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        Harry groaned as he slowly woke up. /Why does my head hurt so bad?/ He sat up and glanced around.

        "Bout time you got up!" Ron said as he flung open the drapes.

        "AH! Please! Stop yelling at me! And close those damn curtains!" Harry said, attempting to cover his ears and shield his eyes at the same time.

        "O...Ok..."Ron said closing the drapes,"Sorry bout that...How do you feel?"

        Harry looked up at Ron,"I feel like I've been hit in the head with a frying pan!"

        "That sucks, mate...that must be one hell of a hangover you have there." Ron said quietly as he sat down next to Harry.

        " aren't mad at me?" Harry gazed at the boy cautiously.

        "About what?"

        "About.....well, Draco and I..." He trailed off.

        "Oh...well...I was at first...but...I went for a walk and thought about it. Turns out...I kinda had guessed....I mean, there was that whole letter thing..." Ron said quietly.

        "How did you know about that?" Harry asked.

        "Now, don't get mad...I saw you and him talkin on the train. I was curious so I kinda listened in...and I heard everything." Ron said. Harry stared at him. The door opened and Draco walked in. His hair was no longer perfectly slicked back, but instead, in a "perfect" mess. Every strand was perfectly in place, as though the blonde had meant for them to be there. His bangs fell gracefully in front of his eyes. He ran his hand through them and they fell around his eyes instead of in front. He grinned.

        "Hey there! Can I talk to Harry about something, Ron?" Draco asked politely.

        " Hermione in the common room?" Ron asked and Draco nodded. After Ron left, Draco sat down next to Harry.

        "Do you feel ok?"


        "Feels like a hangover."

        "Yeah...same here."

        "Did you know that Hermione knows about us?" Draco asked. Harry grinned. /Draco must not remember yesterday at dinner./

        " does Ron." Harry said and Draco almost fell off the bed.

        "What?! How....when?" Draco stuttered. Harry started laughing and Draco glared at him, "Just what is so funny?"

        "You!"Harry sniggered,"You're the one that suggested that we tell them..." Draco stared at him.

        "I really think I would remember something like that..." Draco's eyes were almost the size of dinner plates.

        "Well, you did...and they both know..."

        There was a long silence.

        "How did they take it?" Draco said quietly, almost afraid.

        "You really care about how they feel?" Harry asked, genuinly curious.

        "Well...not really, but...I don't know..."

        "They took it fine! Ron had some trouble at first, but now he's ok!"

        "Ok...good." Draco said. He brushed his lips against Harry's in a short kiss and stood up. He made his way to the door, then turned back.

        "You coming down to lunch?" Draco asked.

        "I missed breakfast?!" Harry said. Draco laughed.


        " wonder I was hungry!"

        Then get something to eat!Draco grinned as Harry laughed, remembering the discovery of their telepathy.

        "I'll be down in a minute." Harry smiled.

        "Ok...see ya down there!" Draco said and left Harry so he could get ready.

       ~*At lunch*~

        Brfore lunch began. Professor Dumbledore stood and tapped his fork on his glass.

        "Ladies and Gentlemen...I have a quick announcement!" He said. The hall became silent,"Thank you! We have a new student entering the school. He is being transfered here from Drumstrang, and will be in Gryffindor. He is a seventh year." All of the Gryffindors looked at eachother,"His name is...Antonio Fransuera! Please welcome him to our school!"

        Draco and Harry gave eachother startled looks.

        [Did he just say what I think he said?]

        //Yeah...could he possibly be related to the older Antonio?//

        {Yes...I am...}

        Draco looked around. He spotted a young man walking up to him. He had a very toned, muscular body, and he was very handsom. Draco could only assume he was Antonio. The boy sat down next to him and smiled.

        "My name is Antonio. Pleased to meet you." Antonio said.

        "I'm Draco and this is Harry." Draco said gesturing to Harry, who had gone back to eating. Draco nudged the raven-haired boy softly and Harry looked at him.

        "Whaaaaaat?" Harry whined. Draco smiled and shook his head.

        "This is Antonio." He said simply. Harry smiled and nodded at Antonio.

        "Pleased to meet you. I'm Harry Potter." Harry shook Antonio's hand. Antonio's deep blue eyes flicked up to Harry's scar as he smiled. He ran his hand through his dark brown hair. Draco looked over at Hermione, who was staring at Antonio with dreamy eyes. Then again, so was everyone else at the table. He rolled his eyes. Neville coughed audiably and Hermione snapped her attention back to him.

        "Remember? Charms?" Neville brandished his notes at her.

        "Yes...sorry 'bout that, Neville." She smiled nervously, glancing breifly back at Antonio, as he and Harry carried on a conversation about quidditch. Every once in a while, Antonio would flash a sexy smile and laugh. Draco found himself blushing, and his heart beating rather fast for his own comfort. He looked down at the table and poked at his food. /WTF? This shound NOT be happening. However, he seems to have this effect on most people./ He thought as he glanced up and down the table. Everyone was trying to listen in on their conversation in attempt to hear the handsome boy's voice. Harry seemed to be the only person who was not drooling all over the table. He even sounded slightly bored with the conversation. There was a pause. Then Draco heard Antonio's voice inside his head.

        {Do you like him?}

        Harry's reply was almost instant.

        [Of course!]

        {I see...}


        {Don't worry about it...just curious...}


        The two voices were gone.

        "I would like to get some rest. It was a long journey. Could you please show me the way to our common room?" Antonio asked.

        "Sure." Harry said and stood up. Antonio thanked him and followed him out of the room. All eyes followed him out of the hall. As soon as he was gone, the Gryffindor table broke out in whispers.

        "Did you see his eyes?"

        "Did you see his hair?"

        "He has such a nice body!"

        "Did you hear his voice?"

        Draco shook his head and rolled his eyes. /Stupid can anyone put up with them?/ He stood and exited the hall. He walked out on to the school grounds. /What could they have been talking about?/ He reached the lake and stopped. Bending down, he picked up a smooth rock. /Couldn't have been about me./ He skipped the rock across the flat surface of the lake and sighed. /This is just too weird.../ He looked down at his reflection. He sighed again and sat down on the bank. A soft breeze blew his no-longer slicked back hair (Harry decided that he looked better with out it), and the water began to ripple. Draco stared down at it.



        [Where are you?]

        //Out by the lake...//


        //Needed the fresh air.// He subconciously took a deep breath in.

        [Why? Did Antonio take your breath away?]

        Harry sounded both bitter and amused.


        [Ok, Ok!] He heard Harry's voice laugh goodnaturedly. Draco grinned and felt the waves from the lake wash across his bare feet.

        [Why don't you come back inside and we'll go upstairs?]

        //And do?//

        [You decide...]

        //Very suggestive...// Draco mused.

        [Who said it wasn't meant to be?] He sensed Harry's grin. Draco shook his head but stood up none-the-less. Putting his shoes back on, he made his way back up to the castle.
Draco has an interesting dream involving Harry and Harry recieves a mysterious letter from draco...will the two eventually lead them to their true loves?
ruffles-meet-frills Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2007
you are actually so good at this, you come up with the best plots!!
keep it up! its amazing!

Tasan Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2007
lol! Wow! I just finished reading all of your comments to me and I'm SOOO glad you like it! *blushes at all the praise* I'm so flattered! XDD I hope to start up a sequel soon...when i find the time...summer classes at university are raping me hard core right now, so hopefully soon <3
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