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it looks 100% like my original work, even smallest details and hair.
My dance by JennyLe88

 Did you take my preview in my tutorial and use my PSD file? If so i hope you will remove this image and make your own work without using my PSD file, otherwise i will report it.
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nope, I dont use your psd file 
If you afraid I can make it looks more different and upload new file. I dont want to make you feel uncomfortable and change collage, okay? 
I hasten to assure you that I do not use the finished works of other artist as my own. I only try to  maximally repeat what I see in the tutorial and get close to the final ideal result, such as yours. And always indicate the credits. You do not have to worry about your copyrights, I did not violate them. 
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 I don't have any problems with people who follow my tutorials and credit them. The major thing here is not to make the result more different from mine but you truly work on your own, not use my PSD file/finished piece and change something and call it yours. Even they look very similar but the arrangement of elements, composition and small details will say whose they belong to. An artist will realize what he/she makes, what others do. Hope you understand :).
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Wow.. it truly feels like a fairy dancing.
Exceptionally beautiful
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thank you, I'm happy to hear that  Custom heart [Crystal Blue]
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yep, and  credits are in place, you can check them in the caption under the image
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Fantastic colors and mood!
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hi! thank you very much Pixel: Heart Jump 
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You're most welcome anytime:heart:
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 Clap Wonderful work  Wow!OMGomfg

Spread More Love Emote - PLZ Share a little love... Spread More Love Emote - PLZ 
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So dreamily vibrant! But I'm not a fan of that added lens flare though.
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Yes, it's a matter of taste.
But thanks anyway for your appreciation mintlove 
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:bestbuddies: Nice  piece of work !!!!!!Daisy thank youfor sharing this Fantasy *DA*!!!!!! Good Luck Friends! :wave  
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The colours are really lovely, well done! :heart:
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thank you very much Icon C: 
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beautyfull :D (Big Grin)  .. 
n' so cool .. 
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