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Capybara Offers Hugs

A happy capybara (happybara?) offering you a hug! Drawn on today's art stream, with a bit of background practice too!

Tools used:
- Wacom Cintiq 12WX
- Photoshop CC
- Kyle Webster brushes
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© 2017 - 2021 TasDraws
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OMG a capybara anthro? I have literally NEVER seen that before, but I love it! XD

pookiesaurus4's avatar
*meets her* So, you're a capybara, and your name is "Capybara"?
Capybara: Yes.
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SilverSugar's avatar
Ohmygosh she's such a cutie~!
Wastelands-Knight's avatar
Aww, so sweet girl! Love such positive works! It's wonderful:aww:
Lolliangel00's avatar
Aww, so happy and sweet :aww: :heart: 
DarkstripeShadowpaw's avatar
Ha ha, when I saw the thumbnail I thought "HappyBara" immediately!
Cambion-Hunter's avatar
*returns the hug* :)
SHARK-008's avatar
Well, thanks for the hug! :P
elijahish771's avatar
Is she a beaver or a bear?
TheCreeperSWE's avatar
A capybara. Basically a huge beaver hamster who radiates peace
elijahish771's avatar
elijahish771's avatar
Ok thank you! I thought that was her name
SHARK-008's avatar
You're welcome, probably not a well know animal hehe.
elijahish771's avatar
But I would hug her
SHARK-008's avatar
Well, she offers hugs so... :)
TheyCallMeSage's avatar
Snuggle monster accepts :heart:
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