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After being a Premium/Core member for almost 10 years I have decided not to extend my "membership".
Before dA decided to change a lot, extending my P-membership was easier and cheaper but now it is (4 me at least) more difficult to "extend" because I don't have a credit card and it is too expensive.
From 30$ to 50$ on yearly base.. Neh. It's okay.
Starting my life as a free member. Let see how that goes ;-) !
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WUT??? No PayPal???

Thu Dec 22, 2016, 9:03 PM

Tjeez. I am for 10 years a premium/core member here @ deviantART and it seems now that if I want to do "Give One Get One Free"  PayPal isn't present anymore in the list. Only Visa,  American Express, Mastercard and Discover all which I don't use. Hate using credit cards in the first place.
Too bad, dA that you don't offer PP for users anymore who don't live in the US or are using PayPal for purchases.... :-( (Sad)


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*DMCA Take Down Notice....

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 8, 2012, 8:23 PM
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#Black and White Favourites

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 4, 2011, 3:08 AM
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I really "has"it with tumblr....
That is why I started today a Fringe-Graphics Blog.... YEP as today I have my own blog...



"Life is like a box of chocolates... You never know what you're gonna get!"</i> :alphaosiris:
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After 7 months not updating.....

Wed May 5, 2010, 10:54 PM

...I was about time that I did...

Please give them a visit and I can assure you, you won't regret it!!!!

#01= :iconvexingart:

The fall of evening by VexingArt Surrounded by reds by VexingArt The sun looks through by VexingArt

Lost and alone by VexingArt The Red by VexingArt A silent wind by VexingArt

#02 = :iconaddeg:

InTheRain by AddeG OldTulips by AddeG HitmanIsBack by AddeG

Soldier Of God by AddeG Forgotten by AddeG InHerColdWorld by AddeG

#03 = :iconcookiemonstah:

Take me away by cookiemonstah I can't hear you by cookiemonstah Unmasked by cookiemonstah

A soft kind of sorrow by cookiemonstah Succumb to Insanity by cookiemonstah Birds were here by cookiemonstah

#04 = :iconliek:

:: Fight :: by Liek :: Memory ' :: by Liek :thumb116526042:

Urbex - Memories remains by Liek :: Urbex - Just my daydream :: by Liek :: Urbex - Overgrown :: by Liek


"Life is like a box of chocolates... You never know what you're gonna get!"</i> :alphaosiris:
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We're only human...

Sat Oct 17, 2009, 2:49 AM

Some of my "We're only human" fav-map.
There are so many talented :devart: photographers that it was hard to choose which one I'm gonna put in my "new journal" entry.

As always: hope you gonna visit these wonderful artist's page and have look by yourself!!!


:iconsternenfern:=> Good bye,Angie by sternenfern :iconburkinafazo:=> Little Prince sun ring by burkinafazo

:iconsibayak:=> breathe by sibayak :iconfoart:=> escape by foart

:iconmichalgiedrojc:=> .halooo. by MichalGiedrojc :iconlugiais:=> Winter day by LuGiais

:iconwladek100:=>:thumb111229195: :icondamien-c:=>:thumb111469091:

:iconpiolvan:=>:thumb113144433: :iconjjohnsonartworks:=> Post modern expressionism by JJohnsonArtworks

:icondechobek:=>:thumb114320443: :iconvic4u:=> let's make simple by Vic4U

:iconfifty-seven-rows:=>:thumb114709715: :iconmichel-lag-chavarria:=> Baby boom... by Michel-Lag-Chavarria

:iconnicolas-henri:=> The Whispering Hedge by Nicolas-Henri :iconbitterev:=> despising losses by bitterev

:iconcrinaprida:=>:thumb120243072: :iconipositives:=> Der Kopf by ipositives

:iconhbynoe:=> :iconzanasoul:=> you make me.. by ZanaSoul

:iconcinqth:=> Contrebassiste by cinqth :iconcolpewole:=> Debba by colpewole


Have a nice day, my dear friends!!!

"Life is like a box of chocolates... You never know what you're gonna get!"</i> :alphaosiris:
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My Favo Pictures...

Sun Jun 28, 2009, 8:07 PM

This time I wanna show you photographs which gave {and still does!} me the feeling :wow:...
Amazing that so many talented photographers are here united @ :devart: :nod: :love:!

