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Kyo's eyes widened as the room assignments were read off. At least he was with Ryo...but he wasn't sure how well that was going to go as they were on the fourth the room that was apparently haunted. He gave a sideways glance to his brother, hoping that Ryo didn't realize it.

As luck would have it, Ryo had realized and looked as thought he was about to die from shook and fear. His face had turned a deathly pale color and his whole body was frozen in time. The thoughts that were running through his mind at the time were something along the lines of:


Kyo bit his bottom lip and looked up at the teacher. "I-Is there any way...we can switch rooms, Sensei?" he asked politely, though scowled when the teacher shook his head. "Fine...c'mon, Ryo..." he said softly, tugging his brother's sleeve to try to get him to move.

Ryo didn't move forward, but opened and closed his mouth in silent speech. His head turned form side to side a little as he refused to go.

"Ohhhh! The Ghost Room? How fun!" Hikaru's voice said right next to Ryo's ear teasingly.

Kyo blinked when Ryo wouldn't move and then gave a small scowl to Hikaru for saying that.

“Hikaru!” Kaoru said with a pout, pulling on her girlfriend's arm slightly in embarrassment. Ryo only stiffened more and ceased all thoughts. “That's mean!”

Hikaru ignored Kaoru and grinned. "I heard he bangs on the window at night, calling out to his lover and threatening to kill all that stand in his way of her..."

And that was when the tears poured from Ryo's eyes silently. His heart was beating so fast in his chest he thought he was going to die  from it leaping out. The cold sweat on his back mad his shirt stick to him and didn't help at all.

Kyo's eyes widened and he pulled Ryo toward him and away from Hikaru, wrapping his arms around his brother. "Hikaru, stop it!" he said angrily, glaring at the other girl.

Hikaru only smiled, though it was apologetic. "Oh come on...I was just kidding!"

Kaoru huffed beside Hikaru, looking up with a pout. “You're so mean, Hikaruchan!” she said as she watched Ryo play the part of a frozen doll in Kyo's arms.

Hikaru looked over at her with a sigh. "I was just kidding! It's not true!"

Kyo stroked Ryo's back, trying to get him to relax. "It's ok, Ryo..."

Ryo finally moved as he looked up at Kyo, sniveling. “We're gonna die, Aniki,” He said with all seriousness.  


After a few hours of calming Ryo down and Ryo ignoring Hikaru, They managed to get their things in the room, thought Ryo still refused to enter. Now they were sitting in the lounge of the ski resort, while all their other classmates were off to who knows where. They could still see some of their school's students, but it wasn't like they really knew them. “Aniki,” Ryo said, blowing on the cup of hot chocolate he had convinced Kyo to get. “No ghosts, right?”

"Right..." Kyo said, taking a sip of his own hot chocolate, "I promise!" he said with a smile. He glanced around quickly to make sure no one was looking and then placed a quick kiss to Ryo's lips.

Ryo smiled, his cheeks warming up. He would allow that kiss, he reasoned, but the next one in such a public place, he wouldn't. “Thanks for the hot chocolate, Aniki,” He said, leaning back on the soft love seat and adverting his attention to the cup.

Kyo smiled as well and leaned back against the sofa.

"Are ya'll not going to go skiing?" came a voice from behind them. Hikaru smiled to both of them, a bit shyly at Ryo as she knew he was still mad at her.

Ryo turned his head away, placing his hot chocolate at the front of his priorities.

Kyo turned and gave her a small smile, having forgiven her after some profuse apologizing on her account. "Don't really feel like it right now..."

Kaoru poked her head around Hikaru and linked her arm through the taller girl's. “It's nice and freezing outside,” she said.

Kyo smiled and nodded. "We'll prolly head on out later on...for now we just want to relax."

“Oh,” Kaoru said, and looked up to Hikaru. “C'mon, Hitomesensei is going to help some of the students start out. I want to see how to do this, Hikaruchan!” This was Kaoru's first time on a ski slope and she really wanted to give it her all.

Hikaru smiled and nodded. "Alright, guys know where we'll be if you change your mind!" she said before taking Kaoru's hand and leading her away.

"Alright! Bye!" Kyo called with a wave before turning back to Ryo.

Ryo didn't seem to be in a good mood as he blew on his hot chocolate so hard it splashed out the other side.

Kyo sighed and moved to sit next to Ryo. "She said she was sorry, you know..."

“I know,” Ryo said, just noticing that half of his hot chocolate was gone and it was hardly “hot.” He took a long sip and looked at Kyo with a small pout. “It was still mean, though. She knew I can't take g-g-ghost stories...”

Kyo wrapped an arm around his shoulders and sighed again. "Ryo...I swear to God there is no such things as ghosts..."

“I know....” Ryo said and looked down to his cup. “I just can't help it.....That house....” Memories flooded Ryo's mind and he was taken back to when they were around 5 years old. They lived in this old house that was, to their tiny bodies, a giant, looming house. The plants had not been taken care of so it almost looked like a jungle in some places. The two would play “explorers” and pretend they found this  amazing treasure in the mess of vines. It was a happy place during the day but at night it all changed.

“Aniki! Aniki!” Ryo called out, eyes wide as he ran to his brother's bed across the room. “It's here!”

Kyo blinked groggily and mumbled something incoherent to his brother as he was suddenly snapped out of his sleep.

