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Just a puppet on a Lonely string~ Oh who would ever want to be king?~ Nice work on this piece cause this reminded of Coldplay's Viva La...

by Sculla

Sans the Skeleton: Wow, he looks cool. Papyrus the Skeleton: Indeed brother. He does look cool. Sans the Skeleton: That's all there is ...

Newest Deviations

Anime Gems: A Giant Man by TashaHemlock Anime Gems: A Giant Man :icontashahemlock:TashaHemlock 8 6 MLP Base: RD and Pinkie Pie by TashaHemlock MLP Base: RD and Pinkie Pie :icontashahemlock:TashaHemlock 2 0
BNHA X Gems Rp
For :iconmylittlesailorsonic8:
Before the age of Quirks, there was the age of gems. These gems would watch over the planet like a hawk and the countries that they would protect was over seen by a Diamond. Every diamond would give orders to the gems to make sure that humans and gems lived in harmony. But one Diamond was not content with that. Clear Diamond was the overseer of Japan and they would be bored of just watching over the country. Without the other diamonds knowing, Clear would use their colour changing skills and shapeshifting skills to become a White Agate and it was through this persona, Clear acted as a hero to Japan. But one day, a new diamond by the name of Black Diamond would betray the diamonds and used their corruption abilities to corrupt many gems and diamonds alike. Clear was poofed instead by a corrupted quartz and the remaining gems would poof and hide the corrupted ones not for humans to know. These gems would then sacrifice their forms to gift the world with Qui
:icontashahemlock:TashaHemlock 0 266
Mature content
BNHA TF RP :icontashahemlock:TashaHemlock 4 374
Splatoon AU: Hiding Right Under Their Noses by TashaHemlock Splatoon AU: Hiding Right Under Their Noses :icontashahemlock:TashaHemlock 2 8 Anime Gems: The Tailed Agate by TashaHemlock Anime Gems: The Tailed Agate :icontashahemlock:TashaHemlock 2 2
The Incredibles x BNHA RP
The Revenge of Syndrome
For :icongaregon: and anyone who is interested as this takes in a au where the Incredibles and BNHA are in the same universe 
Rules: No OC (Unless you really want to), no previous rps, mentions or characters, you can be more than one character but I'm going to be Izuku. Minor spoilers for the new Incredibles film.
Theme: The Incredibles- Kronos Unveiled
Syndrome... A name that every pro hero knows. The infamous Hero Killer before Stain took his mantle. And the only known Quirkless Villain. All he wanted was to be a hero even it meant wiping out the competition in America during it's hero ban, to be loved, revered, praised, acknowledged... But he never understood what it meant to be a true hero. That cost him his life and downfall as he died in a jet turbine due to his cape. But they say that death... Is only the beginning.
Cause Syndrome never died....
He survived his
:icontashahemlock:TashaHemlock 2 0
Splatoon AU: Octo Valley All Over Again by TashaHemlock Splatoon AU: Octo Valley All Over Again :icontashahemlock:TashaHemlock 4 3 Splatoon AU: Sanitized, Demoralized by TashaHemlock Splatoon AU: Sanitized, Demoralized :icontashahemlock:TashaHemlock 5 10 Rampage AU: The Lizard, The Ape and The... Deer? by TashaHemlock Rampage AU: The Lizard, The Ape and The... Deer? :icontashahemlock:TashaHemlock 1 296 Rampage AU: Katsuki the Rhino by TashaHemlock Rampage AU: Katsuki the Rhino :icontashahemlock:TashaHemlock 1 4
Rampage RP

The Return of Monsters
For :icongaregon: and anyone who is fair game
Rules: OCs allowe, no previous rps, mentions or characters and you can be more than one character
Theme: City 1 - Rampage: Total Destruction Music Extended
It's been 11 years since Scum Soda captured and locked away the giant monsters that drank the first brand of Scum Soda. No one knew where the monsters were locked up in but many speculated that Scum Soda Labs began experimenting on them to find what they did wrong with the first brand of Scum Soda. 
Nowadays, the new and improved second brand of Scum Soda called, Scum Soda 0, with 0 sugar, 0 calories and 0 mutations has been selling like bacon. But there are those who wish that they could have the taste the first batch and experience what's it like to be a monster. Of course all the first brand Scum Soda has been recalled and lock
:icontashahemlock:TashaHemlock 1 292
A Immortal Stand Vampire in a Quirked World
For :icongaregon:
Rules: No OCs, no previous rps, mentions or characters and you can be more than one character
Ever since DIO defeated the Joestars and gained their blood, the stand user vampire thought about conquering the humans but he decided to rest for 100 years to see what happens in his absence. During his slumber, the world experience the Quirk era. A era when 80% of the planet's population have quirks while 20% are Quirkless. Heroes and Villains are also a thing too. Yet DIO's slumber went undisturbed....
....Till now....
Izuku Midoriya wanted to be a hero but time and time again he is reminded that he is a quirkless nobody that can never be a hero. Especially now that he's orphaned due to his mother Inko Midoriya being killed in a villain incident. Izuku loathed his body and he loathed the people with quirks that pushed him around. He wished that he could have a quirk. Any quirk. Bad, good, villainou
:icontashahemlock:TashaHemlock 0 438
Monster Boy Encyclopedia: Pregnant Fu by TashaHemlock Monster Boy Encyclopedia: Pregnant Fu :icontashahemlock:TashaHemlock 4 0 Mlp Base: Panicshy 1 by TashaHemlock Mlp Base: Panicshy 1 :icontashahemlock:TashaHemlock 3 0
Digimon Data Squad RP
For :icongamermaster789:
You can make up the story for it
:icontashahemlock:TashaHemlock 2 262


