails, i failed so many times when i planned telling her i was gay and that i liked her and i planned when i was 14 exactly 3 years ago to the day to get a rose and send it anon style. i wrote out a note with a rose but never sent it and regretted it. this is to show planning fails and impulse rules about this subject especially over gay ones too.
so on September 4th i had to a plan (SHOCKED) to tell AJ that i was gay and liked her, i forgot that we were uneasy around each other (she had a crush on me too) so my plan failed as AJ was talking a conversion arose within my brain between my thinking side and the impulse side the argument raged and raged. i started ignoring the argument and listening to AJ talk.
till my thinking side gave up and my impulse side said "DO IT, KISS HER, KISS HER NOW" i said "um...uh AJ" she respo
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Mature content
Tales of a Weird Childhood episode 9 :icontastetherainbow111:TastetheRainbow111 0 26
Random Quiz 3: Valentines Special
valentines special :D
1.Do you have a GF/BF/Crush etc.?
2.Full Name of GF/BF/Crush etc.?
Alycia Katherine Jacklyn (A.J.) long has the relationship/crush been?
been crushing on her for 4 years then dating for 3 so 7 years in total
4.How did you meet?
5.had sex?
6.Who wears the metaphorical pants?
me together?
3 years now
8.having a baby?
no, but she is listed as one of Jenna's Guardians
her by a few months colour?
She's Blonde old were you 2 when you met?
both 6 old when you 2 started dating/crushing?
i started crushing at 11, dating at 15
illegal to :( maybe not anyway
14.unique facial features?
15.does he/she have siblings?
older brother & sister and a younger sister
16.Parents like you?
17.Siblings like you?
Jack & Taylor do, Abby no
18.does your family?
dad unsure, mum couldn't give a fuck what my mum thinks, brother yes, sister yes
19.valentines plans?
a night in
20. will this quiz ever been done?
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Tales of a Weird Childhood episode 8
Episode 8, Valentines Special Part 2, a Very Big Crush
from again 11 up to 15 i had the biggest crush imaginable on AJ, it started out when i was 8 and i started puberty this is the age when people start crushing on each other we were also getting sex ed at this time but we didn't have LGBT ed yet, so i thought it was only a boy & a girl and thought i was weird when i liked girls instead of boys. this was of course before my crush on AJ and i became a loner for a couple of years. during these few years i gained 2 crushed 1 on AJ and another on Ashley.
the one on Ashley was purly on looks, i was liked a more "Girly" girl :P, but anyway i found it hard to be near Ashley or AJ for extended periods of time. so by the time i was 12 i knew i was gay and i couldn't stand that fact yet, by this time homophobia reached us me being a very stereotypical lesbian was the butt of alot of lesbian jokes which slowly drew me into depression. i thought i had a lesbian friend who was crushing over me, sh
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My First Request by TastetheRainbow111 My First Request :icontastetherainbow111:TastetheRainbow111 1 0 Rainbow Cloud Vs Potato Cookie by TastetheRainbow111 Rainbow Cloud Vs Potato Cookie :icontastetherainbow111:TastetheRainbow111 0 0
Random Quiz 2
this quiz is from an LGBTO site:
1. whats your full name?
Rainbow Robin Drewll
2. how old are you?
3. Birthday?
11 November 1993
4. any brothers or sisters?
Matt & Jenna
5. Pets?
a dog called Millie & a tortoise called Tank
6. GF or BF?
yep AJ
7. what part of the LGBTO are you?
8. have you came out yet?
yes to everyone
9. how did your family take it or how do you think they will take it
Dad: Meh just let me drink in peace
Matt: KNEW IT!
Jenna: whats a lesbian?
10. how did your friends take it or how do you think they will take it?
close friends: well, duh
old friend who turned out to be a bitch: hehe, its Rainbow Dyke
most people: its OK to be gay
the fascist: ill be leading an army that will massacre you one day (his real words)
11. are you a stereotypical LGBTO?
well, extremely Stereotypical
12. anything with rainbows or any LGBTO possessions?
my Rainbow hair, its called Rainbows Rainbow
13. any LGBTO Friends or Family?
a few bisexual cous
:icontastetherainbow111:TastetheRainbow111 0 85
Tales of a Weird Childhood episode 7
Episode 7, First Kiss
ah in the spirit of Valentines day im doing a valentine special part 1 of 4.
Previous to my first kiss i was always afraid of people noticing my not-so-secret crushing (aka obsessing) over AJ who people who have read my previus tales will know we are dating but thats another story. this crush was made worse by the fact (previous readers will also know this) that iy was a lesbian crush but this obsession made me blind to AJ's Crush (just as bad as mine) on me so this story was a dream come true and a awkward moment for both of us, that'll add to the story.
it was about 2007 a warm summers day when i was 14. i was with all of my friends including AJ we were all playing truth or dare i think it was Kirsty who dared me to kiss AJ french-style for 5 seconds. it was a awkward moment when you about to have your first kiss and french your crush at the same time. eventually after like 2 minutes of awkwardness we kissed for well over 10 seconds in front of all our friends.
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Tales of a weird Childhood Episode 6
Episode 6, the Girl
have any of you been mistaken for the opposite sex?, and asked out by someone thinking you were the opposite sex?, it happens to me alot
2 weeks ago, i was at a bar while AJ was on a family holiday and im very masculine & macho looking, so this women i think she was about my age, came up to me and starts talking to me, i had no idea what her intentions where i thought she wsa just being nice. shes says "so, you seem like a nice guy" i have learned to ignore  people thinking im a guy because it happens way too much. im thinking where shes going with this, she nudges up closer to me and puts her hand on my hand. she looks in my eyes and says "maybe we can go out sometime?" i look her straight in the eyes.
and say "you know im a chick, right?" her face was priceless she goes really pale, her pupils shrink and she gets the "oh my god im an idiot" & "HOLY FUCKING SHIT" looks on her face. she musters the ability to go "wha- wha- REALLY?" i respond "yep" and she
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Tales of a weird Childhood Episode 5
Episode 5, the Rain & Public Toilet
Have any women ever forgot to wear a bra once?, Or be caught in the rain with a thin shirt?, ive had both at the same time
it was summer of 2011, i was 17 then it was a warm sunny day a change from Scotland's normal weather of Rain. so me & my girlfriend AJ were walking down the street. she had a water proof shirt on & i had had the thinnest shirt possible & forgot to wear a bra this will be important later. but suddenly the weather changes for the worst and starts raining not drizzling but poring down so i get soaked my shirt gets wet so naturally i covered my chest with my arms i could see people looking at me asking "why that guy's covering his chest" to their mates. i am always mistaken for a guy always nobody guesses im a chick, also important later. so me & AJ go into a public toilet AJ's shirts waterproof so it didn't show through like mine did, so any way she gives me her bra, OK since ive got the flattest chest you will ever see on a girl &
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Tales of a weird Childhood Episode 4
Episode 4, a Nephew & Niece
Do any of you have a older brother or sister?, who who had children?, and you were there?
i was for my new nephew & niece, technically this is not from my childhood as it was in 2011, but a funny story none the less.
so i was sitting with my girlfriend AJ watching TV and i got a text, from my brother Matt who you may remember from my first episode, well actually in the 1st episode i underestimated his injures. when i dislocated his arm i permiently damaged part of his shoulder which makes it more easily dislocated, granted a massive advantage for me but this will be important later. so the text said "sis get 2 st. johns hospital now! Rubys in Labour" so my license was suspended (next episode) so AJ took  me, Herself & Jenna (my sister, maybe remembered from Episode 3) so anyway we arrive when Rubys going into Labour, breathing in deeply, but calm, while Matts Panicking. XD, so were there Me & AJ are you know comforting Ruby & Matt while Jenna, is e
:icontastetherainbow111:TastetheRainbow111 0 2


