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Just a puppet on a Lonely string~ Oh who would ever want to be king?~ Nice work on this piece cause this reminded of Coldplay's Viva La...

by Sculla

Sans the Skeleton: Wow, he looks cool. Papyrus the Skeleton: Indeed brother. He does look cool. Sans the Skeleton: That's all there is ...

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Encountering Hell's Hunter
Alot of people believe that the way they act in the living determines what you are reincarnated into. Load of horseshit. Those who believe such horse crap have never been to Hell where the Reincarny system is. When God banished the Devil, Lucifer, to hell, he was told that he can have as many sinner souls to torment for the rest of his days but for God's amusement, he put in a clause that the corrupt souls in hell has a chance to redeem themselves in the world of the living so they can head on up to heaven. One more thing about this clause, once enough souls are gone through the system, God will shut down Lucifer's business in Hell. To keep hell working and it's soul count up, the devil sends a demon or one of his high demons, up to the human realm to rekill the reincarnies before they go to the good and alot of the time, the reincarnies always revert back to their evil ways via various ways like drug dealing,
:icontashahemlock:TashaHemlock 0 94
7 Deadly Sins RP

From Real to Fantasy
For :iconmylittlesailorsonic:
Xan was different from everyone in the real world. It wasn't because he had a love for games and anime. No. It was because he was something called a Daemon. A type of demon from hell or demon that is a high beast. The other name for these demons are Heartless and he's a pureblood. This is because his father made a deal with a devil to save Xan from death after he went ill and was close to dying so the devil did it. Not only Xan became a daemon but he kept his humanity. Though his father is now deceased, he inheirited a huge amount of money from him and Xan, put it in his savings. Well some in his savings and some for rainy. Life was sweet until his friends made him do a dare. In the area he lived in, there is a mountain and according to legends, there is a chained door in the caves of the mountain that lead to another world. A world full of magic, fairies, immortals and more. The na
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Big Shop of TF
Here you can commission TF/TG stories of anyone to become any anime, game or cartoon character but here's the list of the following anime, games and cartoons;

Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! Steven Universe
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! DBZ
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! Bleach
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! Toriko
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! Marvel
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! FNAF
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! Ouran
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! Soul Eater
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! Pokemon
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! Hetalia
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! Durarara
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! Osomatsu-San
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! SRMTHFG
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! DC
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! Undertale (For the hell of it)
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! The Amazing World of Gumball
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! Creepypasta
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! MLP
Bullet Point 28KND 
But D (Alphabets) O Alphabets (Words) N Alphabets (Words) apostrophe T (Alphabets) commission anything related to Frozen. 

Be warned, this is my first time doing commissions but remember, you guys have to be patient for the story you commissioned to be done in my own time.


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Anime Gems: The Neo Hot Heads
Natsu Clothes and Gray by :iconmylittlesailorsonic8:

Gem base by :icontwisted-bases:

Neo gems are a type of gem that are stronger than their usual gem type but different in appearance. Homeworld made only 2 Neo Gems as a experiment to see if they can make Rubies taller and more durable and Sapphires having the ability to fight while retaining their future vision so they won't have to rely on Rubies too much. Well, only 2 gems were selected, a Ruby and a Sapphire, and they incubated longer on the flame planet of Dragosa (Natsu) with a temperature of over 100000 Degrees, enough to crack a normal ruby and the Ice planet of Grayoso (Gray) with a temperature of minus 1000000 Degrees which can freeze a gem on the spot. Somehow by a miracle the gems survived and became Neo Gem proving the experiment to be a success but there was one problem, the pair hated each other and would fight. Though the experiment was successful, the now dubbed Fire Ruby and Ice Sapphire were cast off Homeworld as their fights would cause major property damage. That's how they came to Earth.

Happy Natsu Happy Natsu Natsu and Happy (Thumbs Up) [V1] Natsu and Happy (Thumbs Up) [V1] Natsu - WTH?!! Natsu - WTH?!! Lol - Natsu Fairy Tail Lol - Natsu Fairy Tail Natsu - Let's fight again sometime.. Natsu - Let's fight again sometime.. Natsu - Karyuu no Hokou Natsu - Karyuu no Hokou 
Natsu the Fire Ruby's themes:
Natsu Dragneel is a Fire Ruby Neo Gem and a member of Fairy Sins. Known in England, the country he landed in after he was cast out from Homeworld, as Fire Eater Warlock Natsu, Natsu lived in peace in the village he stay while practicing magic and using it in conjuction with his enhanced pyrokinesis as well as using a unique ability called fire eater which allows him to eat flames and absorb it into his body giving him a boost. He can use the ability in reverse allowing him to breath out the flames from his mouth. This earned him his second title Dragon Knight Natsu. Natsu joined Meliodas in making Fairy Sins as he aided him in defeating Germa though he wasn't happy to see his rival and fellow Neo Gem Gray Fullbuster the Ice Sapphire in the team but he had to bite for the sake of the planet. Though Fairy Sins won, Germa used the gem tech they had to fire a corruption beam at the power houses turning them into Kaijus. Natsu got corrupted into fire breathing pteradon kaiju Rodan but unlike the rest of the Kaijus, he is in fact fighting against the beast within and would show display of emotion and remorse towards humans after destroying things.