INKTOBER 2017 - #4 [Underwater] - Malachite by CamaEtPrune INKTOBER 2017 - #4 [Underwater] - Malachite :iconcamaetprune:CamaEtPrune 9 0 Malachite by 5seconddancePARTY Malachite :icon5seconddanceparty:5seconddancePARTY 6 0 Fusions by Asaroe Fusions :iconasaroe:Asaroe 35 2 MLP Pink Diamond by OkamiRyuu1993 MLP Pink Diamond :iconokamiryuu1993:OkamiRyuu1993 45 3 SU Base 98 by The-Panda-Lover SU Base 98 :iconthe-panda-lover:The-Panda-Lover 89 7 Dragon Ball Vegeta Base by PainterEde Dragon Ball Vegeta Base :iconpainterede:PainterEde 20 6 PPG Rowdyruff Boys Base by PainterEde PPG Rowdyruff Boys Base :iconpainterede:PainterEde 19 4 SU Alexandrite Base by PainterEde SU Alexandrite Base :iconpainterede:PainterEde 18 0 SU Pink Diamond Base by PainterEde SU Pink Diamond Base :iconpainterede:PainterEde 31 0 Digimon - Puppy Boy by mylittlesailorsonic8 Digimon - Puppy Boy :iconmylittlesailorsonic8:mylittlesailorsonic8 8 0 Gold Forms by JanethePegasus Gold Forms :iconjanethepegasus:JanethePegasus 15 8 Peridot And Garnet by Moonlit-Meadow Peridot And Garnet :iconmoonlit-meadow:Moonlit-Meadow 3 5 Momswap| blue apatite and garnet | by Moonlit-Meadow Momswap| blue apatite and garnet | :iconmoonlit-meadow:Moonlit-Meadow 8 2 Purple Sapphire Base by JanethePegasus Purple Sapphire Base :iconjanethepegasus:JanethePegasus 47 0 Face designs by TGDJ Face designs :icontgdj:TGDJ 16 0 Bug shells +EXPORTS by TGDJ Bug shells +EXPORTS :icontgdj:TGDJ 12 1


Big Shop of TF
Here you can commission TF/TG stories of anyone to become any anime, game or cartoon character but here's the list of the following anime, games and cartoons;

Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! Steven Universe
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! DBZ
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! Bleach
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! Toriko
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! Marvel
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! FNAF
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! Ouran
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! Soul Eater
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! Pokemon
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! Hetalia
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! Durarara
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! Osomatsu-San
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! SRMTHFG
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! DC
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! Undertale (For the hell of it)
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! The Amazing World of Gumball
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! Creepypasta
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! MLP
Bullet Point 28KND 
But D (Alphabets) O Alphabets (Words) N Alphabets (Words) apostrophe T (Alphabets) commission anything related to Frozen. 

Be warned, this is my first time doing commissions but remember, you guys have to be patient for the story you commissioned to be done in my own time.




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Just so I can make commissions.

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Tasha Marie Hemlock
Artist | Varied
United Kingdom
ID image made using the Mega Anime Avatar Creator by Rinmaru.

Website link here:…


Anime Gems: A Giant Man

SU Base by :iconthe-panda-lover:

Gem base by :icontwisted-bases:

Gintoki the White Apatite + Steven Quartz Universe = Stevoki the Kunzite

Stevoki's Themes:

Steven's first ever male and giant fusion with none other than Gintoki himself. The fusion Stevoki is a sweetheart of a fusion as he inherits most of Steven's personality traits. Despite his feminine look, Stevoki will not hesitate to show that he's a man via manly ways. This has lead to him and Kirishima the Mulberry Quartz to have a man off and it usually ends with a tie not that Kirishima is complaining. Pink has noted that only some of Steven's clothes matched up to the colour scheme of the fusion but that doesn't mean that Gin can make Steven into a full Rose Quartz. Even Gin himself is confused on that. 

Due to Gin being fused with a demi gem, there not much power to Stevoki but his shapeshifting is more stabilized and Steven is less prone to being over taken by cat tumors like last time. The one power that Stevoki has been seen using is Cryokinesis but he has limited that to creating snow and ice. His main weapon is the same as Smoky Quartz with is a Yo Yo but it is now more combat ready with blades on it. Overall, Stevoki is a chill fella. But the weird thing is his aura cause once released, it makes everyone calm even the most anger filled *Coughs* Chibita *Coughs*.

Steve Universe belongs to Rebecca Sugar
Gintoki belongs to Hideaki Sorachi
Tasha and Stevoki belongs to me.
Emotion: :excited: OMG! I can't contain my excitement! Temmie Emoticon Icon Gif - Undertale excited 

Reason: Going to say.

Well, anyone? 

Derp Scout: No.

Get out of here Derp Scout. *Kicks him out* 

Well, to those who do remember the arcade zombie light gun game, guess what be coming:

ScarletDawnLogo by TashaHemlock
Only now I learn of this game being developed and it would that some classic zombies and bosses from the 1st game make a reappearance as evidenced by the return of the Cyril zombies (Axe wielders and precursors to the Johnny zombies) and of course the first ever boss Chariot. After all this time, we finally get a new house of the dead game and I pray that they use the remaining arcana cards (Moon, High priestess and Devil) for the new bosses. But I am also praying that some arcades get this game where I live *Coughs* ᴹᵘᵐᵇˡᵉˢ ᵃⁿᵈ ᴾᵒʳᵗʰᶜʳᵃʷˡ *Coughs* since I'm a die hard fan of these games. Let me know in the comments (If your a fan of this game) if your excited for the revival of the House of the Dead.


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