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Deviation Actions

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This is something I've been thinking over and collecting questions etc for a while now, and due to certain trolling, misunderstanding, insults, perving, inquiries, that I appear to have accumalated lately, I thought I'd go ahead and post it today.

Anything that isn't already covered in the rules/notes of my stock, you should be able to find here: (any suggestions for questions I may have skipped out on, feel free to comment ^^

Last Updated: 30/08/2013


Can I use your stock? Of course you can! However, my premium model stock must be purchased before use. Just credit/notify me when you upload it. My premium model stock is only restricted for commercial use. All non-model stock is also restricted only for commercial use. You may use it in your art and outside of DeviantArt providing clear credit for stock is given.
I do have some non-premium model stock, mainly my anatomy stock, and some where the model is not me. This cannot be used outside of DeviantArt without my PRIOR permission. :) but you don't need my permission to post anything on Deviantart. (Providing, it is art, and not my raw stock. Or insufficiently editted. See my rules: tasastock.deviantart.com/journ…)

What can I use your stock for? Anything you can dream of! I love variety in all things! You can use my stock for reference for pose/facial expression with your traditional or digital drawings, paintings, sketches, sculptures, 3D art, photomanipulations. Anything you can think of doing, so long as you follow my rules, I would love to see what you can do! However, as of November 2010, my stock rules changed to disallow retouches using my stock. See my rules for more information. Commercial use of my stock requires a fee, get in touch with me via note.

What can't I use your stock for? Use your common sense, I have feelings and emotions, whilst I love anything gory, I don't like anything hateful. I can't abide homophobic, racist, pornographic or sexist work. I think it goes without saying really. I respect artistic differences, and that you may have a different opinion to me, so I won't flame you for voicing a different opinion if it is done tastefully.
Also, be as creative as possible! Don't just apply a filter, or add some text to my stock. If art is measured by time, then the deviation that you then post in your gallery would still be mine. I put lots of effort into my stock, is it really too much to ask for you to do the same? Push yourself! Don't be lazy! Don't be part of the filter-applying crowd, they're boring and they break my rules. I'll only ask you to edit or remove your work. And it really bugs stockers. (put yourself in my shoes, I click on a link, and find myself staring at my stock, and all that has been done to it is a photoshop filter applied. Disappointing, and irritating that you're claiming that as your own artwork. Don't make me grind my teeth into stumps! Get creative instead!)

Can I use your premium model stock without purchasing it? No.

Can I use your stock outside of DeviantArt? Yes, if it is premium model stock that has been purchased, or non model stock. Then you may use it outside of DeviantArt providing clear credit is given. Nude stock is not premium and is not allowed outside of DeviantArt, unless it has been used as a reference in a traditional piece, then you have to have my PRIOR permission to post it outside of DeviantArt.. Send me a note. Stock where the model is not me is not allowed outside of DeviantArt, nor is it to be used commercially.

What stock won't you allow outside of DeviantArt? Anything where I am not the model (I am the main model on this account, if in the description on the stock image, there is no credit about who did the modelling, then the model is me. I'm afraid I told the friends who modelled for me that the images would stay on DA, so I can't allow them on different websites, nor can they be used commercially.
Apart from that, it's any stock where I am nude or topless if it's a manipulation it's not allowed. If it's a drawing, then I'm not fussy about that. Again though, you must follow my rules and always, always ask me beforehand.

I left my request for posting my art with your non-premium model stock outside of DA in a comment, but then you asked for it to be sent again in a note, why? If I find my stock, or artwork with my stock outside of DeviantArt, I check my favourites to find the artwork, then I check all my notes to find where you have asked for my permission to use that image outside of DA. Basically, it makes it easier for me. I'm not going to shift through all my comments on top of all my notes to find where you may or may not have asked me permission. I have a folder in my notes section of all the requests i have given permission to.

Can I post your stock on a photo-share website? NO. Quite simply, no.

Can I post my artwork with your stock on an image-hosting site? Eg. Photobucket? Again, if you ask me first, and if your photobucket profile is set to private, aka, where the theives can't come and take it. But you have to ask me first.

I want to show you a preview image of something I am doing with your stock, can't I upload it to PhotoBucket to show you? No, thats outside use without my permission. I would prefer if you need to show me a preview image, that you upload it to your DeviantArt scraps, where it won't feature in your main gallery.

Can I post your raw stock-image as a character reference on an RPG site? No. I do not allow redistribution of my raw stock. My stock is for art, to edit.

I used your stock, can I make my artwork available as a print? Yes, I have no problem with you making your art available as DeviantArt prints. But if you want to put it on an image-site such as redbubble, follow my rules for commercial use.

Can I use your stock commercially? Yes, provided you're using the stock where I am the model (I cannot speak for the models I have used.)  Commercial use of my stock requires a fee and you require my permission beforehand. fav.me/d3ych28 << Information on commercial use.