After being cured from corruption by Izuku, Natsu swore to crush Germa for turning him into a monster though he then got into a fight with Gray. The fight didn't last long as Gareth stopped them asserting his dominance over the Neo Gems as the alpha. The only other gem the pair would listen to is Meliodas but he was still corrupted so at least there's a fall back gem to stop their fighting. Course like with Meliodas, Natsu became good friends with Gareth since as Rodan, he would help Gareth out with kaiju enemies.

Natsu's oval shaped gem is located on his back but is covered up by his clothes. Like any other ruby, his main power is Pyrokinesis but it boosted after incubating in the hottest planet in the universe to the point that he can manipulate flames. Add magic to the mix and he can eat or breath any flame in existence. As Rodan, he still used that ability minus the magic. He is never seen with a summon weapon. After being cured from corruption, Natsu gains a ability to engulf his body in flames and morph it into a full fire version of his Rodan form but he can't change freely into his Rodan form.

Natsu the Fire Ruby:

Gray-smile Gray-smile Gray-smile Gray-smile Gray Blush Gray Blush Gray Blush Gray Blush Natsu-y-gray-icon Natsu-y-gray-icon Natsu-y-gray-icon Natsu-y-gray-icon 

Gray the Ice Sapphire's themes:
Gray Fullbuster is a Ice Sapphire Neo Gem and a member of Fairy Sins. Prior to his new look, he looked like any other Sapphire, small, one eyed and that's it but unlike other Sapphires, Gray had a bit of a temper. Especially towards a certain Ruby. Since he's a male sapphire, alot of female sapphire would go to him but he wasn't interested in them so when he was chosen for the Neo Gem experiment, he accepted so he can get away from his fan sapphires. After the incubation, he was different and this increased the sapphires' affections towards him. He was taller, broader, looking more like a man and for a sapphire, had 2 eyes. Course this didn't affect his rivalry with Natsu the Fire Ruby. In fact, it got worse. It was technically Gray's fault that the pair were 'exiled' from Homeworld and the pair ended up in England. Course, Gray landed in Snowdonia Wales. There he met some hidden wizards and was took in to be trained when his cryokinesis acted up and froze the tops of the mountains. Thanks to the magic he was trained with, Gray now has full control over his enhanced cryokinesis. Meliodas recruited Gray after hearing of the ice wizard and he along with Meliodas were the ones to teach King and Diane on what they are. Of course it was a matter of time before he be reunited with Natsu and the first thing they do is fight leading to Meliodas to assert his dominance over the pair. Course the pair won't fight when around Meliodas but only when he's not there they will fight. Gray was among the power houses of Fairy Sins when they got corrupted into gem kaijus and he was corrupted into the ice kaiju Glacius.

After being cured from his corruption by Izuku, Gray told Izuku that now he will repay him by helping free his sister as well as cause damage to Germa. Of course, he and Natsu then argued and fought on who would trash Germa first leading to Gareth to assert his dominance on 2 and making him a alpha to the neo gems. An act that reminded Gray of Meliodas. Gray does recognize Gareth a bit but most memories of his time as Glacius is gone so he had 0 idea that Godzilla and Gareth are one in the same.

Gray's gem is located where his belly button usually is. His summon weapons varies due to the fact that they are made of ice. Speaking of which, Gray's cryokinesis is enhanced to the point that he can bring a ice age if he wanted into or make it a early winter. Thanks to the magic training, the magic he has keeps his powers in check. Like with most Sapphires, he has future vision but unlike his ice powers, they weren't enhanced and remained the same allowing him to predict his enemies. Most of the time he doesn't use it. As Glacius, his ice powers went out of control due to him as a kaiju not using magic. A running gag with Gray is that he strips down to his boxers and during his fights with Natsu, Natsu always takes his boxers away much to the embarrassment of others.

Gray the Ice Sapphire:

Natsu and Gray belongs to Hiro Mashima 
Steven Universe belongs to Rebecca Sugar
Model edits and Anime Gems belongs to me

Emotion: Discord Emoji - Thinking Mr.Hippo - Thinking Genos Thinking Icon    

Reason: This theory

Sup my deviants, as we all know chapter 5 of Bendy and the Ink Machine is out so we can finally see the end but I've been thinking. What have I been thinking? The reason why Bendy chases Henry throughout the studio. Chapter 5 gived us more information on how the real cartoons come to be and... Spoiler warning to those who haven't played the chapter or watched a playthrough so if ya don't want to be spoiled, turn back, how Bendy was a failed attempt due to the one thing he lacked; a soul. Turns out that to make the real life toons, a soul of those who are close to the character, close enough in a way, is used in the ink machine and that causes the real toons to come to be but Bendy was the failed attempt due to his lack of soul. Sure he knewed how things begin but never knew how things end. So my theory is that the real reason for Bendy chasing Henry was so he can merge with him and have his soul since Henry created him and would be in more tune with him. 

Also, remember throughout chapter 4 Bendy didn't attack Henry? I think he didn't attack him was because Alice, the Susie Campbell version, was the bigger threat alongside the Projectionist so he protected Henry til the time was right but at the end when Henry got the final reel, his priority of merging with Henry became twisted into killing him as he became more unstable and turned into Beast Bendy with the goal of killing Henry and destroying the end. Bendy up till Chapter 5's end had a mind but no soul and was determined to have Henry's soul before he became unstable both mentally and physically. And all those times Henry was being respawned? That would be Bendy trying to merge with Henry but he fought against it. 

Tell me your thoughts on this theory.


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