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Kyo smiled shyly, waving off the greetings and good wishes he received. He stuck close to Ryo's side as he had since the night Eric had come over, only leaving him for absolute nessecities. His fingers laced into Ryo's between them, his cheeks reddening from the very warm welcome he had received.

“Are you alright?” Ryo said, leaning in close to Kyo as the crowd started to dissipate and head back to their seats for homeroom. Kaoru and Hikaru circled around, curious and happy eyes on the boys.

Kyo nodded and leaned in to press a very discreet kiss to his brother's cheek. "I'm fine," he whispered. His head turned to Hikaru and Kaoru as the taller girl smiled.

"We're glad to see you back, Kyochan!" she said happily, her fingers lacing into Kaoru's.

“Very much,” Kaoru added with a sweet smile, winking at Ryo as a blush formed on his face. “Ryochan doesn't look like he's dog died anymore!”

“Hey...” Ryo said, his blush deepening in embarrassment. He looked to Kyo, happy to see his brother back with the living and to be able to be this close.

Kyo chuckled softly and looked over to Ryo. "He...didn't really look like that did he?" he said softly, the sound almost a whisper in Ryo's ear.

Ryo's heart pounded in his ear, the rest of the room quickly forgotten as he looked into his brother's eyes. Kyo was back, really back, his mind yelled. His brother was back and holding his hand and so close to him that he could just.... Ryo's eyes were closing as he inched closer, his body acting before his mind.

Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on who you ask, the teacher walked in at that moment with a loud “Take a seat!” to the students. Ryo jumped, eyes widening as his face lit up like a firecracker. He made a move to go to his seat, looking away from Kyo in embarrassment. He was sure that Kyo wasn't ready for that, and what was his thinking anyway! It was in public!

Kyo watched Ryo in obvious disappointment that the teacher had interrupted. He moved away from Ryo with a small smile and sat down at his desk, followed by Hikaru. He tried to keep his eyes off of his brother, but he couldn' had been so long since Ryo had looked at him like that.


Later that day, Ryo all but ran from the classroom once it was break time. Several people looked at him strangely, and felt that was rather odd, seeing as Kyo was not being pulled behind him. But to Ryo, it was all rational. He felt he needed some time to think away from everyone, because frankly, he was feeling horrible about what he had almost done earlier.

He knew nothing of Kyo's feelings about getting close again, and was mentally beating himself up with worry over whether he had made Kyo panic or uneasy. He would have hated to have done that. Ryo was so caught up in needing to able to think clearly that he didn't even realize that he had left Kyo's side. When Ryo realized that, he nearly started crying on the spot.

Luckily, he had made his way to the back of the school where he was leaning against a tree and no one was around. The younger twin let his head fall back and pound against the tree's rough exterior in hopes of cracking open the torrent of thoughts and frustrations pushing against his skull. “Gah!” He suddenly called, kicking his foot on the tree, tears welling up at how pathetic he was starting to feel again.

"There you are!" Kyo's voice rounded the corner and before Ryo had time to react, his brother's body was up against his in a tight hug. "Why did you take off like that?"

“Aniki!” Ryo gasped out in surprise, his tears stinging his eyes. “I'm sorry!” He wrapped his arms around Kyo and held on tightly in hopes of being forgiven for something he wasn't sure about. “I'm sorry!”

"As long as I have you now," Kyo whispered. He pulled away enough to look into Ryo's eyes for a second. Without another word he leaned in and kissed Ryo's lips deeply.

“Mm!” Ryo mumbled into the kiss, forgetting his worries quickly. In his mind, he was forgiven and a sense of peace blanketed his being. A moan of pleasure rumble din Ryo's throat as he leaned into the kiss, opening his mouth slightly as in invitation and hoping Kyo would take it.

Kyo's tongue slipped into Ryo's mouth without hesitation and he wrapped his arms around his twin's neck. He spun them around slowly and then pushed Ryo backward until his back hit the wall.  It had been so long since Kyo had had any kind of contact like that and the way Ryo had looked at him earlier had set off a deep craving for affection that he couldn't stop.

Ryo's heart pounded in his chest and he was quickly loosing his mind with the way Kyo was intoxicating the air. He pulled Kyo close, his hands spreading out across Kyo's back. He was glad Kyo had his up against something, otherwise he was sure he would have collapsed by then.

Kyo's leg slipped between Ryo's, his eyes closing as his hands slipped up to tangle into Ryo's hair. "I've missed you," he whispered against his brother's lips. His thigh pressed up into Ryo's groin, grinding against him gently.