If I have used your stock to make Line Art, can I offer this up for other people to colour? Yes, providing you make it clear that since you need credit, my stock is still the original base in this too, that my rules need to be followed. So credit for you, who originally used me to draw the line art, needs to be given, and they need to link me to the artwork.

Can I use your stock in a DA tutorial? Send me a note first giving me information about the tutorial.

Can I use your stock to demonstrate PS Actions/Brushes? No.

Can I use your stock in fetish artwork? Preferably not. It would make me uncomfortable, depending what it is. Please remember that there's a person behind the photograph, I have feelings, and self-respect surprisingly. I don't like being portrayed as some kind of sex-toy or offered up in some mild-porn image.

Why have you asked me to move my Deviation? Art posted in the incorrect category I will ask you to move, do not post your art in photography, I took the photograph, not you. Do not post your artwork in the stock gallery, i'm the stock provider, not you. (However, I do allow people to use my stock as an example of how their resources like PS actions, brushes work, and in tutorials. See my rules for more information)

Why have you asked me to remove my artwork? If your artwork breaks any of my rules I will ask you to remove it. Rules here: tasastock.deviantart.com/journ…
Do not simply retouch my stock. As of November 2010 this is one rule I have changed from yes you can to no you can't. I explain more thoroughly in my rules.
I will ask you to remove your work if you have resubmitted it as a stock image. (In tutorials, examples of actions, brushes, read up on what restrictions I've placed) redistributing as a vector resource, adding a filter and sayign its your own stock, or even just taking my work and putting it out there as stock is a strict breach of not only my own rules, but DeviantArt's too. You will be reported.
If your work using my stock is used on a different website without my permission, I will ask you to remove it.
If your artwork depicts me and I find it highly offensive, I may ask you to remove it, or at least remove my stock from the piece.

I have sent you a stock usage/commercial usage question via email. Why haven't you replied? Because I have an overzealous spam filter. Because I keep all DeviantArt business confined to Deviantart. DO NOT send me emails about my stock.

I have a deadline on commercial use/outside use of non-model stock and you haven't replied quickly. What can I do? Send me another note, entitled "URGENT DEADLINE - Commercial/Outside Use" etc. Or if there's a not-so urgent deadline, you can entitle it "Deadline - <enterdate>" I do endeavour to look for the notes entitled Urgent. However, DO NOT abuse this system. It pisses me off. I am a busy girl, I have a social life and I recieve A LOT of messages. I get through as many as i possibly can. But I am pretty much always behind. Be patient with me. there are thousands of you and only one of me.


Do you take requests? That depends. If I am open to taking requests I will post a journal or poll to gather ideas. It does not necessarily mean that I will do your idea.
I do however, take commissions fav.me/d3ych28 I will not do anything fetish.

I had a request but you said no, why? Either because I don't have any time to take on requests, or because it was something that I didn't want to do. If you requested something nude, for example, I will check out your gallery. If your artwork and favourites suggest to me that you're just being a big pervert, then your request will be denied. The only time I will do nude on request is if I feel comfortable with what you're asking me, and I feel you're being genuine. Even if I feel that, I may still say no, because of the lack of respect from other deviants. Requests for pictures of my feet will always be denied. If I get any more comments from deviants saying they want to suck my toes, I am going to have a nervous breakdown.
I may also say no if I don't like the request that you're asking me to do. If it's not something I think I will particularly enjoy or be able to get into, it's not going to come out too great. Especially with time restrictions that I have.


Are you the model? In the majority of my images, yes. If I am not the model credit for modelling will be given in the description, if you can't see that, then yes, it's me. :P

Are you single? I hate these questions. What blind bit of difference does it make to my stock if I am or not?

Where are you from? Born and raised in the UK by a family of lunatics. :P I will narrow that down to Northern England, but that's all you're getting.

What ethnic background do you have? I fail to see how this is relevant, but I will answer it here anyway. I am completely boring. I have british blood all the way through.

I've added you to my devwatch. Why haven't you added me? Because I only watch stockers on this account. Even then, it's got to the point where I'll only watch the stockers that I like. I sometimes, occasionally, add people to my devwatch on my art account, but that is so chocca-block at the moment, and I have enough troubles keeping on top of my stock messages, that I seriously honestly and truly have to deeply fall in love with your art to add you on Feagaer. So don't whinge. I'm under no illusions that you guys aren't watching me for my awesome charm and wit, you're after the stock.

Can I have your msn/aim/ICQ/skype/email? No. I get too many people wanting these for reasons other than just a friendly chat. Don't get me wrong, I do love to talk, and I love to get to know people. But you won't get anything if you just straight-out ask me and I have no idea who the hell you are. You might not even get anything if I chat to you often in comments. I do like making new friends and acquaintances, but I'm not going to give out my message-details to just anybody. I've had, crazy people in the past...

