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You know when I said, make it as difficult as possible for us to choose by being extra awesome? I didn't really mean it you know.. >.< I don't like making tough decisions.
Though, me and WW-Stock had a sit down, and finally picked out some winners. somehow. >.<

But seriously now, all the entries were amazing. If you haven't already, you should go and have a look through all of them. The concepts brought up were fantastic, they really got you thinking. :)

And so now, without further ado, I bring you our contest winners!


First Place in the advanced category is awarded to:
Cherry Blossom by AMechanicalMind
Beautifully crafted, somehow this natural tree looks right in this mechanically manufactured way. The natural stone background further contrasts the metal cogs, and photographed well.

Second place is awarded to:
Excellent concept shown in quality style. The perception of looking up at the business man, with all his important papers flying everywhere is a great touch. The fact that only the fish, depicted only through technology is in colour further exentuates our continued detachment from nature.

Third place is awarded to:
This literal depiction of how much waste we produce in our modern lives is well explained, and nicely done. I love the attention to detail in all the recylcable rubbish that the distressed girl is drowning in. No artist's comments were really needed, as the meaning is obvious, and handled well.

Honourable mentions for advanced are:
Vestige by Cnids :iconcnids:Cnids
I am the mountain by Mr-Bastos :iconmr-bastos:Mr-Bastos


First place in the beginner category is awarded to:
Nature Contest - Field Trip by iheartsendai
I love all the detail in this, and all the character and charm of the people depicted, from the stern teacher to the sheer awe on the children's faces. It's a dire warning as to what might happen in modernisation outpaces nature at the current rate. How many more species of animals and plants will soon be contained only in our museums?

Second place goes to:
I love the idea of an uncontrollable fall towards technology and all the comforts it represents.  Although those mechanical arms look anything but comforting.  The texture contained in this piece is brilliant, and i like how it is contained only within the representation of nature.

Third place is awarded to:
Nature's Carer by KatanaZX
This piece is really sweet.  The dirty hands of the child who has evidently been digging, or doing something in the garden is a nice touch, and those hands are so gentle holding onto those flowers. It's an elegant touch for a piece telling us we need to take more care.

Honourable mentions for beginner are:
The Regreening by Charlene-Art:iconcharlene-art:Charlene-Art
Leaf and Iron by Aloof-I:iconaloof-i:Aloof-I

Congratulations to all the winners! :heart:

Here are all the entries to our little contest :)
Check em out!!

:thumb214802669: Cherry Blossom by AMechanicalMind

Mature Content

The Disease of Modernity by DeathOfATragedy
eagle eye - fly away by crcunltd
trash vs nature by crcunltd:thumb215007997::thumb239024046: Moonlight by okissop
:thumb231978933: CE - Modernity and Nature by Who-Died Roadkill by Emma-Fay Space Man, Earth Girl by Ascahithiel Vestige by Cnids
Night in Skopje by Goce88 Sotir by Goce88 Monkey by Goce88 Drowning 2011 by Aras-Vengeance Power of Nature by BlackGekko
I am the mountain by Mr-Bastos Experiment by Tygerson Child of Nature by BlackGekko Flower and Butterfly (Hetalia) by annsquare The Regreening by Charlene-Art
space by andowa:thumb227490091: Nature: don't destroy it by Shinexa:thumb239690128: Modernity and Nature by Aleanya
The Young Photographer by brighteyes-vanderde The Natural Process by SaintHelena Reclaimed Metro by baxley334 Its a Rainy day.. by cjdhan Leaf and Iron by Aloof-I
:thumb213262015: Nature Contest - Field Trip by iheartsendai Nature's Carer by KatanaZX Natural Beauty by 11santa1:thumb212155212:
Catching some rays by Chellsshade:thumb213084581: modernity and nature contest by megamifantasy Havoc by VictoriouzZ Machine in the Garden by fshi

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Great pictures, thanks for honorable mention.