“I've....too,” Ryo gasped out, his eyes closed and his breath short as he soaked in the feel of Kyo around him. All rational thoughts were sucked out, leaving him with an intense longing for his brother. “A-aniki, I love you.”

"I love you too." Kyo whispered. His body rocked into Ryo's and his fingers gripped his brother's hair. The sound of a twig snapping forced him to shoot away from his brother and he turned to face whoever it was. His eyes widened and he shrunk away from who it was.

“Aniki?” Ryo gasped out, his knees buckling under him.  He barley caught himself on the wall as his eyes shot open wide and he looked around, seeing his brother on one side of him and Eric on the other. “Eric?”

Eric paused, taking a step back when he saw Kyo dart away from him like that. The sorrow had not left his gaze since Kyo had become sick, and his father had begun asking him questions.

Kyo moved behind Ryo, putting more space between himself and Eric as his eyes watched the other boy. The frightened look in his eyes made Eric's heart want to break.

“Aniki?” Ryo said, worry apparent in his gaze as he turned to look at Kyo. “Are you alright?”

"I-I...I...gotta...go." Kyo whispered, backing away from them both, his eyes not leaving Eric's face.

Eric stepped forward, a pained look on his face. "K-Kyo wait..." he said softly, to which Kyo stepped back again, shaking his head.

Ryo quickly glanced between the two, his eyes widening more and more with each glance. “,” the younger twin muttered, his eyes coming to a rest on Eric. “You....?” Something was clicking in Ryo's head and it was about to start a fire.

Eric's eyes reluctantly turned from Kyo to Ryo. He didn't say anything, just looking away so he wouldn't have to face that look in the other's eyes.

Kyo stopped walking backward, his eyes flicking from Eric to Ryo and then back again.

Suddenly, everything was clear to Ryo. But with that came a rush of emotions and a twist of facial expressions. Tears sprung to his eyes, but he forced them down as his mouth frowned deeply and roared out a guttural. “BASTARD!” before his feet carried him to Eric and his arm flew in the air. The noise was satisfying only slightly to Ryo as flesh met flesh.

Eric's eyes widened as he yelped and his back hit the ground. His arms came up to defend himself though it wasn't fast enough to block Ryo's hand against his stomach. He coughed, the wind knocked out of him.

Kyo jumped forward, his arms locking around Ryo's as he tried to pull him back. "Ryo! Stop!" he cried, his eyes wide in shock.

“No!” Ryo's cried out, struggling against his brother. His eyes were ablaze with emotion and tears and he wanted to rip out Eric's throat. “Bastard! I hate you!” He swung his leg out, trying to hit any part of Eric.

Eric yelped in pain as the hit connected and he tried to scoot away from the boy on top of him.

Kyo gave a big yank and pulled Ryo away from Eric. "Stop it, Ryo!"

“No! He's... He's the...,“ Ryo gasped out, pulling his arms away form his brother as he tried reaching out to Eric in hopes of pulling out an eyeball or two. “Let me go, Aniki! I.... “ The younger twin let out a cry of frustration, limbs flying out to get at Eric anyway he could. He has never felt this much rage at one person in his life.

Before Kyo could react he was pushed away from his brother. Strong arms circled around Ryo's middle and lifted him up and away from Eric. "Chill out, kid. Don't wanna go to juvi for murder at your age," a soft, cocky voice said in his ear.

“Who are you? Put me down!” Ryo all but screamed as he twisted his head around to see his captor. He wasn't finished yet, Eric only had a little blood on him and he was still breathing. Ryo looked down at Eric, flinging his feet out to see if he could reach the American boy. “I'm going to kill you, Eric!”

Ryo was turned away from Eric by the same arms. "I'd run, boy." The strong tenor sounded to Eric who scooted into a sitting position and then turned to tear off back home. Only when Eric was gone did he release Ryo.

Kyo ran to Ryo's side, taking his twin's hand into his own and looking up at the older student.

Ryo looked at Kyo, the rage still deep in his being. “I'm going to kill him, Aniki,” He said, holding on to Kyo's hand for dear life. He felt that if he let go he was going to fly away in a cloud of nothing. “I'm going to kill that bastard... he's the... he...”

"I know, Ryo." Kyo whispered, wrapping his arms around his twin.

"Just be glad I'm not gonna turn you in, kid. What the hell did that guy do to piss you off so bad?" The tall boy stood up straight and ran his hand through his short, spikey hair.

Ryo looked up at the unfamiliar boy and glared. He didn't say anything, but felt like he need to let this anger out on someone, even if it wasn't Eric. The person that stopped him seemed like the best candidate.

A slender, black eyebrow raised at the resentment. "I just saved your ass from the principal and this is how you look at me? Damned brat. Just as spoiled as my boyfriend..." he muttered, glaring down at the kid.