Can you reply to my comment/question via email? No, I have enough trouble getting through all my messages as it is. I do not have time to give some of you special treatment. I like to keep all DA-related stuff on DeviantArt, and it's quicker and easier for me to just hit reply and keep track of the conversation on DA that via email. If you say that you yourself won't reply unless emailed, well you're going to be waiting until hell freezes over for that email. I'm already doing you a favour putting it up there, don't make me work for it for your benefit.

Why were you nasty to me? Reread your comment. Were you patronising? Nasty? Rude? Overly critical? This is my work, I put a lot of effort into it, if I get a comment that puts me on the defensive you may get an earful. I have a short temper. If I get a comment where you've been pervy, depending what mood I'm in you may get sarcasm, you might just get straight-off reported. Its my work, you may not think about the effort I put into it, and you may think that the anonimity of the internet gives you free reign to insult me or to say whatever you want, but it doesn't. Get some respect. Grow up.
FYI, I do mostly tend to report abuse, rather than fanning the flames. I really can't be bothered to argue with most people. Though, some of you have been known to get my back up in the past. Heaven help those that do. :P
I'm not habitually nasty to people. I just despise those without respect for fellow human beings. 

You say you hate certain comments, what do you mean? I mean, anything perverted, hateful, overly-critical (I like constructive criticism, not just "that's crap", "that's useless") and anything where you call me a bitch, or a whore, or a narcissist. Sure, you're entitled to your opinion, but think before you type. Respect must be earned. And look before you judge, you don't know me, so don't presume about what I do. I play a character in my stock, the real-me doesn't really come into it. Also, do not comment about how I have ruined my body with tattoos/overeating. The tattoos are my choice, and as for the fat comments, wtf guys are you blind?

What do your tattoos mean? Sshhh you'll never know :P

Will you model for me in real life? No. I do not model for people I don't know. As simple as. You may have the most amazing work, and I may get really tempted, but at the end of the day, I won't know you or what you're like, and I am all too aware of the dangers of the internet.

Do you accept criticism? Yes, so long as it is constructive. Please don't just say "this is crap" because I am likely to get insulted. Catty comments recieve catty replies. If you can think of a way to improve my stock, please, I like to hear your suggestions, sometimes it is something i can work on, sometimes it isnt. Any "suggestion" you have where money is the outcome is invariably something I can't change, but donations of lighting equipment, proper backdrops are very welcome. But never forthcoming :P
But be nice about it, don't just say "this is useless", say something like "have you tried doing this ... blah blah .. it may improve this ...?" Those comments I like.

Who takes the photograph? Sometime's its me on a self-timer. If there is a photographer they will be mentioned in the artist's comments. 

What camera do you use? I used to have a Fuji Finepix S5800. Since the beginning of 2010, after my 21st birthday, my mum, grandparents, and myself all treated me to a Canon EOS 500D. Who I call Sid. Full name, Mr Obsidian Sexypants. And he is smexy. :)

What lighting do you have? I used to have NOTHING D: and use natural light. However the wonderful charligal-stock treated me to a wonderful set of softboxes with flashbulbs.. the model number. being. somewhere. :P (Update, kk, user manual says Konig KN-Studio91) You can always comment/note me if you want any advice on softboxes, I'm still an amateur however, and in no way a professional, but I will answer your questions as best I can. :)


How did you start stocking? I was using alot of stock for my own artwork and my own projects, I occasionally couldn't find exactly the pose I wanted or exactly what I needed, so I took the photos myself. Then I thought, "what the hell?" and on a whim pretty much set up this account and posted what images I had, figuring maybe someone would find use for them. Then I purposely took some pictures for stock, and realised that it could be quite fun. Then I got hooked.

Why do you upload all these pictures? In truth? I think I'm in love with possibility. I love the fact that you can upload one picture, and one person can take it and do one thing with it, and then someone else can take the same picture and do something completely different with it. Or that someone can take a picture and do something really unexpected with it. I love seeing your work, your artwork is why I do this. I think its amazing all the things you can do, and because I use stock myself I know how invaluable it is. It's fun, it something I enjoy, although I get abuse and I get people mistreating me and my stock, I still try to take the good with the bad. Because at the end of the day, I enjoy taking stock, and I love the endless possibilities that a creative mind can dream up.

Why do you post nude photos? Because I know how useful and necessary they are. I know that it is useless to try to learn to draw people who are fully clothed because clothes break up the anatomy. You need to actually be able to see skin and muscles and how the body bends and moves to be able to learn the anatomy properly and how to draw it.
I don't post nude pictures because I love myself, or wish to supply people with softcore porn, or because I'm vain, because I'm not. I don't like myself all that much and my body even less. I do it because I remember what it was like when I was learning to draw people. And someone has to post some pictures that aren't about trying to look sexy. I don't post nude all that often because to be honest? Right now I am see-sawing over taking it down. I get so much abuse, misuse, perverted comments, that it drains me. Though, just when I'm about to take it all down, I get some amazing artwork done with it, and that stops me.

