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Ok, so this is kinda linking back with something I thought about doing aages ago. But the main idea came from talking with some of you lovely people and the comments from this journal here:

The power of self-perception, and the confidence (or lack thereof) you gain from it, does affect how you act and the choices you make in your life. And no I'm not talking about the whole "you are beautiful" thing so much as, how you see and percieve yourself. How we see ourselves is completely different to how other people see us.
I do notice this a lot, being a stock artist and having lots of artists draw me. One was worried that I'd be offended that he drew my legs a little large or something like that. Hell, doesn't bother me. Draw me as you see me, as how you percieve me, as how you want your art to turn out. The rest is superfluous really, since I play a character in my stock sets and none of them are really set as a piece to show me as well, me.

So that's my idea. Kinda like the Dove Beauty Ad: I want you to DRAW (digitally or traditionally) yourself. I find it difficult to draw myself, because I do have a skewed self perception. I was challenged aages ago to do a self portrait... kiiiinda failed epically.. got the angles all wwrong for starts.  Well you can see for yourself below.. my chin is too pointy lmao. One, because I usually wind up drawing my lips too large. (Possibly due to most of my friends back when i was 13, constantly telling me I have fat lips. lol. I laugh now, because they are all wearing lip liner and whining that they have no lips at all. and annoyingly, something about that has stuck in my head maybe? Who knows! I'm no psychiatrist.) but this was my old (seriously, back from 2009) attempt at a self portrait: Complete FAIL lol

Might try again at some point XD

You can use a photographic reference. But the medium has to be drawn, either digitally or traditionally.
It can be in any style you like, as long as it reflects yourself.

I will be giving prizes out (only features and exclusive stock.. I'm skint at the moment. but if you wish to give anything just say :)) based on several things: Most creative. Best drawn. Best representation of personality. People's favourite. Most humourous.
Get inventive! Get silly! Get realistic! Get abstract! Think about what matters to you and what you think you are like in yourself.. I want portraits BURSTING with character and personality. :) Something that shows you for who you truly are.
Something that tells a story of your life. Get creative, get sharing. :) Don't be shy.

Here be the rules! (Come on, you gotta have some you know :P)
:bulletpurple: Your work MUST be a new piece. Any artwork created before 25th April 3pm does not count and cannot be entered.
:bulletpurple: Challenge ends 10th August at 9pm GMT.
:bulletpurple: Send your portraits in a Note to Tasastock entitled Self Portrait Challenge. I'll be adding them to a favourite's collection.
:bulletpurple: It MUST be a self portrait. Not a portrait of someone else. It must represent you and your personality, and must contain your face. (Even if it's your face made up from different objects that have meanign to you, your face must be present somewhere)
:bulletpurple: The work must be drawn, or painted, either traditionally or digitally. No airbrushing/photomanipulation or photography or writing.
:bulletpurple: One entry per deviant.
:bulletpurple: include a link to your reference picture (if you took a photo to draw from, if you used a mirror just a snapshot of yourself) somewhere on your submission if you wish to be considered for "best drawn/realistic" prize :)

Prizes will be awarded for:

:bulletpurple: Best drawn
:bulletpurple: Most creative
:bulletpurple: Best representation of personality.
:bulletpurple: Most humourous
:bulletpurple: People's favourite. (This will be voted for, after the first four winners have been announced.)

Prizes are currently:
Exclusive stock from Tasastock, PirateLotus-Stock and CelticStrm-Stock
Features from: Tasastock, kirilee, Null-Entity, The-Stock-Directory and NichelleJNolan
50 Points to each winner from Null-Entity
50 Points to each winner from Hopfield
100 Points to each winners from Tasastock 
20 Points to each winner from Harlequin-Werewolf

People's favourite will also get a painting from ReneGarJ 
Best Representation of Personality winner will recieve an A5 Commission from Harlequin-Werewolf
Best Drawn, Most Creative, and Most Humourous winners will recieve a sketch commission from Tasastock

Please note that donating a prize does not stop you from entering the contest :)

If you wish to donate prizes, just leave a comment, thank you very much (please remember we will have 5 winners. ;))
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Features from me for now, but will probably give more once I have my head on straight! Will be participating too :D