Here I go:

:iconflyin-wabbit:=> solid ground by flyin-wabbit :iconnarva:=>:thumb121274569:

:iconjenniholma:=>:thumb121510577: :iconastroangel:=> The tree by astroangel

:iconnicolasevariste:=> Giraffa - In Love by NicolasEvariste :iconpiolvan:=>:thumb122169100:

:iconrandomstarlight:=> Imagine by randomstarlight :iconmickr7an:=>:thumb122273536:

:iconpestilence:=> Moon Rising by pestilence :icondigitalh:=>:thumb122554867:

:iconmustafadedeoglu:=> galaTa by MustafaDedeogLu :iconkarezoid:=> Extinction by Karezoid

:iconvic4u:=> Urban Solitude by Vic4U :iconintao:=> Dream Museum II by intao

:iconcrinaprida:=>:thumb123219241: :iconlugiais:=> PEDEMONTANA by LuGiais

:icontotorino:=> 61 by TotoRino :iconprettyfreakjesper:=> till it's gone by prettyfreakjesper

:iconconcision:=> SUZIE RED by concision :iconzardo:=> Mill by zardo

:iconmarielliott:=> convenient by marielliott :icondamien-c:=>:thumb124016044:

:iconjadden:=> Burn my Shadow by jadden :iconfonon83:=>:thumb124921290:

:iconnrprtm:=> live forever. by nrprtm :iconhorhhe:=> toKSik girl 1 by horhhe


"Life is like a box of chocolates... You never know what you're gonna get!"</i> :alphaosiris:
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April doesn't fools, really!

Sat Apr 4, 2009, 12:19 AM

{{O dear... It has been a while since my latest journal update :O_o:}}
Anyway, some great new features and I hope you all like it!
Here we go:

:iconcloud-song:=> lulu and lulush by cloud-song :iconjenniholma:=>:thumb110884336:

:iconburkinafazo:=> surealistic joke by burkinafazo :iconrubberman542:=>:thumb111310527:

:iconmichalgiedrojc:=> .church. by MichalGiedrojc :iconnicolasevariste:=>:thumb111447910:

:iconruslannabiyev:=>:thumb111764720: :icono-bluemoon-o:=>:thumb111824860:

:iconapokalupsiseschaton:=> doug by apokalupsiseschaton :iconpiolvan:=>:thumb112640164:

:icontokioshi:=> :iconfifty-seven-rows:=>:thumb114709715:

:iconmnogueir:=>:thumb114735022: :iconlaurentdudot:=> In the city 2 by laurentdudot

:iconalexander-darkonious:=>:thumb115340403: :iconread-my-soul:=> .No.Touch. by Read-My-Soul

:iconle-panique:=> Porcelain by Le-Panique :iconambrits:=> The visitor by ambrits

:iconlugiais:=> C E P P O by LuGiais :iconbillabonger:=> face to face by Billabonger

Thank you ^^;!




"Life is like a box of chocolates... You never know what you're gonna get!"</i> :alphaosiris:
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January 'Featurettes'...

Tue Jan 27, 2009, 12:39 AM
...Simply take a look @ these artists great work and enjoy it :iconteamoplz:!!

:icondechobek:=>:thumb106316320: :icontasteofomi:=>:thumb106501520:

:iconpastyguy:=> Ablaze by PastyGuy :iconsibayak:=> breathe by sibayak

:icondecisionsmade:=> hey, hey, hey Mrs. Hangman by decisionsmade :iconkurmanci:=>:thumb106999170:

:iconsternenfern:=> In the Fog by sternenfern :iconwladek100:=>:thumb103177177:

:iconkarbunkulis:=> girl by karbunkulis :iconlunacy-kisses:=> Vidi, Vici, Veni II by Lunacy-Kisses

:icondcamacho:=> goodbye 2008 by dcamacho :iconrawimage:=> Petit Pirate by rawimage

:iconka-sau:=> disappear by ka-sau :iconvasilij:=>:thumb100002313:

:iconcrimson-apple:=> Undying love by crimson-apple :icontigerhair7:=> Light 1 by tigerhair7

:iconnicolas-henri:=> The Lieutenant by Nicolas-Henri :iconpiranija:=>:thumb109290546:

:iconantonioandrosiglio:=> A place where dream by AntonioAndrosiglio :iconnaegra:=> meda by Naegra

I like to show you some great photo's  of a special :devart: user, my dear friend :iconcrinaprida: :heart: :blowkiss: :

:thumb108816253: :thumb106851159: :thumb106469225:

:thumb106054288: :thumb104597962: :thumb102289406:

:thumb101250075: :thumb101007536: :thumb94199489:

:thumb92082497: :thumb93763714: :thumb92482871:

Take Good Care of Yourself, my sweetie-pies! You all do know that I :love: you, right???? ;)

"Life is like a box of chocolates... You never know what you're gonna get!"</i> :alphaosiris:
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December Features....