Ryo pulled up Kyo's covers and climbed under them, hiding his face next to his brother as his body quaked in fear. “Aniki!”

Kyo wrapped his arms around his brother as best he could and looked up at the ceiling. There was a strange scraping noise coming from the attic and something sounded like moving furniture. "I'm sure it's nothing..." Kyo said. Their mother was often up in the attic clearing out the place so that she would have a sort of bonus room where she could write and do crafts. As it was only eight at night, it wouldn't surprise him if she was up there.

“I heard it last night too!” Ryo said, shaking and trembling as he clutched to his brother. Tears had leaked out of his eyes and he was on the verge of sobbing in fright. “Make it go 'way!”

Kyo heaved a sigh. "Let's go up and look then!" he said as he sat up and pushed the covers down off of both of their bodies.

“NO!” Ryo cried out, grabbing the covers and pulling them back over his head. “It's a ghost! It'll eat us!”

Kyo gave a sleepy yawn and then slipped out of bed. "Don't worry! I'll protect you!"

“But....,” Ryo said, lip trembling as he looked up pathetically from the bed at his brother. “It'll eat us...”

Kyo gave him a tired smile. "You don't have to come then! I'll go fight it off!"

“No!” Ryo said in a loud shot, reaching his tiny arm out to grab his brother before he fell out of the bed. “It'll eat you!”

"Then you're just going to have to listen to it all night..." Kyo said, climbing back into the bed and laying down.

“But Aniki!” Ryo said, sitting up on the floor and pulling on Kyo's covers. “What... what if it really is a ghost? What if it comes and eats us while we're asleep?” And as if to emphasis his point there was a loud band and scrap noise form right above them, causing Ryo to burst into full out sobs and jump into his brother's bed.

Kyo wrapped his arms around Ryo and stroked his back to get him to calm down. "That's why I want to fight it off now! I don't want it to eat Ryo!"

“But...but..but what if Aniki gets hurt?”Ryo said, as he looked up at Kyo with large watery eyes.

"Aniki won't get hurt! I'm too strong!" Kyo said, puffing his chest out to emphasize his claim.

“O-o-okay,” Ryo said, nodding and wiping his tears with his hand. “I-I-I'll go w-with you....”

Kyo smiled and nodded, slipping out of the bed and grabbing a stick that he and Ryo had been sword fighting with earlier. "C'mon!"

Ryo nodded, slow climbing out of the bed and taking his own stick. He shivered as the cold of the floor seeped into his socks and he went to be behind Kyo. “You-You first...”

Kyo nodded and pushed open the door to the stairs of the attic, gazing up into the dark corridor. He took a deep, brave breath and began to walk up the steps.

“This is scary!” Ryo whimpered softly, new tears coming to his eyes as he gripped the stick tightly with one hand. His other was tangled into the back of Kyo's shirt securely.

Kyo looked over his shoulder and gave Ryo a reassuring smile. "It'll be ok...I promise!"

“P-promise...?” Ryo echoed as a loud scratching noise came from what seemed like all directions and cause Ryo to yell out and clutch to Kyo's back.

"Promise..." Kyo said, his body tensing as the skittering noise moved past them above their heads. He was not afraid of this...thing... he would beat it so that Ryo wouldn't be scared anymore.

“A-anikiiii,” Ryo said, hugging his brother tightly and he shook and cried. “It's gonna eat us!”

Kyo put a hand on top of Ryo's and squeezed it softly. "It won't eat us! Not if I have something to do about it..."

When the two boys got to the top of the stairs and stepped more into the attic, the “ghost” moved quickly, bumping into something and emitting a high-pitched hissing squeak-ish noise. “Aniki!” Ryo gasped out, raising his stick and flinging it wildly about his side without looking. His eyes were shut tightly.

Kyo raised an eyebrow and squinted into the darkness, seeing a tail flit by. "Ryo...It's not a ghost..." he said with a small smile, moving toward where he saw the tail disappear.

Ryo's movements halted, his tears staining his face an ugly red though the darkness hid it. “Not...?” He said, still holding his stick out in defense.

"No! It's a raccoon!" Kyo said softly, moving closer to where the animal was backed into a corner.

“Really?” Ryo said, fear gone as he perked up. He moved to look over his brother's shoulder, eyes wide in excitement. “I wanna see!”

Kyo gave a sigh at the sudden change in mood from his brother and moved aside so that he could see the raccoon.

“—And then,” Ryo said, laughing lightly as he bounced a little in his seat. “That raccoon-mommy hissed and growled and wanted to attack us, and I jumped and started crying again, remember?”

Kyo smirked and laughed at the memory and nodded. "Yes you did, you pansy." he said teasingly.

“Hey!” Ryo whined, pouting his lip out. “That raccoon-mommy looked scary, okay?!”

Kyo grinned and moved to wrap his arms around Ryo, holding him close. "Yeah, yeah. Scary raccoon that was prolly more afraid of us than you were of her." he murmured.

“She had glowing eyes!” Ryo tried to reason, welcoming the hug a bit reluctantly as he looked to Kyo. “And sharp teeth!”
The Hideki Twins

A continuing story written by :iconfujifox: and :icontasan: about the tribulations of two twin brothers that come to a realization and work through it with the help and scorn of those around them.

Warnings: Incest, Suggestive Images.

Title Art by :iconfujifox:

Comments Appreciated.

Part One
Part Thirty One
Part Thirty Three
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