Ryo jerked his eyes away from the stranger and glared at the wall he and Kyo had been kissing at earlier. He couldn't believe it was Eric of all people. Eric had even comforted Ryo about it and the American boy had been the cause. “A-Aniki,” Ryo called, biting his lips as tears swelled in his eyes again and finally made it over the rims. He pulled Kyo close and pushed his face into his brother's neck.

Kyo wrapped his arms around Ryo tightly and held him close, looking up at the older boy. "Who are you?"

"Name's Riku. I'm gonna guess that you two are a bit more than just...twins." Riku said, pointing at the way they were hugging each other and raising an eyebrow.

Ryo tensed up, lifting his head slightly at that. He sniffled, trying to calm himself because he knew he would be no help to Kyo the way he was.

Riku smirked as Ryo tensed. "Don't worry about it, kid. My brothers and I have the same relationship, though we're not exclusive," he murmured easily, "Mind if I ask why you were beating the hell out of that kid?"

Kyo felt himself relax despite the question. "He just...did something to hurt me a few weeks ago."
“That bastard deserves a thousand times more than that!” Ryo said angrily, turning his face away from both Riku and Kyo. “Ten thousand times that, even”

Kyo frowned at Ryo's words and leaned over to kiss his brother's neck. He knew that Riku wouldn't mind as he had just admitted to having a relationship with his brothers as well.  "It's done now, Ryo," he whispered.

Riku watched the show of affection for a few seconds before sighing. "Listen, kid. There are better ways at getting back at people than just beating the shit outta them."

“He doesn't deserve to live!” Ryo argued, glancing at Kyo as he bit his lip. He wanted to scream and rip something up. Anything that would be able to get this immense anger out. “And what do you know? How would I get back at him?” He turned to look at Riku, a glare on his face while he tried not to cry.

"There's a little thing called blackmail." Riku answered knowingly, grinning.

Kyo raised an eyebrow. "But...we don't have anything to blackmail him with," he protested.

"If whatever he did is bad enough it could be considered blackmail."
“What's the point in blackmailing him with... with.. that?” Ryo said, looking off into the distance as he thought. “I just need to hurt him. I can't forgive him.... not for a long, long, long, long time. Ever.”

Riku sighed. "Well aside from turning him in, there's nothing else you can do. Beating the shit outta someone is pointless," he murmured before looking to Kyo, "I get the feeling neither of you will tell me what happened, so there's nothing I can do to help you. Though if you do decide to go with the blackmail thing, I'm good at it."

Ryo looked to Kyo, biting his lip as he posed the question in his eyes.

Kyo shrugged and slipped his hand down to his brother's, their fingers lacing together.

Riku smiled a bit. "Ah how you remind me of my brother and myself. Though we're a bit more open than you two are."

“How can we trust you?” Ryo said, glancing at Riku as he squeezed his brother's hand.

Riku shrugged. "You don't have to. Hell if I met me out behind a building in the middle of school, I'd prolly not trust myself either."

Kyo scrunched up his nose as he tried to make sense of that and then sighed.
“Aniki?” Ryo said, looking to his brother for guidance. “Would you rather I kill Eric or black mail Eric?”

Kyo blinked and then looked very troubled. "I uhm...I...I don't...uhm...That's...two very different...I..."

Riku smirked. "It's not something you can decide just off the fly like that. Give it some serious thought."

Ryo opened his mouth to say something in retort to Riku but someone else beat him to it. “Stachelschwein-Kopf!” The voice said and a blond high schooler appeared from around the corner, a furious glare on his face. “Here are you!” The blond boy pointed a finger at Riku, a thick accent in his voice.

"It's here you are, brat, not here are you." Riku said with a sigh and a roll of his eyes, turning around to give him a fond glare, "What do you want?"

“Teacher, sended me for you,” The blond said and Ryo blinked form his spot next to Kyo, barely able to understand the Japanese being spoken.

Riku smirked and sauntered over to the blond, slipping behind him and draping his arms over his shoulders from behind. He nuzzled into his neck. "Now, now brat, I know you can say it better than that. Try again," he purred, his tongue darting out to lick over the boy's ear.

“Berühren Sie mich nicht, Stachelschwein-Kopf!” The boy said, pushing himself away from Riku as his face turned bright red. His hand clamped over his ear, a glare directed at Riku. “You get back for class now.”

Ryo nudged Kyo. “What did he say? What's going on?” he said with a blink.

Riku smirked at the boy and winked at him. "I think I'll hang out back here, thanks. After all. There's nothing you can do to stop me," he said with a challenging look.