This is Comfy by johnjoseco This is Comfy :iconjohnjoseco:johnjoseco 3,736 589 The Human Pegasus Party by johnjoseco
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The Human Pegasus Party :iconjohnjoseco:johnjoseco 4,179 1,324
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The Morality of Homosexuality
A father picks up his newspaper the morning after he buried his son, a Marine Corps Corporal. He found the front page dominated by a story about protesters thanking God for killing another soldier.
The protester's justification? Their message is supported by scripture: God is punishing America for being tolerant of homosexuals and the death of soldiers is a welcome sign of God’s wrath.
How is a parent supposed to feel when their beloved child, who happened to be different, dies fighting to protect a people who's only response is “You’re going to hell!” and “God hates you!” ?
The claim in question today is "Homosexuality is morally wrong, because God says so." I disagree. A person's sexual orientation has nothing to do with morality.
Let's look at what parts of the Bible support this claim. A few sample translations from various publications include:
King James Version, first published in 1611: "Thou shalt not lie with mankind as with womankind: it is ab
:iconandalitebandit-6:Andalitebandit-6 564 1,241
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Rainbow Drewll
United Kingdom
hi there im Rainbow im not an Artist but i enjoy editing screen shots from TV sows & Movies just to say my birthday on this site is wrong just so you know

my girlfriends account:

my Brothers account
  • Eating: Out AJ
  • Drinking: Girl Cum (true)
i was tagged by :icondrgnwolf:

1->You must post these rules.
2->Each person must post 10 things about themselves on their journal.
3->Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create ten new questions for the people you
tag to answer.
4->You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
5->Go to their pages and tell them you have tagged her/him.
6->No tag backs.
7->No crap in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you're reading this." You legitimately have to
tag 10 people.

10 things about me:
i can't draw but i can write, which i think runs in the family
im raising my little sister
i love European History especially Nordic
i dropped out of High School, for a variety of reasons
i think ponies are kewl
games are awesome
i like animals
im a massive tomboy
i have rainbow hair
im quite tall

1. Where in Equestria would you like to live?

2. Why?
because it seems peaceful, friendly and very accepting

3. Which fictional character do you think you're like the most?
take a wild guess :iconrainbowdashplz:

3. In what way?
we are pretty much the same except i would treat scootaloo so much better

4. What's your favorite type of music?
ANY! but id say just slightly heavy metal

5. Why?
i can't explain it really i just like it

6.Watch the following three videos in order and I wanna know what you think about them xD [link] [link] and [link]
XD nuff expressed

7. What do you spend most of your time doing on the internet?

8.You like dogs? xD
YESSSSSSSSSS ive got one, a Lhasa Apso called Millie

9. Who is your favorite Actor/Actress?
Amber Heard

10. What is the thing you love doing the most off the computer

i tag

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