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Had to take some new ones for *SenshiStock's new challenge: [link] 'Cause I have an amazing idea but I needed pics of hands in very specific angles and shapes.. Couldn't find them on DA sooooo I thought screw it, it will be faster to set everything up and shoot what I need. I did a few extra for you guys too, always thinking of ya ;)

Uh, nails might seem a little pink.. I took a couple of snaps and then realised I still had purple nail varnish on, so I took it off, but since my nails are terribly and cracked nail varnish just doesnt like to come off me. D: waaaah. :P

These are mostly of my right hand, since my left one still hasn't healed properly and I can't hold it in certain positions for that long. :(
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lmao I was thinking the same thing.
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Great minds think alike! 😉😂
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:nuu: SOOO many hands to draw!!!
Thank you for shooting and sharing these! :D