Sat Dec 13, 2008, 11:00 PM
Again: some great Artists I need to mention here ^^;!
Hope you have the time to take a look @ their gallery :iconteddyplz:!
I wish you all HAPPY HOLIDAYS :santa::snowing:!

:iconwhatwashername:=>:thumb102252703: :iconvadalein:=> he went... by vadalein
:iconver00nika:=>:thumb102686417: :iconapokalupsiseschaton:=> let me take you away by apokalupsiseschaton
:iconnamroev:=>:thumb103005182: :iconpantomime666:=> marrionette doll 6 by Pantomime666
:icontheluckynine:=> h o l d by theluckynine :iconbabyjean:=> This Guitar by BabyJean
:iconmesha3el:=> Your Freedom In Your Hand by MeSHa3eL :iconnalptekin:=> The Turkish Angora by nalptekin
:icongeorgeana-error:=> Butterfly Queen by Georgeana-error :iconblasphemedsoldier:=> I disappear by BlasphemedSoldier
:iconluix90:=> Laughin Lonely Luster by Luix90 :iconolyveira:=>:thumb104039442:
:icondamien-c:=>:thumb85200391: :iconinstantink:=> heartache hotel. by instantink
:iconskapokaliptika:=>:thumb104107827: :iconpi-w:=>:thumb89426134:
:iconnuavar:=> hello by Nuavar :iconpastyguy:=> Concluded by PastyGuy
:iconwermutee:=>:thumb104742994: :iconjean-e-marre:=>:thumb104780224:
:iconkalos-eidos-skopein:=> Free At Last by kalos-eidos-skopein :iconioana-boroda:=> singing in the rain by ioana-boroda


"Life is like a box of chocolates... You never know what you're gonna get!"</i> :alphaosiris:
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HiHo or HoHi...Features...

Sun Oct 5, 2008, 11:10 PM
Just take a look at the journal of these great artists & thank you again for the passing by :icongwomp:!

:iconhclay:=> the gravity of things by hclay__:icontribianni:=>:thumb32016446:
:iconnicolasevariste:=> Pelecanus by NicolasEvariste__:iconstefou39:=>:thumb96678981:
:iconmichel-lag-chavarria:=> In the corridor of time... by Michel-Lag-Chavarria__:iconjulie-rc:=> miauuuuu by julie-rc
:iconyousry-aref:=> Above Moher by Yousry-Aref__:icondorothy-shoes:=>:thumb97091915:
:icondenisolivier:=> Dreamspace Reloaded 38 by DenisOlivier__:iconetchepare:=> Fleurette by etchepare
:iconsilversidhe:=> Shanti by SilverSidhe__:iconroinja:=>
:iconaltamashu:=> Passionconsume. by altamashu__:iconfreya-photo:=>:thumb97396499:
:icon9m-a-x6:=> Draining sleepless nights by 9M-A-X6__:iconexcer:=> It's for you... by eXcer
:iconbuzillo:=> soundmaker by buzillo__:iconalicjarodzik:=> Golden September by AlicjaRodzik
:iconwayman:=> Freedom by Wayman__:iconambrits:=> Jozsi by ambrits
:iconkeremokay:=> Haydarpasa Railway Station. by KeremOkay__:iconglitterdarkstar:=>
:iconvic4u:=> Still life by Vic4U__:iconbindiimoments:=> Giraffes... by bindiimoments
:iconartisterik:=> In the night by ArtIsterik__:iconxavierrey:=> Terre Basque II by xavierrey
:iconbrute-ua:=> Descent of the Archangel by Brute-ua__:iconferocello:=>:thumb99243216:


"Life is like a box of chocolates... You never know what you're gonna get!"</i> :alphaosiris:
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Test..1,2,3 , Feature...