Kyo shrugged, watching the pair with confused eyes. "I have no idea."

The blond pursed his lips. “You are in punishment. Teacher is angry much for you gone,” he said, frowning at Riku.

"Eh, he'll get over it. It's not the first time I've ditched class," Riku said with an indifferent shrug, a petulant grin on his lips as he sidled up to the blond. "C'mon, Wolfie...skip with me," he purred, leaning in close to the blond.

“Nein!” the other said with a glare. “Not Wolfie, call Wolfgang!” Wolfgang stomped his foot and took a few steps back.

"But I like Wolfie so much better." Riku murmured, making up for the steps he took by filling them with his own feet. "It's cute. Just like you are."

“Kommen Sie nicht nahe!” Wolfgang said and backed up. He wasn't looking so he ended up tripping over Ryo and Kyo, who were wide eyed in confusion.

Riku frowned as he heard the grunt of pain slip from Kyo's lips. "Aw c'mon, brat. Watch where you're going next time," he said in an irritated sigh. He grabbed Wolfgang's hand and pulled him up, not letting go once he was on his feet.

“Let go,” Wolfgang said, trying to jerk his hand away but failing. Ryo was beginning to shake on the ground, a muffled noise coming form his mouth. Wolfgang glanced at Ryo, raising an eyebrow.

Riku pulled Wolfgang away from the twins and scowled. "Great now you made him cry."

Kyo moved closer to Ryo when he sat up. "Are you ok?" he asked his brother, worry in his eyes.

Ryo sat up, shaking more and more as his laughing became un-muffled. “O-Oh god,” Ryo gasped out, clutching to his brother for support, his face flushing form the exertion. “It... they.... oh god, ha ha.”

Kyo blinked, holding onto his brother. "What's so funny?" he asked, confusion in his eyes despite the smile on his lips.

Riku paused, watching the other boy laugh. "Did I miss something?" he asked, glancing from Ryo to Wolfgang and then back again.

“Did I fall for him too hard?” Wolfgang said, looking to Riku in confusion and jumped when Ryo busted out laughing harder.  

Riku smirked a bit at that wording. "You didn't fall for him. You fell on him, brat." he said, reaching up to ruffle Wolfgang's hair, "I think he's ok."

“Be broked!” Wolfgang said, leaning away from Riku as he looked down at Ryo. Ryo's laughs were subsiding a little and he held onto Kyo tightly, trying not to fall back on the grass.

"He's not broken." Riku said softly.

Kyo held on to Ryo as well, still a bit confused as to why his brother was laughing so hard.

“S-Sorry,” Ryo said after he gained his bearings. “I... haha, I couldn't help it. It's too funny!”

“What?” Wolfgang said, tilting his head to the side in confusion.

"What's so funny?" Riku asked, raising an eyebrow.

“You two!” Ryo said and pushed his face into Kyo's chest as he tried to stop laughing.

Kyo chuckled and ran his fingers through Ryo's hair before looking up at Riku and Wolfgang.

Riku's other eyebrow joined his raised one and then he looked to Wolfgang with a smirk. "Well maybe you did break him..."

Wolfgang stared at Ryo for a few seconds before looking at Riku. “Go for class,” he said and started to pull Riku with their joined hands.

"Aww c'mon, Wolfie. You're such a" Riku grunted out the last two words as he dug his feet into the ground to resist the pull.

Wolfgang blinked for a moment, not understanding what Riku had said. “Just come,” he grunted and jerked with both arms. With the forgotten twins, Ryo looked up to Kyo, his laughter under control.

Ryo smiled and said, “We need to get back to class too, I think we're late!”

Kyo nodded and smiled. "Ok. Let's go." he said, standing up.

Riku stumbled along behind Wolfgang for a few steps before catching up to him and looping his arm around the other's waist. "Do we really have to go back to class?" he purred, kissing the other's neck and then sucking on the skin, "I can think of something much better to do."

“Stoppen Sie es!” Wolfgang cried out, unaware of the two brothers leavening as he was molested by Riku. “Nein!”He pulled away as best as he could, moving backwards towards the high school.

Riku frowned at that reaction. Sure Wolfgang was a bit of a prick, but today he was being more so of one. "Alright, brat. Fine," he said with a scowl. It had been almost a month since he had gotten any. Even from Akito...

Wolfgang smiled at that, pulling on Riku more, towards the school. “Come, then?” he said, happy that Riku agreed.

Riku sent him a glare. "No I don't think I will. You go back to class and tell the sensei that I was brutally murdered or something," he said, jerking his wrist from Wolfgang's grip and then moving away from the other.

