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Kentaro yawned, reaching back behind himself to tie his apron as he looked into the little mirror inside the tiny employee bathroom of the maid cafe. He once the bow was tied and turned and looked at himself before adjusting his name tag on his breast, the shop's name flashing in the dim lighting. Lait du Jour. Kentaro didn't understand why Hinato choose that name for this cafe, it didn't make sense to him. It probably didn't make sense to anyone but Hinato himself, Kentaro thought  as he ran his hand through his hair and tied in his ribbon.

A knock came at the door and one of Kentaro's sisters' voice wafted through the panel. “Hey, Hurry up in there, Kenchan! Boss is waiting and I gotta pee!”

“I'm almost done, Kanakoneechan!” he said and pulled on his white, lacy stockings and the shiny, black shoes. Picking up this bag on top of the closed toilet, Kentaro stuffed his other, more “normal” clothes in and zipped it up.

“Keeeenchaaaan!” Kanako whined, shifting from foot to foot on the other side of the door. She raised her hand to knock, when the door opened and Kentaro walked out. “You're so cute!” She smiled before moving past her younger brother and into the bathroom.

Kentaro bit his lip and tried not to yell at her. He heard “cute” too many times from complete strangers, usually old, balding men with wandering hands. Kentaro shivered as he made his way over to the closet area so he could set his bag inside. Inside, it was a complete mess, and Kentaro cursed under his breath. He knew if he didn't tidy it up a bit now, he was going to be the one staying late to clean it up completely. His sisters were really slobs sometimes.

There was a soft chuckle from behind the boy as Boss stood there, arms crossed as he leaned against the door frame. "Your sister is right, you know. You are very adorable," he murmured quietly, pushing away from the frame and then moving over to Kentaro. He placed one hand on one side of Kentaro's head, leaning in close. "Good morning, Kenchan."

“Good morning, Un-Boss,” Kentaro said, looking the other way and trying to move away from Hinato. He held his bag to his chest for a bit, looking at the mess around them. Before Hinato got any closer, Kenataro moved around the older man and placed his bag in it's usual spot before bending down and picking up his sister's coats and bags.

Hinato watched Kentaro for a couple of moments before moving up behind him and placing his hands on the other's hips, squeezing gently. "That's the only greeting your dear uncle gets?" he asked, a fake pout on his lips.

Kentaro chanced a glance at Hinato. “Yes,” he said before removing himself from Hinato's grip and going to the other side to hang up his sister's coats.

Hinato smirked. Oh so he was playing that way today, huh? "Kenchan...You know what happens when you avoid me..." he murmured, though he didn't move to pursue the other.

Silence greeted Hinato and Kentaro placed Kanako's bag on a shelf. It wasn't like Kentaro didn't know what Hinato wanted, and it wasn't like he didn't know what Hinato was implying. Kantaro could never tell if Hinato was just playing with him or actually meaning something behind the touches. Hinato was his uncle for god's sake.

Hinato frowned at the silence and then moved forward again. "Why won't you talk to me?" he asked, his voice a sigh as he wrapped his arms around Kentaro from behind and held him close against his body.

“I....” Kentaro started, trailing off into more silence while his hands trailed along the coat rack. He turned his head to the left and looked out the crack of the door. “I have to get to work, Boss...” But he didn't make a move to leave right away.

Hinato nuzzled his face into Kentaro's neck affectionately. "Work can wait just a couple minutes. Why won't you talk to me?"

“What are you doing?” Kentaro said, pulling away slightly from Hinato. He didn't really want to leave. The night before had been a long one, because Kentaro actually when home with his sisters and ate dinner with his mother and father. He didn't get to say goodnight to Hinato or watch the late night news on the sofa,  with knees touching.  Maybe I'm lonely, Kentaro thought, and that's why I feel different today. For some reason, Kentaro just couldn't' bring himself to yell at this uncle that was holding him so dear.

Hinato sighed softly, kissing Kentaro's neck gently. "Just...holding you. And you never answered my question." he murmured, resting his chin on the top of Ketnaro's head.

“Why are you so nice today?” Kentaro said, ignoring Hinato once more. A shiver ran down the boy's spine and he rested his hands over his uncle's.

"I don't like it when you won't talk to me." Hinato said simply, holding Kentaro ever so slightly closer.

“I am talking to you,” Kentaro said, tilting his head back to look at Hinato as his lips turned down into a frown. “There are words coming out my mouth, aren't there?”

Hinato rolled his eyes. "Well you weren't earlier. But now that you are, you have to make up for your making me worry." Hinato spun Kentaro around in his arms and leaned in close to him, "Kiss me."

Kentaro made a strange face, something caught between embarrassment and exasperation with his lower lip jutting out slightly and his face turning the frighted shade of red imaginable. “Uncle!” Kentaro yelled out and  dove into flight mode by taking a few steps back as best as he could.

Hinato pulled Kentaro closer to him, preventing him from pulling away. "Do it or I keep you in my office all day."

“S-sir...” Kentaro mumbled, staring at Hinato's face. Sometimes Ken felt like this was just torture Hinato made just for him. And sometimes, Kentaro felt like this was heaven on earth made just for him also. The red blush on Ken's face darkened as he leaned forward and placed a chaste kiss on Hinato's cheek. “There.”

Hinato rolled his eyes. "Just for that, I should keep you in my office all day." Though a kiss was a kiss and Kentaro had met the terms. "Meet me in there on your lunch break. It's time for your evaluation," he murmured, the last word coming out as a purr. His arms loosened around Kentaro and he stepped away.

Kentaro's face could only manage to cover half of his embarrassment as he took a step back himself. A second later, Kentaro dashed past Hinato to the exit so he could get to work. Maybe he could just not take a lunch break, he thought, looking over his shoulder.

