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Thunder Storm

It had started out as a soft rumble in the distance, unnoticed for the time being save for one person. Games had been laid out on the bed, popcorn popped, the ever so rare soda in glasses on the bedside table. Kyo knew that Ryo wouldn't be able to handle the incoming storm. It looked like a nasty one, too, based on the jagged edges of the clouds, the rolling darkness that was stretching down their street, killing the sun.

A flash of lightning had the seven year old out of the room in an instant, calling down the hall and into the living room for his brother. How would he find him this time? Shaking? Crying? He'd seen them all, and after a few years of it, had figured out how to handle his twin's reactions to the thunder that crashed loudly against their windows and doors.


Sumiko had left earlier that day to run some errands and had not returned yet, which Kyo felt made it even worse. One of their salvations was found in their mother's arms, curled into the heavy blankets of her bed while she read them a story or they watched some tv until the sniffles from Ryo disappeared. No such luck today.


The thunder crashed once more and he heard a yelp from the living room. Ah-ha. He turned on heel and headed back that way. The room was empty.

"Ryo come out...I've got games for us to play." He said, getting onto his hands and knees as he looked under the chair. Nope.


The whimper was heard from under the couch and Kyo sat up onto his knees, black hair sliding from behind his ear to cover one of his eyes as he looked toward the furniture.

He shuffled his way over on his hands and knees and then lifted the skirt of the couch to peer under. Ryo's eyes gazed back at him, wide and frightened. Kyo offered him a sweet smile and a loving gaze.

"Come on. I'll take your mind off of it." He said softly, offering his hand under the couch. The lightning struck again so bright that even Kyo winced. This would be loud.

The thunder that followed was loud enough to shake the windows, making Ryo's yell as he shot out from under the couch and into his brother's arms, whimpering and shaking against him. Kyo held him close, his own heart beating rapidly in his chest, matching his twin's.

"It's ok."


He felt warm tears soak into his t-shirt and he sighed gently, holding Ryo closer.

"Do you want to play some games?"

Ryo shook his head against Kyo's chest and mumbled something into his shirt.

"I didn't hear you." Kyo said with a light smile, looking down to his twin.

"I feel safe Aniki's arms..."

Kyo paused at that and then stood, drawing Ryo with him toward their mother's room. Without a word he climbed into bed and pulled Ryo with him, who almost instantly wrapped his arms around his brother when the covers closed around them. The games could wait. For now...he just wanted to feel safe as well. In Ryo's arms. The way it was supposed to be.
This is just a quick drabble for :iconkarichi:!
The prompt was Thunder Storm

I hope you like it, hun!

Hideki Twins is copyright to :iconfujifox: and :icontasan:
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Karichi Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
AWWWWWWW *falls over* Its so cute! >3< I miss this story. =(
Anyways, thanks so much for spending time to write this! =D
Tasan Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2010
Aww I'm glad you liked it! I wish I could continue with HT by myself...writing this reminded me of how much I loved it...Unfortunately it's too big a task to take on...
Karichi Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah, I understand. =( Just as a suggestion- couldnt you kinda "re-write it" but keeping the focus on them, cuz I know that there were like sever other things with other people going on at once. (Like that one kid and is creepy uncle. >.O )
But I understand- it is alot plus your just so busy.
Tasan Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2010
*snicker* I loved Kentaro and Hinato! And that is one's just so daunting. lol...
Karichi Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
lol Well its really up to you. ^-^
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