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I imagine with music Stamp

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Do you know Warriors MAPs on YouTube? Well that´s exactly what I imagine when I listen to music - my own ,,maps,, :D

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I always do imagine then, I have albums for every situation, season, weather, melancholy, euphoria, traveling to imaginary places or as time machine. I have over 800 albums on my pc, they are all very important to me. There are infinite amounts and possibilities of atmospheres in music albums that I don't understand when someone says he can't get excited for music anymore.
Even if I listened to a certain album hundreds of times in 3-5 years when it's great then an album will NEVER get old and boring.
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Same. When I listen to music, I think about crossovers.
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I imagine (imiginary) animations about my ocs/favourite characters in my head when I listen to music! It´s one of my favourite things to do!
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Stories form into my head when I listen to Music. But only if the story fits the theme of the music.

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OMG I ALWAYS IMAGINE WHEN I LISTEN TO MUSIC!!! I will always make these music videos in my head it happens all the damn time.
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Same here. I always imagine whenever I listen to songs, ranging from animals to Pokémon to even whatever books I'm writing or reading.
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Thought i was the only one! Using!
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"Nobody on the road, nobody on the beach..."

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I can imagine certain songs playing over various scenes in different series and movies.
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So do I. I imagine either a battle or different characters I like, playing their instruments and singing. lol :iconlaspinplz:
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x'd i never said anything about it cause i thought people'd think i was weird for it, but i guess it's more common than i thought!! i love imagining music videos to music! it really helps me make stories for my characters!
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SameI am a dummy!
That's why i spend days with earphones in my ears which makes me look like i'm addicted:D (Big Grin) 
That sometimes makes me wish that I could do real fanmade music vids smth like animash for example.
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I thought I was the only one oMg
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Heck yeah, music ALWAYS gets those creative juices flowing! I'm definitely using this. :)
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Thougt I was the only one, using
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