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Released Hollow Ichigo by TashaHemlock
First X reader story of the year! I decided to a Hollow!Ichigo x Reader story but I decided not to use the proper form of Hollow Ichigo but rather this one by :icondragonlordrynn: since I love his hollow artwork. Anyways, this is a AU where Ichigo, Orihime, Uryu and Chad are a rare breed of Hollows know as Señor Demonio (Demon Lord) a rare class of Adjucha or Vasto Lorde that have a high amount of spirit energy that causes their hollow form to become more demonic and animalistic in appearance but retain their mind (or minds). These Sub-Menos would be known as demons in the human world. I know there's no such thing in Bleach but I made it up for the story. Anyways, I don't own the image about, that belongs to :icondragonlordrynn:, enjoy^^.


Outcast.... Harbringer of death... Horseman.....

Those were the names you have been given throughout your time as the only Grim Reaper. You use to be a Soul Reaper until Aizen turned you into what you are today thanks to his Hogyoku in a attempt to hollowfy you and your zanpakuto into a hollow or at least a Visored. But it didn't work and instead caused your soul reaper powers, zanpakuto powers and the infusing hollow powers to melt into one resulting in you becoming a grim reaper, the first one of your kind. Of course, the Soul Society mistook you for a shapeshifting hollow and sent out the captains to kill you forcing you to leave the soul society and stay in the world of the living. Of course that didn't stop you from killing Hollows. But for odd reasons, you always go after the hollows that have committed a vast amount of sin in their life causing you to hunt them and send them to Hell. This also implies to the living as you go after sinners. You learnt that you have the ability to cause death through circumstances so you used that to make the sinners' deaths look like accidents and the soul society didn't even suspect a thing. That's how things were for 1000 years until the year 2017 where everything changed. 

Over time, your facial skin teared away leaving nothing but a black skull with huge ram horns coming out of the sides. This kinda made ya hollow like. You was looking out for a sinner while perched on your mutated zanpakuto scythe when you sensed a couple of soul reapers enter the world of the living.

"Oh bugger me!" You said in a hollow like voice. " If they see me, I'm dead! Plus I got nowhere to go!"

You grabbed your scythe and rushed into the nearest woods in order to hide from the Soul reapers. As you ran through the woods, you paused as you heard singing. You looked left and right to find the source of the singing.

"Where is that lovely voice coming from?" You said as you ventured into the forest. (Ps. the imagine the song as Carmen)

You went deeper and deeper until you entered a opened area. There you saw it, a majestic looking hollow singing at the moon. At first you thought that this hollow was a Vasto Lorde but upon closer inspection the form reminded you of a Adjucha but it wasn't. The female hollow lets out a huge crescendo ending her song on the spot. You stayed in the woods until you heard the voices of soul reapers getting closer.

"I know that Spiritual pressure is here somewhere!" Yelled one Soul Reaper.

"Shit..." You said. As you turned your head you met face to face with the singing hollow who was right up in your face. This made you jump and land on your bottom. The hollow extended her hand and said;

"Come with me."

You took her hand and quickly she dragged you across the woods. At first you thought that she taking you to a Soul Reaper causing you to shake in fear but you calmed down when you saw a Garganta open up. The hollow entered into the portal with you in tow and head off to the only place that is safe Hueco Mundo, the realm of the hollows.

The hollow and you land on the white sands with the hollow landing on the feet while you landed on your face. Once you stood up you saw that the hollow opened the Garganta right where the mountains are. You was confused at that.

"Uh hollow.... Not to be rude or anything but.... Where are we?" You asked.

"Hueco Mundo.." Answered the hollow.

"I mean where are we?" The hollow understood on the emphasis on where meaning you know what realm your in but not the location.

"My home." Said the hollow. "Follow me mister...."

"My name is (First name) (Last name)" You said.

"My name is Orihime Inoue." Said the hollow now identified as Orihime as she guided you into the mountains. You looked around and sees that there some artwork painted on the walls. You guessed that this is to warn any intruding hollows to stay away but they also told the story of how Orihime and some friends of hers ended up as hollows. You saw that Orihime became a hollow after her brother served her chain of fate killing her living body and forced a hollowfication onto her. You felt sorry for this innocent hollow as she didn't deserve this fate.

"Orihime, who is this hollow?" Said a male voice from above. You looked around to find the source.

"I don't think he's a hollow Uryu. Come down and say hello to him." Said Orihime. You looked up as you saw a bird shrimp like hollow fly down from a high peak and land on his hand like feet. Just by looking at him, you can tell that this hollow use to be a Quincy from his wings and mask.