Wolfgang's face dropped and he paused. “Tell what?” he said, knitting his eyes brows in confusion. Really, there was still too much Japanese for Wolfgang to know. He did alright with asking for things and many words, but there were many more the German boy needed to learn. Japansese was just so hard for him. “I don't understand.”

"Tell him I died." Riku said over his shoulder as he moved away. His hands shoved into his pants pockets and his shoulders hunched in a dejected manner.

“Riku?” Wolfgang said, his confusion falling to slight worry, though he wouldn't admit it. “Did I say something bad more?” He took a step forward and grabbed Riku's hand. “Come to class with me.”

“I don't really feel like going to class," Riku muttered, though he didn't move to take his hand from Wolfgang's.

“You need to for studies,” Wolfgang said and pulled Riku's hand a little. “Why don't you come?”

"Because I don't care about it, ok?" Riku said, getting annoyed and yanking his hand from Wolfgang's.

Wolfgang frowned, thinking for a few moments as he tried to gather the right words. He knew that this is important. It really bothered him that Riku ditched class a lot. Riku wouldn't know that every time Wolfgang came to get him it was Wolfgang that had volunteered to do so. Other wise the teacher would have sent Keiichi, the more responsible of the the triplets. “What.... is important?” the blond said, awkwardly holding his hands at his side.

Riku was quiet for a few moments, just looking out over the middle school yard. What was important? Wolfgang was the most important to him...but he couldn't show it because the kid kept pushing him away like that. "You," he muttered after a while. He half hoped that Wolfgang hadn't heard it. He hated being sappy like this.

There was a soft breeze blowing between the two high schoolers as a blanket of silence descended on them. Wolfgang's face was slowly turning a few shades of a deep red.

Riku felt himself relax as the other didn't say anything and he let himself have the fleeting satisfaction that the other hadn't heard him. He turned a bit, looking over his shoulder at Wolfgang. A slightly surprised look slipped over his features when he saw the other's blush and he realized that Wolfgang had heard him.

“Riku...?” Wolfgang said, shifting on his feet and looking to the side so he didn't have to see the Japanese boy.

Riku sighed and looked away again. "What?"

“Will you come for me?” Wolfgang said, bringing a hand up to his face to rub at a cheek while his other hand was held out to Riku. “Class no fun with no Riku.”

Riku felt his cheeks flush at the first sentence and a smirk pulled at his lips. "Yeah...I'll come for you." he said softly, "But I'm not going to class."

“What?” Wolfgang blinked and his eyebrows came together.

Riku smirked a bit bigger and turned around, taking a step toward Wolfgang. He didn't stop until the other was against the wall. "I said I'd come for you," he murmured. His hands moved to Wolfgang's wrists and he brought them up to be pinned against the wall. His body pressed up against the other's and his lips moved down to hover over the blond's.

Wolfgang's eyes widened and he stared up at Riku. “I don't understand,” he said meekly, afraid to be too loud. His heart was pounding in his chest and he was so confused that he nearly understood what was happening.

Riku hesitated for a second before he leaned down and gently brushed his lips against Wolfgang's. He had never kissed him like that...well...Wolfgang had never let him kiss him like that. "Does that make it clearer?" he whispered against the other's soft lips.

“Nein,” Wolfgagn said, barely above a whisper. The rest of his body refused to move and his mind was screaming for him to push the other away.  His mouth started to move, German words coming out in a jumble. “Wir sollten gehen. Ich weiß nicht. Was...”

Riku smirked at the other's words even though he didn't know what they meant. He knew enough about Wolfgang that they had something to do with evasion. He leaned down again, kissing his lips a bit deeper once more. "I love it when you sound like that, you know," he whispered.
Wolfgang's mouth opened in a gasp as he stared up at Riku. Of course, this wasn't the first time Riku has been this close. Ever since Wolfgang had moved to Japan with his family, Riku has been flaunting himself in front of and on Wolfgang. At first, Wolfgang has thought it was some form of strange greeting and had just smiled and nodded. He couldn't understand anything they were saying around him. Then he started to notice that Riku was the only one like that, and he looked up several words the boy had spoken to him. At this moment, though, over a year since he had known Riku, Wolfgang was able to understand Riku's full intentions if only a tiny bit. For a moment, everything was clear.

Then Wolfgang opened his mouth. “We.....should go for class.”

Riku felt his smile fall just a bit and he gazed at Wolfgang. After a few moments a small sigh left his lips and he looked away. "Just...go back without me," he said softly, his hands releasing Wolfgang's wrists as he stepped back and turned away.

“Nein,” Wolfgang said, quietly as he looked at Riku. “Nein!” He stepped forward and grabbed Riku's hand. “You go, or I..... I.....” He frowned, trying to think of the words he wanted to use.

