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Kingdom Hearts Rainmeter Skin

By tashstrife89
Hey guys!
I know i haven't been around for a LOOOONG time, but now im back with a rainmeter skin to share <3
I have been working on these over the past two or three days, and have learned alot about rainmeter code ^__^
Basically when i went looking for some fun rainmeter skins, i couldnt find any kingdom hearts themed skins! there was plenty of cute anime ones, to be sure, but i felt i should try and make some of my own.

So here we are! the Kingdom Hearts Rainmeter Skin!

As you can see form the picture there are dark and light variations of each meter, depending on your wallpaper colour. There are two different time skins (one on a heartless symbol, and small simple one with an axel quote)
Theres a CPU measuring skin, and some random cog skins that just sit and look pretty- they come in dark or light, except for Axel (yes the cogs behind the characters spin! OMG SPINNY !!)
Lastly is Mickey, he displays Memory, Network and HD space.

Now i know some of you want these skins but have never used or even heard of rainmeter. First you are going to have to download the Rainmeter program (its safe [link] [scroll down to find it]) and install it.

Next you have to find the "Skins" folder in the Rainmeter folder, wherever you installed it to. Lastly copy paste the Kingdom Hearts Folder into that "skins" folder.

Now start up Rainmeter, and down on you toolbar next to the time, there should be a raindrop icon. right click it and go Configs>Kingdom Hearts> and then whichever meter you want with .ini next to the name!
to refresh the meters, right click the drop icon and select "refresh all".
It shouldnt slow your computer down barely at all either : )

I did not make any of the Kingdom hearts pictures, i just modified them a bit. The following brushes and images were used:
Axel's Chakram
378 Abstract Brushes
Clockwork Brushes
Kingdom Hearts Brushes

So there you are,
i hope to maybe make more skins soon!


Much love, Tash <3

p.s if you have any suggestions about new skins, comment it. i might just make it.

EDIT: the "memorised" typo has been fixed!
© 2009 - 2021 tashstrife89
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super likeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee thxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:)
UniversityStock's avatar
Do you have one that works with the new Rainmeter? It says it's too old...
ember-s's avatar
Aww :3

So cute :D ^^
Lucian111's avatar
Do you have a link to download it?
nessalinwelin7's avatar
Awesome! I love it! I'll put up pics soon of my desktop! :3
Pooka-Pooka's avatar
Awesome! You should totally throw more KH stuff up. There's just not enough for Rainmeter.
I'd REEEAAALLLY love to see some .Hack// (G.U. or original series) related stuff as well.
Final Fantasy stuff would be awesome to see as well.

I mean, if you're not busy or anything. ;)
Dark-Tetsu's avatar
IDK how to use it xD but is cool
marmardrew's avatar
sweeeeet. i can't wait to use it :la: you're awesome.
Shadow-Heartless's avatar
I wonder...
How do you use/install the skin onto the Rainmetre?
Pooka-Pooka's avatar
You have to open/extract everything from the RAR file, then put it in the 'skins' folder inside you 'Rainmeter' folder. Then open up Rainbrowser and go to browse, you should see it there. From there, click on whatever portion of the skin you want, look in the bottom right, click whatever file/files are there, and hit 'upload' just to the right of that.

Sounds confusing now, but it's not so bad to actually do it.
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Fantastic Job, Thanks for taking the time to do this XD
That's fabulous!!!
I love the clock, only problem is my sweet Axel is too tall on my desktop =w=
sekaiwar's avatar
SilverShadowsOfDeath's avatar
Pretty awesome, I really like the clock.
ninnypants's avatar
lol whats with mickey! XD
toanirvash's avatar
KIngdom hearts FTW
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