"A hollowfied Quincy.... That's a first..." You said softly but you held your breath when the hollow walked right up to your face inspecting you all over. "I didn't mean to say that, I'm sorry!"

"No need to apologize since you are a soul reaper and had ever right to say that." Said the hollow known as Uryu.

"I use to be a soul reaper." You said sadly. You then saw a huge Aztec tiger bear like creature emerged from behind the stalagmites and took a long good look at you.

"How did you end up like this if you use to be a soul reaper?" Said the huge hollow. 

"That no good captain Aizen of the 5th division, he did this to me. He turned me into this amalgamation of soul reaper, zanpakuto and hollow essence. I don't even classify myself as a Soul reaper anymore and I don't classify myself as a hollow either. I mean, have ya ever seen a black masked Hollow? No. In sort, I'm the only known Grim Reaper in existence, a spiritual creature that brings death." You said. The three hollows lower their heads in sadness.

"Wow... That is.... Dark..." Said Uryu.

"But on the plus side, your not the only black masked hollow around." Said Orihime. This confused you.

"Beg your pardon?" You asked.

"You haven't met Ichigo yet, the leader of the Señor Demonios." Said the Aztec hollow.

"Señor Demonios?" You asked while raising a boney eyebrow.

"We're a unique class. Our previous adjucha and vasto lorde changed due to the high amount of spirit energy we have causing the hollows we consumed to be forever one with us and make us even stronger than a Arrancar. We're a rare breed and come in different forms with humanoid being the most rare as most of our forms are demonic in appearance but we retain our minds and memories." Explained Uryu.

"Humans tend to call us demons." Said the Aztec hollow.

"The only ones in existence are me, Uryu, Chad and Ichigo." Said Orihime.

"But Kurosaki is the more unique of us." Said Uryu.

"Unique how?"

After You said that, a huge dual roar echoes throughout the mountain as a huge shadow looms over the gang. You look up to see a huge dragon flying down to the ground. You guessed that this is Ichigo. Once it lands you can clearly see what Uryu meant by unique. Instead of one head, the dragon hollow that is Ichigo has 2 heads and the head on the left side has a black mask. You saw drops of hollow blood dribbling off the black masked head causing you to drop your scythe in fear. You've seen some pretty effed up hollows but this takes the cake as you guessed that he ate a hollow. You froze when the normal masked head goes right up to you and takes in your scent.

"Ichi your scaring him." Said Orihime. Ichigo backs his head before letting out a sneeze.

"You reek of soul reaper." Said the white masked head. "And we don't take kindly to soul reapers."

"He's not a soul reaper. At least, he use to be before he became what he is now." Said Uryu.

"It doesn't matter what he is, his spiritual pressure will expose us to Aizen and I don't want to become a Arrancar, I'd rather keep my face hidden." 

Hearing Aizen's name brought the memories of you becoming a Grim Reaper to the surface and something happened as your pale white eyes glowed a yellow colour. The black masked head took notice.

"Oh king~" Said the black masked head.

"What?" Said the white masked head.

"Take a look." Ichigo looked as you let out a ear piercing screech as you picked up your scythe and took to the mountains slashing some of the rocks in pure hollow anger. The gang watched as you charged a pitch black Cero and fired it across the desert causing a line of explosions to up. You went back down breathless as your yellow eyes reverted back to white. The gang was quiet after that outburst. Except for the black masked head of Ichigo.

"My, my.... Seems like we're not the only ones who hate Aizen with a passion king." Said black mask.

"I forgot to say that Aizen is responsible for this soul reaper's form and powers." Said Uryu.

"So that's why he reacted that way." Said White mask. Black mask took control of the body and walks up to you.

"I like you reaper. You got alot of attitude and spunk." Said Black mask. "You practically made my heart freeze for a bit."

You blushed a bit and said.

"Did I?" Black mask nodded. "I didn't mean to do that. But that rush..." You paused as you brushed the dust off your scythe. "I can't wait to get my claws on Aizen and tear him apart and a new plot point."

Hearing this made Black mask laugh. The white mask head took control of the tail and used it to whack Black mask on the noggin.

"What was that for ki..." Black mask was cut off by some hollows roaring and judging for that roar, the hollows are Adjucha class.

"Adjucha..." Whispered Orihime. The gang and you went outside to see a horde of gillians and a few adjucha. Riding on top of a gillian was Aizen himself. Your eyes turned yellow as you melt into your shadow and slithered away. 

