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Deviation Actions

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1. 1. You are required to inform me when you have used my stock. You must provide me with a link to your art either via a comment or 
2. You are required to credit me in your artist's comments box on the deviation. Provide a link back to my account. (Example: "Model: Tasastock")
3. My non-purchased model stock is restricted. You MUST have my permission before you use my model stock IN ANY WAY outside of DeviantArt. Failure to do so will result in removal of your artwork. For more information see Outside Use below.
4. All non-model stock is restricted for commercial use only. You may use any non-model stock outside of DeviantArt providing full credit for stock is given and the rest of my rules followed. For more information see Outside Use below.
5. My stock must be sufficiently editted. I reserve the right to tell you to remove any image that does not fulfill the requirements stated below. (See Usage)
6. Do not submit your art into the Photography gallery.
7. My stock is for art purposes only. It is not to be redistributed as a raw stock image, editted and resubmitted as stock, nor any of my rules or copyright infringed in any way. For what is and is not allowed see Usage below.
8. Retouches of my stock are not allowed. (See Retouches below)
9. Commercial use of my stock is subject to terms and conditions, I require a set fee for commercial use of my stock. Details here:
10. My nude/anatomy reference material comes with its own set of additional rules. See Anatomy below.

You can use my stock for any form of art you can think of, traditional and digital painting, drawing, sculpture, photomanipulation/photomontage. You do not need my permission to use my stock within the bounds of DeviantArt. What you cannot use my stock for however, is for retouches (see retouches below) resubmitting as stock or a raw stock image, and nothing where the subject is racist, pornographic, sexist, or hateful in any way. (Gore, macabre and horror I am fine with. Bring on the gore!)
It is important to note that your art must be that. Art. It must be sufficiently editted otherwise I will get you to remove the image as a breach of rule 5. Example: Just adding a filter/colour/blur/high contrast/lensflare effect/black+white, just cropping the image, adding text just changing the hair/eye/skin colour, just editting out flaws (retouching) or adding pointy ears/teeth/a tail. Make it your own, otherwise it is still mine. My stock can
also not be used as the preview for PhotoShop Actions, or posted as a raw stock image on any other site. For
tutorials, send me a note prior to making the tutorial to obtain my permission. I do not allow my stock to be used
in premade background stock.

Retouches of my stock are NOT allowed. What I mean by a retouch is when you are practicing airbrushing/digital makeup/photoshop imaging effects, anything where you are just taking the image to practice making it look better but not doing anything else other than editting out any "flaws". Example: getting rid of pores/stray hairs/spots/making my face thinner or nose thinner (that was always a popular one) changing the eye colour. Example of a retouch here:… (Kindly allowed by the artist to be used as an example) I understand the need with society being what it is but you cannot use my stock to practice. If you are going to retouch my stock as part of a photomontage image(collection of many photos to create one image) you are working on, that is fine. In the past I did allow retouches, but my rules changed on 20th November 2010. Any retouches submitted after this date are a breach of my stock rules.

All non-model stock is now mostly unrestricted apart from commercial use. Meaning, that you can use my animal/background/object/texture stock on any website without my prior permission PROVIDING you give me credit for stock and provide a link back to this account. If I find you have used it somewhere without creditting me for stock I will get you to remove it. This permission is granted with the following presumptions: you are not using it commercially without permission. You have sufficiently editted my stock (see Usage). You have not taken the raw stock image. You will be providing credit for stock in plain view (aka, not on some other random page on the website)
If you wish to use my Non-purchased Model stock in any way outside of DeviantArt you must obtain my permission prior to posting it. If you ask me but post it BEFORE I have replied, I will ask you to remove the image. You must send your request in a note (not a comment, if you ask me in a comment I will only ask you to resend your request in a note, (why? because I keep all my outside use requests in a nice little folder so that I know what is going where)) You must tell me where you want to post it (and provide links, if it's on websites like facebook, redbubble, or anything like that i will need a link to your profile. so i know who i have allowed to post it) and you need to tell me what medium it will be used in, digital/traditional painting, photomanipulation/photomontage, as part of the graphics etc. Credit must be provided with a link back to my account. You need to provide me with a link to the artwork, or tell me which stock it is you are planning on using if you havent used it already. DO NOT upload a preview to an image hosting website to show me. This is outside use and I will ask you to remove it. If it is necessary to show me a preview upload it to your DeviantArt scraps.
It is also important to note that I cannot give you permission for any of the models on this account other than myself.
I will not allow my nude reference material outside of DeviantArt when it has been used in a photomanipulation/photomontage. I will allow traditional/digital paintings or drawings of it.
If you were wishing to feature my stock on another website you need to ask me first!
Deadlines I appreciate that some of you are working to deadlines, but you also need to appreciate that i can 300+ messages a day (you think I'm kidding? :P) and that I work fulltime and try to have an active sociallife. I will not always be at the computer and I may take a long time to reply to your message. If you are working to a deadline and need an answer quickly, put the words "URGENT DEADLINE" in your subject title in your note. I try to get to this notes as soon as I can. Do not abuse this system and use it simply because you're impatient.