Fri Aug 15, 2008, 11:43 AM
A different approach this time.... Well kind of :giggle:...

Enjoy the features, my dear friends!!!


:iconarrun:=> Beach Party 2 by arrun :iconhellzcupcake:=> .Scrub. by hellzcupcake

:iconhimsouls:=>:thumb91129344: :icondenis2:=> Eugene in Louvre... by denis2

:iconchidog:=>:thumb91229158: :iconhoustonryan:=> 'Sego Lily and Sego Bud' by houstonryan

:iconyousry-aref:=> By the wall by Yousry-Aref :iconadeadrockstar:=> _ trough eternity. by adeadrockstar

:iconcrinaprida:=>:thumb91350285: :iconhitomii:=> Dark Rain by Hitomii

:iconstridsberg:=> A new day dawns by Stridsberg :iconrlimjoco:=>:thumb91519452:

:iconroinja:=> :iconantonioandrosiglio:=> Paradise by AntonioAndrosiglio

:iconetchepare:=>:thumb91479620: :iconchristianburtscher:=> in_wiesen_I by ChristianBurtscher

:icondecoratedlullaby:=>:thumb91547507: :iconjazzistan:=> what a day by jazzistan


Mature Content

Tattoo n.2 by SomarM
:iconprettyscary:=> Dazed and Confused by Prettyscary

:iconc3d:=> Gas Mask Study by c3d :iconhorhhe:=> spider web IV by horhhe

:icondeb-e-ann:=> Evening Glow 1 by Deb-e-ann :iconfreakeesh:=> Porto084 by freakeesh

:icondibbi:=>:thumb91866645: :icontotorino:=> Flying by TotoRino

:iconlugiais:=> Natural Cloth by LuGiais :iconoibyrd:=> Living Dead Girl by oibyrd

:iconjulie-rc:=>:thumb92001963: :iconorangedestroy:=> Tilt by Orangedestroy

:iconalexkatana:=>:thumb92047337: :iconmickr7an:=>:thumb92204358:

:iconnrprtm:=> let's start from here. by nrprtm :iconmjagiellicz:=> Breakwaters by mjagiellicz

:icondini25:=> :iconver00nika:=>:thumb92379841:

:iconfonon83:=>:thumb92554242: :icongfx-elfe:=> Witching Hour by gfx-elfe

:iconviveli:=> Depresion 01 by viveli :iconanemic-cinema:=>:thumb92652313:

:iconprince-of-pictures:=> :iconjapaslavian:=>:thumb92707827:

:iconcinqth:=>:thumb92676043: :iconkamalama:=> ::Frankie My baby:: by KamaLama
A little self-promotion ;)! Two of my personal favorites.
.::Three Dimensional::. by TaScha1969 + ::Where is the Egg??:: by TaScha1969


"Life is like a box of chocolates... You never know what you're gonna get!"</i> :alphaosiris:
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Honey, I shrunk the features ,P!

Sat Jun 14, 2008, 8:44 AM


:iconslawa: =><img src="…"alt="Baffled" :iconedwardking: =><img src="…"alt="Blue Lodge 3"

:iconinnerworlds: =><img src="…"alt="travel 2" :iconmeppol: =><img src="…"alt="happy"

:icongokhankaraag: =><img src="…"alt=".: eslia :.> :icontheshinyrock: =><img src="…"alt="Slow down"

:iconjjohnsonartworks: =><img src="…"alt="Top gun...a portrait" :iconsilent-order: =><img src="…"alt="nacht.mahr"

:iconcallu: =><img src="…"alt="Miss You" :icondianacretu: =><img src="…"alt="Shallow"

:iconia7mad: =><img src="…"alt="Catouflage" :iconapokalupsiseschaton: =><img src="…"alt="leader"

:iconroinja: =><img src="…"alt="Whisper" :iconkleemass: =><img src="…"alt="Milky Way"

:icondenisolivier: =><img src="…"alt="Dreamspace Reloaded 21" :iconxaliaz: =><img src="…"alt="X Marks the Spot"

:iconphotoport: =><img src="…"alt="Red Lu" :iconnicolasevariste: =><img src="…"alt="What"

:iconmenoevil: =><img src="…"alt="Two lifes .. True life" :icontotorino: =><img src="…"alt="Almost 40"

:iconsortvind: =><img src="…"alt="Distance is near" :iconv3nr3veng3: =><img src="…"alt="who is the obeserver ?"

