The Big Cybertrash Contest
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By Tassou
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Topic: "a tribute to Cybertrash"

Based on obsolete materials from the cybernetic age, Cybertrash is
precisely assembled art made from electronic waste such as diodes,
resistors, fluorescent tubes, transistors, magnets and CD’s
If you don't get the idea, check my gallery.

- One entry per person
- Deviations must be created especially for this contest
- Please submit your entries via Note
- Please put this contest in your artist comments in your entry

Art Forms Permitted: All. Sculptors, start scavenging devices.
Photomanipulators, feel free to use my gallery as stock. Painters,
writers and all the others, just be creative

Deadline: April 31st 23:00 CET

Prizes: Only one prize, what a prize - A Cybertrash sculpture by me!
Something like

Jury: me, myself and I

Thanks for reading and enjoy!
For any additional information you can ask ME.
Yours faithfully,

© 2011 - 2020 Tassou
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Hypholia General Artist
There is no april 31 st. The month end with april 30. So I guess the deadline is for the 30 april.
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TassouProfessional Traditional Artist
true...This year again, april will finish on the 30 th....
Sorry about that...
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Hypholia General Artist
lol no problem :)
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Hypholia General Artist
Coucou ! Génial ce concours, j'aimerais tellement gagner une de vos oeuvres !

J'aurais quelques questions :

1. Est-ce que toutes les oeuvres soumises seront présentée quelque part ?
2. Est-ce que l'on doit utiliser seulement des matériaux ou des photographies de pièces technologique ?
3. Est-ce que l'on peut ajouter d'autres médiums comme la peinture, etc ?
4. Est-ce que le prix c'est l'oeuvre avec le papillon ou c'est autre chose qui sera de ce genre ?

Merci beaucoup :)

Je ne suis pas certaine que je vais avoir le temps de participer au concours, mais je vais certainement essayer!

Merci beaucoup !
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TassouProfessional Traditional Artist
Bonjour, et merci de votre attention.

1. Je publierai une "journal entry" mettant à l'honneur le gagnant, avec des photos de toutes les deviations des participants.
2. Ça doit être en rapport avec les "tripes" de nos appareils électroniques, cette technologie obsolescente dont l'histoire doit être conservée et sublimée
3. Oui, on peut faire du "mixed media" peinture/photo/sculpture...
4. Ce sera une oeuvre inédite réalisée pour ce concours, je donnais le papillon comme exemple

Essayez, participer est le plus important et créer épanouit. Et qui sait, peut-être allez vous gagner!
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Hypholia General Artist
Tout est clair, merci beaucoup.

Bon je vais me mettre au travail avec plaisir ! :)
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OOOOOOOH ! I will try for sure. I do love your work.
As a discarded former computer engeener, I am myself a kind of cybertrash.
With the help of my family, I made an floating installation once, that was made of CD (the floating means were film plastic cans, I had a large supply of those before going digital. Short notice in busy times, but I will try to think about something.
How many entries ?
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TassouProfessional Traditional Artist
You're the first so far - well, there might be others but they havent contacted me yet.
It's nice to know there will be a sculpture entry because, to be perfectly frank, I was more expecting photomanipulation entries.
Give it your best shot and don't forget to spread the word : the more people vote for the contest, the more coverage it gets. I want Cybertrash to grow!
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I'll try, but frankly I have little experience in sculpture and I am very busy for the moment. I was actually thinking more of a kind of post-apocalypse jewelry. I have no all the tools for more ambitious work.
I'll sure give my best shot if I do that, after all I am mainly a photographer (aspartam is my secondary account).
May be you would consider this deviation of mine cybertrash, even if it is on the verge of steampunk

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TassouProfessional Traditional Artist
It sure looks like PCB traces (I use PCBs a lot). Maybe you could try mixing media like photography (of electronic components)/pixel art or photography/fractal?
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In the happiest part of my professionnal life, I was doing CAO and prototyping electronics. Somehow it was much more satisfying than merely programming or worse trying to fix other people programs.
I will trt to come out with something.
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