Riku paused, looking back over his shoulder at the blond. "Or you'll do what?" he asked softly, his eyes challenging.

Wolfgang stared at Riku for a few seconds, his mouth opening and closing in words he didn't know. He took a deep breath and said, “Or... Or....I no let you...küssen Sie mich” He pointed to his lips, a determined expression knitting his brows. He hoped Riku understood.

"You never let me kiss you to begin with. What difference would it make now?" Riku said softly, turning back around.

“Yes I am,” Wolfgang said, fighting the urge to stomp his foot. “You.... You come for class...” The German boy bit his lip and looked to the ground. “Or I no let you  küssen Sie mich...”

Riku rolled his eyes. "If you think that will make me come to class, you've got another thing coming. You want me to come to class, you do something that will make me want to come to class."

“What... I do?” Wolfgang said, glancing at Riku. Did Riku not understand what he was trying to tell him? The blond shifted on his feet, confused and a bit frustrated.

Riku turned to face him, crossing his arms. "I'm not going to class until you give me a reason right now for why I should go back."

“What I do?” Wolfgang said again, looking at Riku directly. “What I do to make you come for class?”

"You figure it out," Riku said, his eyes boring into Wolfgang's.

“You want me to pay?” Wolfgang said, knitting his eyebrows.

Riku raised an eyebrow. "Pay how?"

“You figure out,” Wolfgang said, crossing his arms and turning his head in a huff. He was getting tired of this. He just wanted Riku to stay in class. They were graduating next year, for goodness' sake!

"You saying I get to choose?" Riku asked, crossing his arms as well.

“No,” Wolfgang said, showing his frustration on his face as he scowled at Riku. “Are you idiot? I said already.”

A grin broke out on Riku's lips and he stepped forward. "I was wondering how long it would take before you got mad." he said.

“What?” Wolfgang said, frowning at Riku.

Riku stepped up to Wolfgang, leaning in close. "You're so cute when you're angry."

“Are you coming now?” Wolfgang said, a small growl in his voice as he turned his head away from Riku.

Riku smirked at the growl. "Ah fine." he said. The bell rang just as he said it and the grinned wider, "Not like it matters now."

“You go back, lunchtime,” Wolfgang said, looking at Riku with a deeper scowl. “School not over yet.”

Riku rolled his eyes. "Would you lighten up. One day doesn't matter."

“Yes does!” Wolfgang said, frowning. He grew quiet for a moment, looking to Riku slowly before carefully opening his mouth to speak, a grin at his lips. “Every class you no come to......equals day you no touch me...”

Riku paused a bit at that and frowned. "That's a form of blackmail, Wolfie..."

“I learn for Riku,” Wolfgang said, smiling sweetly at the Japanese boy. “What you going to do?”

Riku rolled his eyes and stepped away. "You suck."

“We go deal?” Wolfgang said, taking a step towards Riku.

"Yeah, yeah." Riku muttered.

“Good,” Wolfgang said, grabbing Riku's hand and pulling him. “Lets go for class!...or lunch.”

Riku scowled as he followed after Wolfgang. "Manipulative little German." he grumbled.

“What?” Wolfgang said, looking over his shoulder.

"Nothing." Riku muttered.

Wolfgang opened his mouth to say something when another voice interrupted him. “They you losers are!” It was Akito, the oldest of the triplets. “What were you doing?! Having fun without me? That's just not nice, man!”

Riku perked up at seeing his brother and he yanked his hand from Wolfgang's. "Finally someone I can touch!" he said, moving up to his brother and placing his hands on his chest.

“Touch?” Akito said, looking down to his chest while his hands moved to rest on Riku's arms. “What? Blondie didn't give you any again?”

"No." Riku said, his hands moving down Akito's chest to his stomach. He paused, leaning in to kiss his brother's neck softly.

“Well then, let big brother take care of that,” Akito said, his hands moving to Riku's back as he breathed into Riku's ear before taking a nibble. Wolfgang was standing in mild shock at the show, his face turning redder by the moment.

Riku felt a shiver run through his body at the touches. He sucked on his brother's neck for a second before trailing kisses up to his ear. "Isn't it sad that my own boyfriend won't even touch me?"

“I'm sure he'll come around,” Akito said, smirking and nipping a little harder. “Who could resist this sexy beast of a brother?” His hands dipped down, cupping Riku's butt roughly to pull them close together.

Riku moaned at the contact and automatically ground his hips into his brother's. "Hell it's been a while since even you and I have done this," he whispered.

“Sorry,” Akito whispered, liking the inside of Riku's ear before moving down to the neck. “I've been tied up with my endeavors. That Sempai is rather tricky. What with graduation coming up.”