"What do you want Aizen?" Shouted Uryu.

"If your thinking offering up the chance for us to become arrancars then sorry we're not interested!" Shouted the white masked head of Ichigo. Aizen folds his arms.

"I know your not interested to become arrancars but if you don't join me willingly, then I will use force to get you to join me. Your powers are crucial for my plans." Said Aizen as he ordered some adjuchas to cease the four hollows. 

But as one adjucha approached the gang, it instantly got slashed in half and was purified to go to the soul society. This caught Aizen off guard as more adjuchas were slashed in half and sent to the soul society. The Gillians shook in fear as they took a step back. Aizen searched for the source of the attack. The gang were also baffled as well until Orihime saw your shadow form.

"Guys, I think I know where (Name) is." Whispered Orihime as she pointed at the shadow. The gang were gobsmacked. Uryu worked out that while your in your shadow form, whenever you slash a hollow's shadow, the blow can appear on them as well. 

In your shadow form, you fly right up to a gillian's shadow head, charged up a cero and blasted the head causing the damage to appear on the gillian who owns the shadow.

"What on Earth?" Said Aizen as you killed more Gillians leaving the one he is one intact.

Aizen looked around until he saw a shadow heading his way. You jumped out of the shadow and land on the Gillian's head looming over Aizen with your scythe at the ready.

"These hollows don't want to become arrancars. But I have a bone to pick with you Aizen, or one or two or whole skeleton of you!" You said to Aizen.

"And what would a hollow want with me?" Said Aizen nonchalantly.

"You don't remember me do you? The one soul reaper that can dodge your zanpakuto's ability to create illusions and the one you exposed to turn them into a hollow!"

Aizen's eyes widen as he recognizes you as your current form keeps on being replaced with your old soul reaper form.

"(Name)?" Asked Aizen.

"Who else backstabber!!!" You roared as you brought down your scythe onto Aizen.  

The blow was blocked by Kaname. Your eyes become much more yellow as you roared in anger trying to break Kaname's blade to slash Aizen into 2 pieces. Aizen watched in silence and shock as you slash Kaname across the chest with your claws causing him to recoil in pain. Just when you was about to kill Aizen...

"Shoot to kill, Shinso!" 

A long blade pierced your chest causing you to screech in pain and fall off the gillian. The gillian takes Aizen and Kaname away from the mountains. Ichigo, Orihime, Chad and Uryu all ran up to you and take you deep inside the mountains. Once at the center, Orihime began to heal you.

"That was a risky move to kill Aizen in one strike." Said Uryu.

"Yeah, I guess I was blinded in pure hollow rage. Still, that rush came back to me and it felt.... right...." You said.

"That rush would happen to be your instincts." Said the white mask head of Ichigo.

"Hollow instincts to be precise." Said the black mask head of Ichigo.

"Hollow instincts?" You questioned.

"Because you have hollow powers in your being, you instantly have hollow instincts." Explained both heads of Ichigo in unison. "Your instincts came forth when you vowed to kill Aizen for turning you into your current form."

"Since we now know that when your eye turn yellow, it means we should stay away or else we would be in trouble." Said Chad.

Now knowing that you would be a danger to the soul reapers you decided to stay in Hueco Mundo. But you was curious at what the Señor Demonios would say about that so you asked.

"Would it be alright if I stayed with you guys? I don't think I'll be returning to world of the living anytime soon." 

You saw Ichigo's heads talking to each before coming to a agreement.

"You can stay." Said the heads of Ichigo.

You smiled as you knew that you are going to enjoy these hollows company. Especially the 2 headed hollow. Of course you will have to plan a course of attack on Aizen cause that son of a bitch isn't going to come off your radar that easily. Afterall, a grim reaper still has to do their job. 
New story! BTW, if you see the links in the story they will take to the art of the hollow I described. Enjoy!

Ichigo Kurosaki belongs to Tite Kubo
You belong to Yourself
Image belongs to :icondragonlordrynn: 
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OtakuAnimeLuv123 Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2017
This was amazing! And the designs are a very interesting concept. I love it so much :3. Great job on this. And kudos to DragonlordRynn.
TashaHemlock Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2017   General Artist
Yep and thanks.
Ida130804 Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2017
Can you plz make a part 2? This one is really good and i thought it would be cool if it got a second part!
TashaHemlock Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2017   General Artist
May do some else involving a hollow Byakuya.
DragonlordRynn Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2017
Uh. Thanks for mentioning
TashaHemlock Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2017   General Artist
Your welcome. I always wanted to do a X reader story involving your hollow designs.
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