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My Bio
Current Residence: Ancient Earth
Favourite style of art: traditional, hump me with tradish!
Favourite cartoon character: Sumeragi Subaru and Tsuzuki Asato ... equally!
Personal Quote: Life is for the Living

Favourite Visual Artist
getting difficult.... higuri you, matsushita yoko, yoshitaka amano, michaelangelo, vallejo, etc. ^^;
Favourite Movies
Star Wars Trilogy/LOTR
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Night Wish / X-Japan / Loreena McKinnit / Beethoven / L'Arc en Ciel / and why not... Jimbo
Favourite Writers
Poe! and Orson Scott Card, Ursula K. Le Guin, Patricia McKillip .... and a few others...
Favourite Gaming Platform
Nintendo 8bit/64bit and Play Station
Tools of the Trade
a marking utensil, paper, and blood wahahha (see special jounal post for more details)
Other Interests
Anime/Manga, art, writing, international politics, life


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Past Kiriban Winners can be found here: http://tasiachiba.deviantart.com/journal/6438652/

Trades are currently CLOSED. Gifts given at my own whim.

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Annnnnnd, I'm BACK!

Annnnnnd, I'm BACK!

Finally coming back!!  For the last few years I've simply been in lurker mode.  I've drawn and painted and did what-nots, just never had the opportunity to upload them here.  The longer I went without an upload, the worst it got for me to break the cycle.  But no moar!  Partially due to a desire to share my new artworks and old and partially due to finally having a chance to purchase a premium account and keep my lovely journal setup.... I've broken the hiatus!  It's been a long time coming.  Real life has been one heck of a wrecker, but I'll beat it into submission yet.  And I now also finally have a premium account!  Which seems to have bee

ClubZ StuffZ

ClubZ StuffZ

MY LUFFIES: Ever Snugs go to the following luvvies, who provide meh with the mostestests inspiration of all! : ~Mdnghtkith (https://www.deviantart.com/mdnghtkith) :iconjensie: :iconchibbit: :iconserrifth: :iconnoodle3-d: :iconswaroop: :iconraye0072: :iconcheckered-fadora: :iconscarecrow: :iconverdant: :iconfrog-vamp: :iconchihaya: :iconaziell: :iconholidame:  :iconitainohime: :icondianamoon: :iconwashuuchan: :iconLordSesshoumaruSama: :iconCostofSanity: :iconBladewyvern: :iconHellsing365: Clubs: :iconclamp-club: :iconiloveyaminomatsuei: :icontsuzukiclub: :iconKoorimeToYouko: :iconseisub: :iconsilverhairedbishies: :iconcolor-me-club: :iconfantasy-exchange: :iconmatanteilokic

WishlistZ EtcZ

WishlistZ EtcZ

I want, right now anything: Seishirou x Subaru       Tatsumi x Tsuzuki       Kakashi x Iruka

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kanyikoHobbyist Traditional Artist
shuu-washuu Digital Artist
washuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  How have you beeeeeen?!?!?!?!?!  =glomps back=
shuu-washuu Digital Artist
woo hoo

sorry for late reply hahah... work happens

I'm okay! And how are you? Me, I've been around, mostly fandoming and rping from said fandoms. 
haha, I'm in the same boat... work eating me alive!  @__@  Got me too tired to do anything, meh. >_<  Definitely time for a job change, haha! 

Otherwise, not too bad.  Currently marathoning The Strain, lol~  Been working on wig making for my BJD and some general crafting, but been really wanting to paint and nothing's coming to me.  Been awhile since I have gotten into any fandom stuffs online.  What'chu into?~
PepstarsWorldProfessional Traditional Artist
Thank you for the watch! :hug:
Of course! ^_~