Riku smirked. "Still not getting any?"

Akito leaned back and looked at Riku with a frown. “He says that I'm distracting him!” Akito said, pouting at Riku. “Am I that distracting?! He could at least spare me some time! I mean, I won't see him when he goes off to Uni!”

Riku frowned. "Well if he can't take the time to be with you, he's a prick anyway. Just be with me," he purred, kissing Akito's lips seductively.

“Oh, Riku,” Akito said, grinning and bitting at Riku's lips. He loved biting. It was so natural to him. “What about Blondie over there?” His eyes shifted, a grin forming on his lips. “He looks like he's about to bite my head off and spit out the bones.”

Riku raised an eyebrow but didn't look back. "He had his chance and he missed it."

“Oh my,” Akito said, looking past Riku. “Here he comes! I think he's taking back the chance?” When the words left Akito's lips, Wolfgang grabbed hold of Riku's uniform and jerked back as hard as he could.

Riku grunted as he was jerked away and he turned to face Wolfgang. "What do you want? You had your chance."

Wolfgang didn't say anything, his mouth set tight in a trembling frown. His hand on Riku's uniform didn't relax for several moments. His face was flushed and he opened his mouth, taking in a shaky breath before clamping it shut again and jerking his hand away. He turned and left, almost running back to the classroom.

Riku rolled his eyes and sighed. "I'll catch you later, Akito..." he mumbled, "I guess I better go after him..."

“I think he likes you!” Akito said, laughing merrily. “I'll see you, I should go catch my Sempai~!”

"Yeah. Later." Riku said, taking off in a run after Wolfgang.


In the classroom, Wolfgang has sat down with Keiichi, taking his lunch out and viciously eating. Keiichi has raised his eyebrow when the blond had came in, but didn't say anything. It was obvious to Keiichi that Riku must have done something. He bet they had even been getting somewhere and his older brother ruined it. Akito might have even had something to do with it. Akito always did, it seemed.

His brother's were pathetic. With a sigh, Keiichi ate his bento quietly, leaning back in his chair to contemplate the next lesson they were having.

Riku came in and sat down next to Wolfgang. "I'm sorry, ok?" he said with an aggravated sigh. "If you weren't so god damned stubborn, I wouldn't have to go to my brother for release."

Wolfgang didn't even glance at Riku. Instead he look his bottled drink and tried not to crush it as he took a gulp. Keiichi looked up to his brother, and gave the boy a blatant “I told you so” look.

Riku glared at Keiichi. "Don't you start too." He reached out to take Wolfgang's hand, "C'mon...I'm sorry..."

Keiichi nearly choked on his food in a stifled laugh when Wolfgang jerked his hand away and turned his chair to face away from Riku. The loud sound of the chair hand several of the other classroom's occupants look over at the squabbling couple.

Riku frowned bigger and he stood, moving to kneel down in front of Wolfgang. "Please...I'm sorry..."

Wolfgang, of course, turned his head away form Riku, but not before the tremble of his lip became visible. His eyes were brighter than normal and Keiichi was sure the boy was about to start crying. “Geez, what did you do this time?” he said in a whisper.

Riku frowned at Keiichi. "None of your business," He turned back to Wolfgang, hooking his fingers under the other's chin and turning his head back to look at him. "I'm sorry. Why are you being like this?"

Wolfgang opened his mouth, sucked in a breath and closed it again. His face was contorting more and more as he tried desperately to stop from crying. Riku was just too stupid, he though, closing his eyes so he didn't have to look at the other boy. Of course, when he did, the tears in his eyes slipped over the rims and down his cheek.

Riku sighed when he saw the tears. He hadn't meant to hurt him that bad...he had just wanted to goad him into maybe touching him...even if it was just a hug. But even that seemed too much to ask for when it came to the blond. He raised up, wrapping his arms around Wolfgang. "I'm sorry," he repeated again, though he was sure it wasn't doing any good.

Everyone else in the room looked on as Wolfgang broke down on Riku's shoulder. His shoulders shook and tiny sobs left his mouth. Keiichi turned away, not wanting to intrude on that moment.

Riku held him close, stroking his back gently and feeling like a complete ass. He glared at those who were staring at them, daring them to stare longer if they didn't mind his fist in their faces after school. "Calm down. Let's go outside ok?" he whispered.

Wolfgang could only nod, his hands moving up to hood his face in hopes that would stop his tears.

Riku stood up and grabbed Wolfgang's lunch before leading him out to a secluded section of the campus.

Wolfgang just follow blindly. He didn't care anymore. Riku was too much. They were just getting somewhere.