Yes I do provide nude references for life drawing practice. As you might be able to tell, these are all in packs and have been password protected, and unfortunately for you real artists out there, the full preview of the image won't be available in the preview of the pack. This is because I have had to go to extra lengths to try to avoid the perves who are adding my resource to what I like to call their wankography collection. I have no wish to be in there. I am trying to provide a serious tool for artists learning anatomy or simply needing a nude reference, as I understand the need for life models as an artist myself. So I have had to password protect all my nude and topless stock images to save myself from going insane. I do not wish for any more comments from perverts whose only wish is to tell me exactly what they'd like to do to me. Call me a prude if you wish, but I have no wish to hear about your sexual fantasies or fetishes. they have no place in my life.
Now that I've got that out of the way: to get my password you have to note me (I will NOT give out the password in a comment, any request for the password in a comment will simply be ignored.) with the title Password Request, and state whether or not you want the nude password or the shoe/foot ref password (Yes, the fetishists made me password protect those too).
I will go through your gallery and your favourites. I will not give out the password to anyone with only photography in their gallery. I will not give out the password if either your gallery or faves are empty. I will not give out the password if there are any (what I like to call) tit shots, vagina shots, ass shots or feet pictures in either gallery or your favourites. If you don't have alot of deviations in your gallery, your request will also be denied. I reserve the right to deny anyone I see fit, and I will not tell you why. Don't think me abrupt if I just reply with "Request denied". A denial is non-negotiable. Do not start an argument with me about this. You will not win. Also, do not think you can flatter your way into getting the password, and as soon as you get it, I do not want to be hearing your personal opinions on my bodytype. That is negating the entire point of me protecting this images in the first place, and I'll only get hacked off with you.
Once given the password you are entering into an agreement with me not to share the password with any other deviant. All nude stock is subject to my Outside Use rules aswell as my normal stock rules. However, you cannot use my nude stock outside of DeviantArt in a photomanipulation/photomontage.

I require a fee for commercial use, conditions apply. I require credit where possible but understand if it's not. Note me with details of how you want to use my stock in a commercial capacity and include as much detail as possible. I can only authorise commercial use of stock where I am the model. You need my permission prior to selling. However, prints on DeviantArt are fine. Full details, including prices can be found here: Please note, if you have purchased my premium stock commercial charges do still apply. Anyone found using my stock in a commerical capacity without my permission will be penalised.

Making your art available as a print on DeviantArt is fine, you do not need my permission, unless you have done very little to the image (in which case, I will be asking you to remove it as it is insufficiently editted). Prints on sites such as Redbubble are allowed, you need to follow my rules on Outside Use and get permission prior to upload.

I do not tolerate any kind of theft. Under no circumstances are you allowed to redistribute my raw stock image as a resource on ANY website, pass off my work as your own photography/art or upload to any image-sharing website.
Any artwork or image found to break any of my rules stated here I will get removed, if you refuse to delete any offending image yourself, I will take further action. If you are selling any of my stock without my prior permission I will take action and demand compensation for the theft of my images.

Can be used only by those deviants who have won it in a contest. Anyone in possession of this stock still needs to
adhere to my stock rules (the original rules for non premium model stock). My exclusive stock can be found in my
Exclusive folder in my main gallery.…

If you want to send me a prop/costume, feel free to get in touch with me via note. As is, I am using the profit
from my premium resources to fund what props and costumes/material/make up I deem fit. If there is some costume in
particular you would like me to do a set with, note me and we will see what we can do. Depending on the costume
and its price you may have to fund it. Props and costume suggestions are subject to my personal opinion, I don't
have to purchase them, if I don't personally see much of a use for it I won't be looking into getting it.

I do not usually take requests, I will however take commissions, information can be found here:
Please note, it is a request, not a demand. I don't HAVE to do whatever you want. Anything pornographic or fetish related will not be taken on. I will take on a commission, but you will have to pay. Keeping it exclusive to you will also cost more, otherwise it will be uploaded as stock for everyone else to use. I reserve the right to refuse to take on any commission. I do not take fetish requests. Details found in the link above.

Trolls not welcome in this community. If you can't think of anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. Likewise, if all you can think of saying is your personal opinion on my tits/arse or general body type, keep it to yourself. I have no interest in your opinion. If you're looking for some happy time, go look at porn, it's what it's there for.
I accept only CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. I must make this clear. Don't just tell me something is crap. constructive criticism is "<blah> is good, but <blah> isn't as strong, have you tried maybe <blah blah> to fix that?" not just "that's crap." I get really annoyed at those comments. Leaving a catty comment leaves the way open to receive a catty reply. If you see a problem with something that you think can only be solved by throwing money at it, remember this is a FREE resource funded mostly off my own back.
And I DO NOT in any way, which to hear about your fetish. Of any kind. In any way. No. Call me a prude if you wish but I do not want to be dragged into your fantasy world, likewise your fetish has no place here on deviantart. I came here for art, not amateur porn. Move along.

Unless stated otherwise, the model is me. As for make up, again everything is done by myself unless stated otherwise. Any wounds shown are fake unless the description is something like "right.. well.. this is how this happened."
I will not reply to your question via email. I have enough work to do to answer comments on here without making extra work for myself.
I have added deviants to facebook and msn before. Doesn't mean I will do it with everybody. If you really, reeeeally want me on either you can ask. But if we don't chat, or if it's you constantly chatting to me and getting one-word answers... well.. I think that answers the question really. :P


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