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My Christmas table

By tasertail
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yeah just a table
but i proud, i designed the idea and colors, and cleaned the damn table, then put it all together!
so here my table
i made it special for my mum, never really had a Christmas with her before:)
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John-Stone's avatar
This table looks lovely!

I hope you have/had a Merry Christmas.
tasertail's avatar
hope you did too!
John-Stone's avatar
I did. I got sick though. >A<
enigmatia's avatar
OOOH I thought it was the table you made at school that's in the TV room :XD:

tasertail's avatar
nonono u dummyXD but i do want to put photos up of that:)
awww why didnt you say so sooner?ah well i saved u some nummies!
enigmatia's avatar
AGAIN? MORE NUMMIES? I just ate some of your nummies just before! I saved the blue racecar so I can zoom it into your mouth :lol:
invaderzims's avatar
Your table looks so pretty!! 8D

U did a good job~ X3
tasertail's avatar
sgtbuckwheat's avatar
Your table has far more place settings and ornaments on it than mine does.
tasertail's avatar
heeheeXD it's not usually like this, usually its covered in junk! and tobacco and only 3 placemats:)
sgtbuckwheat's avatar
Tobacco leaves, the chopped and dried stuff, or cigarettes and such?
tasertail's avatar
chopped and dried stuff. i hate it it gets everywhere and smells and i just plain hate it!
sgtbuckwheat's avatar
I'm not a smoker, but I have friends who are/used to be. I understand where you're coming from. It certainly makes a mess.
tasertail's avatar
it does, and i always have to clean it up, my stepfather's the only smoker here [my mum was too but she quitXD] and I am the one who cleans it up!
grim-adventures's avatar
Oh, it looks so pretty! You and your beautiful designing. :)
It looks too nice to eat there! XD
tasertail's avatar
it was, even though a mess was made in no time
grim-adventures's avatar
But it would have been fun anyways. :D
DeviantIrk's avatar
It looks neat! :)
Will you have a special christmas-dinner, too? Mh...what do people in Australia usually eat on christmas?
For Germans it would be a goose...
tasertail's avatar
yeah we did, we had a roast chicken with roast potatoes, some turkey, and pumpkin. usually its that sorta thing i guess:) [haha had to refrain myself while saying all that, was gonna say it in slang, but you might not understand "chook" and "spuds" and whatever the hell else i was gonna say:P]
whats goose like?XDDD
DeviantIrk's avatar
Oh, turkey, of course! :nod:

Goose is like...chicken...only bigger and with more fat! XDD
tasertail's avatar
ewwwie! lol had to say that...more fat? heehee
grim-adventures's avatar
I wanna try goose!
DeviantIrk's avatar
I don't know how it tastes, actually! XD
We mostly had...Gulasch. And I don't like it. >(
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