Riku sat down and then pulled Wolfgang down next to him. "I'm sorry ok? It's just...sometimes I get so sick of being told that no, I can't be with you and no I'm not allowed to kiss you and no you don't even want me to touch you..."

Wolfgang nodded, his head on Riku's shoulder. He wiped angrily at his face, knowing that he was being pathetic. He couldn't speak yet, he didn't know what to say.

Riku sighed and slipped an arm around the other's shoulders. "I really like you...I guess...Sometimes enough is enough..."

“I....” Wolfgang said, his voice cracking as he sniffled. “You too...I think...”

Riku sighed. "See...I don't understand why you're so afraid to get involved with me..."

Wolfgang mumbled something, pushing his face into his hands.

"If you're going to say something say it. Don't mumble." Riku said with a roll of his eyes.

“Not right,” Wolfgang said, looking up form his hands and out to their feet.

"What's not right?" Riku asked, looking over at him.

“Being...” Wolfgang said, biting his lip as his tears dried up. “This.” He pointed to his lips and then touched Riku's lips with the same hand.

Riku caught Wolfgang's hand in his own gently, holding it to his lips. "Why isn't it right?" he asked softly.

Wolfgang shook his head, no words leaving his mouth. He didn't know how to express himself the way he would like to, so he looked down.

Riku kissed the tips of Wolfgang's fingers. "Please...tell me."

“It just not,” Wolfgang said, curling his fingers around Riku's hand slightly.

"There has to be a reason...and until I have a good reason, I'm not stopping." he murmured, kissing each tip one by one again.

“We both..” Wolfgang started, closing his eyes so he could focus on words and not Riku's lips. It didn't help. “...jungen.”

Riku kissed the palm of Wolfgang's hand and then the sensitive skin on the underside of his wrist. "So?"

“Es ist nicht recht,” Wolfgang said, shivering and trying to pull his hand away. “Can not..”

Riku kept the hand in the same place, repeating the actions. "That doesn't matter," he whispered, shifting closer to Wolfgang.

Wolfgang shook his head. “Does,” he said, and turned away.

Riku frowned and moved his lips to hover just before Wolfgang's. "Why can't you allow yourself one minute of pleasure? Just let go of your inhibitions for a while," he whispered.

Wolfgang didn't understand half of what Riku had just said, but he got the gist. “Riku...,” the blond said, looking at the Japanese boy in the eye.

Riku watched him for a second before closing the distance between them, gently pressing his lips to Wolfgang's.

Wolfgang froze, barely jerking away at the contact before he relaxed just enough to tell Riku that he was willing.

Riku kissed him a bit deeper, his hand slipping down Wolfgang's arm to his shoulder to pull him gently closer.

The blond's hands rested on Riku's chest as he was pulled closer. Wolfgang didn't move while he let his eyes slide shut.

Riku pulled back after a few moments. "That wasn't so bad was it?" he whispered.

Wolfgang blushed, shaking his head a little. He opened his mouth to say something but nothing came out. He felt embarrassed and casted his eyes down to his hands on Riku's chest.

"You're so insecure..." Riku said softly under his breath. "You just have to loosen up."

“Lunch is almost over...” Wolfgang said, looking sideways as he grew more uncomfortable.

"Then you had better finish." Riku said, pulling away from Wolfgang and giving him the room that he so apparently wanted.

“You eat?” Wolfgang said as he reached for his lunch on the other side of Riku. He blushed, sure Riku hated him a bit.

Riku shook his head. "No...I don't eat lunch," he murmured, leaning back against the tree and crossing his arms.

“You will,” Wolfgang said, taking his lunch and opening it back up. He didn't care if Riku didn't like his German food, he was planing on making the Japanese boy eat some of it. “Here, eat.” He held up a piece and pushed it to Riku's mouth.

Riku rolled his eyes and ate it reluctantly. "I don't eat lunch, kid. Never have..."

“Now I know you look dead!” Wolfgang said, taking a bit himself before holding out more for Riku.

Riku took that as well. "I don't look dead. I have a high metabolism..." he muttered.

“What?” Wolfgang said, confused. He shrugged it off, though, not caring for any excuses as he reached for more food.
After a very...very long break between the last one, I present to you Part 42. Sorry it took so long, yall. Mama and I have been busy with our own stuff. Thanks for your patients and I hope yall enjoy it.

The Hideki Twins

A continuing story written by :iconfujifox: and :icontasan: about the tribulations of two twin brothers that come to a realization and work through it with the help and scorn of those around them.

Warnings: Incest, Suggestive Images.

Title Art by :iconfujifox:

Comments Appreciated.

Part One
Part Forty One
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