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My Bio
Current Residence: On my uncomfortable foam bed, with my laptop.
Favourite genre of music: <3- Classical, Indie, Jpop, happy music </3- rap.
Favourite photographer: My mommy! c:
Favourite style of art: Anything that's cute, and/or has really good shading/lineart
Operating System: Mac, all the way!~
MP3 player of choice: Ipod. <3 -strokes my Ipod nano-
Shell of choice: Probably Conch. It's so pretty.. <3
Wallpaper of choice: Uhhm.. I don't know what wallpaper it's asking about. XD
Skin of choice: Wtf! Racist dA!
Favourite cartoon character: Nyee... I don't really know! D:
Personal Quote: "Shup, foo'!"

Favourite Visual Artist
Uhhhhhhhhh..... Hammy.
Favourite Movies
Anything that ISN'T real. Like Harry Potter! But not retarded like it.
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Many XDD
Favourite Writers
The old ones!
Favourite Games
LOL! I am a game ADDICT. <3 Too many.
Favourite Gaming Platform
I like my DS. And my Xbox360 :3
Tools of the Trade
...I don't trade, only Pokemon! : DD
Other Interests
Too much to list.


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Dang, man. I apologized to Sam, and she accepted. I'm feeling better, but I still feel all guilty about the whole thing. I know I have weirdo anger problems, but I'm really a nice person deep down inside! Really! XD; Neee, I'm going to doll again today... But I really think I should make my other Gaia commissions... *giant heaving sigh* I have like, 346897349573x million of them to do. xD but that's fine, I get good gold for them. lol It's basically 1k every half hour, if I think about it.. Because I work for only about 2 1/2 hours? Sometimes a lot more, but it's all good. xD NEEEE I can't stop thinking about my stupid french thing... I h
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Sooooo, Yes. Hello, random readers.. who.. don't read this! I needed somewhere to rant, and this is the only option. O___o;; So yes... I shall rant! Okayokay. So there's this thing happnin on EE, this "Spring thing event," right? And I wasn't here when they announced it, I was at a beef's house (best friends forever, bff? try to pronounce it. Exxxaaccttlllyyy.) and i was havin' a blast.. So I come home from her house after about a week, and find out there's a new event! So I'm all, woooo! A new event, let's go ask all my friends if they want to be in a group! So there I am, about to ask sammae.... And she already HAS a group. WITH HAMMY. L
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1oo Theme

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Yey!~ I hoped the bandwagon, and decided to join in the 1oo theme thingy as well. :DD I think it'll help me with my drawing, heh. &lt;3 I'm so pumped to start this, I might start the first one right now, hehe. :3 I think I'm supposed post all the themes. XDDDD;; So, here they are :B 1. Introduction 2. Love 3. Light 4. Dark 5. Seeking Solace 6. Break Away 7. Heaven 8. Innocence 9. Drive 10. Breathe Again 11. Memory 12. Insanity 13. Misfortune 14. Smile 15. Silence 16. Questioning 17. Blood 18. Rainbow 19. Gray 20. Fortitude 21. Vacation 22. Mother Nature 23. Cat 24. No Time 25. Trouble Lurking &nbsp; 26. Tears 27. Forei
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Hey Tashi <3

I thought it would be nice to leave all my friends and sisters a nice comment for the new year ...

Happy new year!

I'm not sure if im on the right account or not O.o... but i'll post on this one anyway xD the dolls look more recent... yeh so on to the comment. I really do love you tashi. You are an amazing person and i can't stress enough how much i enjoy talking to you. Your happiness and hyperness just really brightens up my day. Even though you live in canada and i live in little old england. i feel like i could tell you anything, you really are like a sister to me. and i love you ^_^ hope you have a great 2009 hope to see more dolls from you :P

Becky x
Thanks so much for the :+devwatch:!
I really appreciate it. :nod:
I luffles j00, B2.
"When I say f-*beep*, you have to stand still!"

Spread the DA love around! (you can copy and paste this message on their userpage!)*dingding* RULES:
1- You can kiss the person who kissed you!
2- You can't kiss the person more than 3 times
3- You -MUST- kiss 6 other people
4- You should kiss them in public! Paste it on their user page! c'mon..don't be scared of public displays of affection
5- Random kisses are perfectly okay! (and sweet)
6- You should most definitely get started kissing right away!



Send to 10 of your friends to show them how much luv u have for them. If u get this back it means u r luved 2x as much!!
I liek your av. :AAA
Thankyoo for the favs ;__;
lol cmonnn no

awww thanks loviiee :)