Why do you keep ranting about perves? Because they seriously bug me. I don't care whether or not you find me attractive, I don't care if you want in my pants. Quite frankly anyone who posts any comment that has clearly originated from their genitals is seriously missing the point of why I do this, which winds me up to no end. I don't provide that kind of resource, and those kind of comments are not only degrading but they push me closer to removing certain stock from here, which is depriving true artists from a resource they need.
And I really, reeeeally don't want to know what gets you off. go and have fetishes on your own time, I don't want to know about them. and I really don't want to be included in your fantasies. Go find another playmate, Tasa isn't a toy.

Where do you do your stock? Mostly at home in the front room where there is space. portrait stock however, is usually taken in my bedroom in front of my window. <Update> Now that I have lighting, I shoot wherever I have space, usually still downstairs in the living room. 

Where do you get your ideas? I have no idea. It really depends. Sometimes the ideas just spring at me. Sometimes I can get an inkling of inspiration from art, books, films, music.

What other stockers do you admire? Too many to bloody well count. I have met some amazing people on here, artists and stockers. But the stock community is so friendly I would never have believed it. I've made some brilliant friends, some I knew already, some I met through deviantart.
If I watch them, I like them. If I've faved their work in my Other Stock collection. I like it. If they're in my Other Stockers I love box below my shoutbox, thats a pretty big damned hint too :P

Where do you get all your costumes? Some acquire assembly with safety pins and fabric, I have bought some off costume sites such as buycostumes.com, (before they started to anally rape their non-US customers on shipping, and shipping tax, and postage tax..) some i have found on ebay, and some i intend to make. Others are my own clothes.

Who does your make-up? Mostly myself. If another person has done the makeup, they will be credited in my artists comments section

Where did you get that prop? Either I made it, borrowed it, or bought it. It depends.

Where did you get your jewellery? Again, it depends. If people ask me about a certain necklace, and I know they can buy it online, I usually give them the link. Cause I'm all nice like that :P:P


Why does some of your stock have an "Exclusive" watermark? That's stock reserved for those people who have won it in contests. 

Why do you have Exclusive stock? Before I turned to premium content, I used to have it to help me get costumes and make up etc. However, now it's for contest prizes. I do regularly donate prizes to contests. :)

How do you fund this? A lot of it, from my own pocket. Sometimes people send me props/costumes. Sometimes I'll borrow things from friends. But now that I've resorted to premium content, I will be using those profits to purchase new costumes and props.

Do I have to give you money to use your stock? My premium model stock must be purchased prior to use. Non-premium model stock, and all non-model stock is still free to use for non commercial-ventures.


Can I request your stock be shown in my group's gallery? Yes, providing I think it is relevant. I don't mind whatsoever advertising my stock via groups ;)

You declined my request to have your stock in my group. Why? I will decline group requests/submission requests if the group is a) pornographic, b) mildly pornographic or sexist in nature, those groups that say they "focus on the beauty of the female form" I am talking about you. My stock is going nowhere near your wank-o-graphy collection. c) If it is a fetishist group. d) if it is hateful, racist, homophobic, spiteful in any kind of way. Not that a group like that should have got past DA admins in the first place. e) if it happens to be a group that I have had troubles with in the past, or they have irked me, been hypocritical idiots who say one thing when declining one submission, and let another deviation, which actually has that problem through, simply because the female model is naked... (some of you will know what group I'm on about. Most won't. But I'm not pointing fingers.)

What groups are you a member/contributor of? They change constantly. And new ones always keep getting added. I have a list in my shoutboard.
But I am most active in my own group Inspirational-Stock as well as SizzlingHotStock.

STOCK RULES: are now located on my front page, or here: tasastock.deviantart.com/journ…

My Art: Feagaer (sadly outdated)
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I hope you will not eat me up immediately I ask you... In advance, I want to excuse my English; it's not my strong point. (Still I don't know where I should write a comma and where I shouldn't... So I hope you will understand me.)  It is a reason why I am a little bit unsure about my next steps. Simply - I've redrawn your stock photo where you are as a model (because I should improve my drawing skills and I really love your expressions) and now I don't know if I can publish it. Shrug I have no DeviantArt's points so I didn't purchase it. And you write I can't use photo without purchasing it. There are a lot of rules and I am lost. Without purchasing, "the work must be sufficiently edited". Is redrawing sufficiently "edited"? Nuu *she has gone mad*
I know these questions are stupid but I have many gaps (I hope I can use this word for what I want to express) in English and I am afraid of a wrong understanding. (It's just me. ) But I'll ask and be considered as a stupid person rather than not know. :)