:iconmiquu: =><img src="…"alt="Bob the builder" :iconbia37:=><img src="…"alt="the supervisor"

:iconalicjarodzik: =><img src="…"alt="fairy forest II" :icondandelgrosso: =><img src="…"alt="Masquerade"

:iconcinqth: =><img src="…"alt="For Natas" :iconkeremokay: =><img src="…"alt="bead."

:iconblood-of-a-pirate: =><img src="…"alt="Soul Searching" :iconcaptainmazda: =><img src="…"alt="Angelina Jolie"


"Life is like a box of chocolates... You never know what you're gonna get!"</i> :alphaosiris:
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As always: great art from great artists...


:iconnicolas-henri:: ==>Shock-Frost :iconcrinaprida:==>Another Place 3

:iconsalvaterra:==>Il tempo IV :iconolumdenyoksun:==>srclr

:icontoadsmoothy2:==>flowing :iconcinqth:==>Pepsi aka Sarko

:iconvexingart:==>Story Book :iconmatthiashaltenhof:==>untitled481

:iconroinja:==>I miss you at nights II :iconpecuchet:==>776 - blues from laurel canyon

:iconmustafadedeoglu:==>you turn my night into day.. :iconnicolasevariste:==>Coast King II

:iconmrcool256:==>H E L I O S :iconmenoevil:==>father and son

:iconleenik:==>Ghost cat :iconkarenfiore:==>She dreams....

:icondenisolivier:==>Quiver Inside :iconcolpewole:==>I will be queen

:icondejon:==>Dept. :iconalicjarodzik:==>...fear"

:iconandriazmo:==>shut up :iconthierryhuchet:==>210208

:iconwindingthruweeds:==>Mix Up :iconcindd:==>Un diner hors du commun

:iconang7m:==>feels like home.... :icontravisphotographics:==><img src="…"alt= Jesus' Son: Plate 3">

:iconluminous-luminance:==>the lovebombs :iconkatann:==>Smoke



Thank you for watching and have a nice day!
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Monthly Featuries =]

Sun Mar 16, 2008, 3:55 AM
Let me surprise you again with some great new features and artists, of course :iconflowerdanceplz:


:iconsebastientabuteaud: => Between the Trees chapter III   :iconxavierrey: => Apprentissage   

:iconbitterev: => old fairy tales   :iconhautea: => <a…"">2hope in thissia   

:iconmr-zunguzunguzeng: => adriano   :iconschwammhirn: => Television

:iconkocong: => lost in the wood   :iconcountess-grotesque: => . welcome to my world .

:iconanastipanic: => disillusion   :iconkleemass: => The future   

:iconkeremokay: => run away.   :icondibbi: => black tie and white noise   

:iconnamroev: => Learning to fly   :icontanyasimpson: => Retro Suicide   

:iconexcer: => Is she just watching...   :iconboston-twinky: => Drained   

:iconblasphemedsoldier: => Death Valley  :iconmaciejkarcz: => Miao Miao

:iconandriazmo: => white on white   :iconthierryhuchet: => 280208   

:iconextremecapture: => EMULSION   :iconcalisto-photography: => lost chance  

:iconvulezvrk: => I'll take it   :iconburkinafazo: => Phnom Phen Girl

:iconlugiais: => Return To Nature   :iconvic4u: => in the Pola frame   

:iconglitterdarkstar: => the girl with the mousy hair   :iconjulie-rc: => Confession   

:iconixchell: => Princessa de desgracias   :iconmickr7an: => The Snake

:iconetchepare: => Essential purpose   :iconcrinaprida: => Numbers   

:iconalcove: => Nokturnal  :iconpheelfresh: => The Barrier



Thank you for watching and have a nice day!
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=^..^= FEATURIES!=^.am

Fri Feb 15, 2008, 9:28 AM
I'm a bit late with my monthly features and my excuse??? Euhm...I've none.
Anyway: here are my favorite of my favorites.
It is soo hard to choose the ones I like to show you here, you can believe me on that! =D
Thank you for passing by and enjoy these great artist-works!


The Field want a be Bad day LongNecked Baby

I would give you the World Freedom's dream Rockabilly Got Manipulated

The torment 1337 The Eye Inside .: Sin :.

