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The Myth

The aged wind chimes clanged together, their rust flying off into the strong breeze. The upstairs window opened and closed wildly, its splintered pane tearing away from the wall. The front door hung from its hinges as it banged against the door frame. He watched her from the shadows of the ancient house. He stood dead silent. Not one single cold breath escaped his gray lips.

Lilith ran from the house, sobbing and breathing heavily. Her chest tightened, trying to stifle her coughs. She looked over her shoulder only once. She had tripped twice, landing on her left hand and both knees the second time. She just kept on running. Lilith had to get away from the house.  Her life depended on it.

Her whole nightmare began only a few days prior. Lilith's mother always said 'Curiosity killed the cat'. In her case, it would have. Five minutes passed since she had begun running. A soaring pain had erupted in her side. She had to stop and catch her breath. She was going to pass out if she kept going. Lilith slowed to a stop, and rested her hand up against a tree. Hunched over, her other hand was pressed against her knee. She coughed, between gasps for air. The terrified teen suddenly swung her head to the right, as she saw a slight movement. She muffled her breathing with her hand. Too terrified to say or ask anything, Lilith managed to stutter out only one thing. "H-Hello?" She tried not to exhale heavily, but her chest was begging for air. She noticed something move again in the corner of her eye, to her left. "Who's there?!" She was cringing to know now. Her lungs felt like they were going to burst open. Breathing out deeply, tears streamed down her cheeks once more. She yelled out into the mass of trees and foliage. Something lunged at her back. She screamed and collapsed to the soft ground beneath her.

He wrapped his arm around her throat, holding a bloody knife to it. Her eyes shot open. She tried to struggle out of his grasp, but he was overpowering her. Lilith had been running for so long, she barely had any strength left in her body. He spun her around, and looked deep into her eyes. She tried desperately to look away, but his gaze was mesmerizing. She gave a blood curdling scream underneath his arm, but he kept holding on. The tighter he held on, the more screams she gave. He finally realized what he was doing, and released her as fast as he could. He put his hands to his face, screaming to himself. He kept repeating something to himself over and over again, but Lilith didn't care to listen. She took the chance of escape, and inched across the small clearing. He got up from his knees, still covering his face. He started to pull on his blue-ish skin, the flesh tearing from his cheek bones. She pushed up against a tree, not taking her eyes off him. She didn't know what to expect. Now that she knew what he really was. She swung around the tree, and ran for the town. Her teeth rattled, tears pouring from her eyes yet again. She could almost see the forest edge, when she looked behind her shoulder and tripped over a twig. Noticing that he was now gone from the clearing, she slammed her fist into the ground and screamed with anger. Lilith got up, and kept on running.

Bursting from the dense forest, Lilith was relieved to see the small town ahead. Pushing harder, Lilith reached the town square before she knew it. It was deserted. She looked around frantically, desperate to find anyone. Lilith felt as if she was alone. With him now gone from the clearing, she knew he could be anywhere. Already knowing her mother would be home, she rushed to her house. Police cars were scattered all across the lawn and street. She thought this was obvious. She had been missing for three days now. Seven police men came running up to her, grabbing her wrists and arms, bringing her inside.

"We've found your daughter! - Or more, she found us." One of them had said to Lilith's mother. Her mother screamed, and jumped up from her chair. Lilith's mother wrapped her warm arms around her back, and squeezed as tight as she could. It was like if her mother let go, Lilith would disappear out of reach yet again. Her mother frantically pulled out a chair, and made Lilith sit down. She looked bewildered. She opened her mouth to speak, but only a mutter escaped.

"I think... I think I was nearly murdered by a ghost..." She whispered. Everyone stared at her, not one person saying a word. It was like as if time had stopped then and there. Just as she had spoken. She shrugged her shoulders. "Don't look at me as if I'm crazy, it's the truth." Everyone continued starring. "At least... I think... It is..." Her mother had a horrified look on her face, as if she thought her daughter had gone crazy. "What?!" Lilith yelled. Her mother shushing the police out of the room, she sat up beside her daughter.

"I'm sorry, Lil. I can't believe you. I thought I had told you before, ghost's aren't real. And that story about the old house was just a myth." Like a bolt of lightning, the ghost reappeared right before their very eyes. He was still holding the bloody knife, back to finish the job.

"I TOLD YOU!! I REALLY DID! BUT YOU JUST COULDN'T BELIEVE ME. YOU NEVER WOULD." Lilith screamed, as the ghost walked towards the two. The only thing you were able to hear after that were the terrified screams of the two women, and the running footsteps of the police entering back into the room. When back inside the kitchen, two dismembered bodies were found. Not a trace of the killer left behind. The only thing was a smirk on the ghosts face as he left the room unseen.
This is a short story I wrote for a short story contest. I am currently a finalist, out of 40-45 other people. Only 30 people will be chosen as winners. Their stories will be entered in a book that is published all across Ontario/Canada. I hope I get in.

I know there are some funky sounding sentences, but the last few paragraphs were written at 1 am. I was tired.

Please don't criticize me, I worked non stop for a number of weeks. I even continued writing, when I was supposed to be studying for a big test.

Please don't steal the idea, or steal any part for your own story/writings. Thank you.
Mieoko Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2007
the only way to improve is through critisism ad critique. I couldn't imagine why you would post it if you didn't want constructive critisism.
I'll say nothing of the content.
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