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All you ever wanted to know about using my stock commercially. Grab the popcorn, this is going to be... ok I'm not going to lie and say interesting.. Hey can I have some of that popcorn?

I require a set fee for commercial use of my model stock, prices can be found below. Terms and conditions still apply. (Note: the price for one image is say, using my one of my demon images in one of your artworks, you can reproduce it in prints etc many times. but if you create a new artwork that counts as image number 2 and will cost again.)
:bulletpurple: You MUST acquire my permission prior to selling. Don't go ahead and do it and get my permission afterward.
:bulletpurple: Note me with full details of your project. The more information the better. What image, used in what capacity, where, where it will be sold, in what numbers. (Use note format, not comment)
:bulletpurple: I require credit to "Claire Jones" as a model if possible. I understand where it's not.
:bulletpurple: Theft of my work (aka, selling it without my permission) will result in you paying me compensation. A lot of compensation. Much easier to follow the rules in the first place eh?
:bulletpurple: My nude/anatomy stocks are not for sale for photomanipulators. Traditional drawings and paintings of, are ok, providing they're in good taste and you send me a note to clear it first.
:bulletpurple: Prints on DeviantArt do not apply to these rules. (Because it has always been that way.) Prints on other websites and sales of the original, however, do incur the fee.
:bulletpurple: IMPORTANT: I can only sell you the pieces where I myself am the model. I cannot sell you anything if someone else has modelled for me.
:bulletpurple: IMPORTANT: If you are after selling a collab piece (either where I have worked with RaeyenIrael-Stock, charligal-stock, Elandria or DaeStock will also require their permission. Let me know and I can shoot them a note. (So please note that may take longer, depending on who I'm contacting and how exactly I am contacting them)
:bulletpurple: Deadlines. Same application as to deadlines in my normal rules. If you need an answer fast. Put URGENT DEADLINE in the title of your note. If it's not majorly urgent, putting Deadline 7th Nov or something will also do.
:bulletpurple: Money is payable via my paypal: Again I stress, do not just send me the money straight away until we have actually come to an agreement.

1 image: £15
5 images: £50
10 images: £80
20 images: £130

1 image: £8
5 images: £30
10 images: £45
20 images: £75

COMMISSION PRICES (for model stock only)
These include the price of both the commercial fee and the extra cost of me shooting it for you, or just plain commission prices for those of you not intending to use it commercially. The first price is non exclusive, which means I will post the images to DeviantArt and other people will be able to use them as stock. Exclusive (the prices in the brackets) means I will send the images direct to you and only you will use them, that costs extra because I'm doing it just for you and not sharing.
Terms for Commissions
:bulletpurple: I retain the right to refuse your commission. So do not pay me until I have agree that I will take it.
:bulletpurple: I will not take on commissions of a sexual/fetish/racist/sexist/hateful nature.
:bulletpurple: Note me containing the full details of what you want. Portrait, full body, type of clothing, hairstyle, make up, poses, how many images you want. PLEASE NOTE: if you need a full costume it may not be possible. I will not go out and buy random things just for a commission.
:bulletpurple: I may not be able to work in commissions to very strict deadlines, due to time/space restrictions. Full body stuff may take me a while to shoot due to current space restrictions.
:bulletpurple: Paying for exclusivity means I will need an email from you so I can send the images directly to you.
:bulletpurple: Paying me a commission does not mean that my other rules can be disregarded. If you are paying me to shoot for you, even not intending to use it commercially, you still need to follow my rules, credit, notify, gain prior permission for outside use of model stock.
:bulletpurple: I will only do commission stuff for model stock. I will only use myself as a model. I can't always guarantee an extra model, I can't guarantee you'd be able to use it commercially if I got another model.
:bulletpurple: I will not take commissions off people with empty galleries. This links into the non-fetish thing. I want to see that you are actually going to use my stock for art.

1 image: £10 (Exclusive price £20)
5 images: £30 (Exclusive price £40)
10 images: £50 (Exclusive price £60)
20 images: £80 (Exclusive price £85)

COMMISSION PRICES FOR COMMERCIAL VENTURES (commercial price already included)
1 image: £20 (Exclusive price £30)
5 images: £60 (Exclusive Price £70)
10 images: £100 (Exclusive Price £110)
20 images: £145 (Exclusive Price £150)

My full stock rules of the normal variety can be found here:… this is just basically the stuff I'd run through with anyone noting me to gain commercial access.
Did you eat all the popcorn? and you didn't save me some? you wench!!
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Good morning! I just sent you an email about the use of one of your images. I have a super short time frame, so I hope you'll have a chance to take a peek and get back with me.

Thank you!