:: Crying In The Rain :: 5 Great Blue Heron IIReal World

The sheep som smile smoke Allegorie

On track The watcher Waiting For Summer hollow

Sunny Day the way I look tonight <img src="…"alt="Gran "8"> ëmo"

Dambala Meaning of life About Consuming rope II.

transition - Prayer for rain - no title The altering


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New Year, New Month, New Features

Fri Jan 11, 2008, 10:24 PM
I've picked, as usual, again beautiful work of great :devart: artists...

Enjoy your stay, watch and visit ^^;!

<img src="…"alt="291" <img src="…"alt="Talmont church" <img src="…"alt="...the end of life"

<img src="…"alt="Black Cat" <img src="…"alt="In the dark corner" <img src="…"alt="WALK THE LINE"

<img src="…"alt="Stairs and pole" <img src="…"alt="The prisoner" <img src="…"alt="Light Play"

<img src="…"alt= "The Sea Whisperer" <img src="…"alt="The Scream" <img src="…"alt="Only one"

<img src="…"alt=". and coming back to life" <img src="…"alt="farewell..." <img src="…"alt="keep walking"

<img src="…"alt="secret power" <img src="…"alt= "Dreams" <img src="…"alt="Should I come back..?"

<img src="…"alt= "Lost At Sea" <img src="…"alt= "Wharf" <img src="…"alt="Seat Of Judgement"

<img src="…"alt="wings wings wings..." <img src="…"alt="Mist" <img src="…"alt="to be"

Thank you for taking time to take a peek @ these wonderful artists and people!

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Wed Dec 12, 2007, 12:20 PM
I guess I will only say: TADAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!


<img src="…"alt="The darkness takes me over II" <img src="…"alt="43 Dejarat" <img src="…"alt="if woman wants"

<img src="…"alt="road II" <img src="…"alt= "Prague" <img src="…"alt="D E V I D E D I N S E P I A"

<img src="…"alt="Golden Alley" <img src="…"alt="...hi there <img src="…"alt="farewell."

<img src="…"alt="Alone Simplicity" <img src="…"alt="blossom" <img src="…"alt= "Simplify, simplyfi"

<img src="…"alt="_Let the air take you away" <img src="…"alt="mary poppins" <img src="…"alt="Sideway"

<img src="…" alt="dreams come true" <img src="…"alt="tutto va ma non va" <img src="…"alt="Flitser"

<img src="…"alt="The Promised Land" <img src="…"alt="skytreestreet" <img src="…"alt="...1"

<img src="…"alt= öne step..." <img src="…"alt="From The Inside" <img src="…"alt="Sad song"

<img src="…"alt="Sunset 11 Nov 2007 Snagov" <img src="…"alt="At dawn" <img src="…"alt="obligatory sunset"

<img src="…"alt="On fire" <img src="…"alt="Older...Tired Out..." <img src="…"alt=" three steps to..."

<img src="…"alt="2" <img src="…"alt="Portland Head Lighthouse" <img src="…"alt="Morning fence"

<img src="…"alt="Spirit of the haunted house" <img src="…"alt="color of sorrow" <img src="…"alt= "Winter Fjord"

Hope you all enjoy/enjoyed/still enjoying these wonderful artists!!
I really admire their photographs and well let just say next time it can be one of you who is the 'new' feature in my journal =D!

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I know what you did with the features!

Wed Oct 24, 2007, 10:11 AM
Yep...I guess you all know what will happen next ;P!
Et Voilą have some features!
Some new, some old, some wicked and some traditional! I really :love: all these great artists and their work!

memories6 Dangerous Game Fixtures and fittings

where to Life's Journey. shadow people VI

Night Hunter benjie kuresel hipnoz

High Hopes II Jump <img src="…"alt= stone cold">

Wind I Got You In My Hand ...hi there

memoirs of birdie A Minute. A Century. Simply together

<img src="…"alt"="kus kusabilirsen"> Caresse Adieu

Between us lazy evening... Flowing Ground

An other cold morning Horse Series -Dora- silent world

Incandescea. The Commodore :: Witching Our ::

Space Corsar - Danah like a butterfly... ..dream VI.

So...That's all. For now that is ;P!

Hope you all enjoy{-ed} watching and please pay a visit on their :devart:websites, I'm sure you won't regret it!

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