"I'll come get you around noon, Kenchan!" Hinato said with a smirk, offering him a small wave before moving over to his office door.

Kentaro cursed under his breath and bumped into one of his sisters. “Sorry, Yumineechan,” he mumbled as he grabbed his order booklet and towel from the rack before exiting into the customer area.  There weren't too many people there at all, seeing as Lait du Jour had just opened not thirty minutes ago. There was one person seated in his assigned area, so Kentaro hurried over to take the young man's order.

“Good Morning, Sir,” Kentaro said in a soft voice. “Is there anything you would like today? We have delicious breakfast cakes and hand brewed coffee. Or if you like juice, we have a variety of juices to choose from, including strawberry and banana.” Kentaro paused, breathing in as he opened his order booklet and smiled at the customer. Upon closer examination, Kentaro realized that he had seen the boy a few times before.

Eric looked up and then raised an eyebrow. "You're a boy right?" he asked, crossing his arms and leaning back in his chair a bit.

“Ah,” Kentaro blushed, tilting his head away slightly. “Yes, yes I am a boy. Is that a problem, Sir? I can get another waitress for you.”

Eric shook his head. "No it's not a problem...but why are you wearing a dress?"

“It's part of the job,” Kentaro said blandly, and shifted from foot to foot. “If I don't wear this, I get fired, and I need the job, so I can't get fired.”

"...Understandable. I'll just have a glass of orange juice and two eggs." Eric murmured, his eyes still gazing over the other boy.

“Alright,” Kentaro mumbled, licking his lips and leaning on one foot to let his hip jut out a bit as he wrote the order down. It was something he learned to do every time he wrote an order; it had become a habit. It was all for the sex appeal. It was a maid cafe, after all. “Anything else, sir?” He tapped the pen against the side of his chin and smiled.

Eric stared at him for a second before forcing his eyes away with a small flush. "N-No. That's all."

Kentaro smiled again, bowing slightly before he turned on his heel and left Eric by himself with a swish of his skirt.

Eric watched him go as his flush got darker. A quick shake of his head snapped him out of his thoughts and he looked down at the table surface. He had more important things to think about right now. He had to get to Kyo. Get under his skin and make him fear him. What was so great about that little prick anyway? He was narcissistic...falling in love with his twin. Honestly could anyone be more conceited?

He had a way to figure out what was so wonderful about Kyo, but it would take careful planning to put it into place and not be caught. He didn't know how he would get Kyo far enough away from Ryo as well...Perhaps a little visit after swimming club was in order. Though...didn't Ryo go and watch Kyo's practice? That would put a damper on things.

Where could he go that he could corner Kyo alone? The boy's bathroom? He had to do it after school though so he wouldn't risk being walked in on. The only place he knew of that would be possible would be...the boy's locker room at the pool. Perfect. He reached into his bag and pulled out a piece of paper to write out his plan on, making sure to keep the print small so no one would be able to just look over his shoulder and know what he was planning.

“Here's your orange juice,” Kentaro said over Eric's shoulder, wondering why the boy was hunched up so much over the piece of paper.

Eric jumped and flushed. "Oh! Thank...thank you." He quickly slipped the paper back into his bag and took the orange juice from the other with a small smile.

“Your eggs will be done shortly,” Kentaro said while raising his eyebrow at Eric. “Do you need anything else?” Like some Xanex, Kentaro added in his head.

Eric shook his head. "No...that will be all. Thank you." he said, looking away quickly.

“Alright. Enjoy your juice,” Kentaro said with a wave, walking off to tend to a customer that entered.

Eric nodded and waited until Kentaro was gone to pull out the paper and start planning again.

“Would you like toast?” Kentaro asked the customer, writing down the order given to him on the tablet. Luckily, Kentaro didn't have to wait long for the customer to decide, appearing to have been ready to order the moment he walked in. Too bad Kentaro didn't notice that the customer would rather have the cross dressing waiter on his plate instead of the breakfast he ordered.

“No, no,” said the customer, leering down at Kentaro's thighs. “Just the coffee and fruit.”

Kentaro shifted, his skirt riding up slightly as he put the tablet into his apron. “Alright then, I'll be right out with your order,” he said, turning and not noticing the perverted grin the man wore.

Boss watched the man with a small scowl. No one looked at his Kenchan like that. "Kentaro." he called, leaning against the door frame that separated the kitchen from the diner. "May I see you for a moment. Yumi-chan will cover your customer until out talk is over.”

“Um, s-sure,” Kentaro said, handing his tablet to his smiling sister before she walked off. He knew what Hinato wanted and knew he couldn't resist deep down. He looked down as he came to stand in front of his uncle, his brows knitting. “Yes, sir?”

Hinato smiled down at his nephew, his eyes sparkling. "You will join me in my office for the day. I just can't stand the thought of people fantasizing about you the way I do." he said, offering the teen his hand.

Kentaro looked up at his uncle quickly, taking a step back. “But! I need to work!” Kentaro said, voice rising slightly. “That's.... I can't.... Even if... I need to work!”

"You'll still get paid." Hinato murmured with a roll of his eyes, reaching out to take Kentaro's hand into his own.

“But I won't be earning it!” Kentaro said, taking a step back from Hinato out of pure instinct.

Hinato pulled Kentaro to him and into the kitchen away from prying eyes. "Oh you'll be earning it all right." the man purred, leaning forward and letting his tongue move slowly up Kentaro's neck.

Kentaro shivered, backing up a few steps. He had been afraid of that. This was so wrong, he yell in his head, images of his classmate's flashing in his mind as their words floated unheard in his mind. “No,” Kentaro said weakly, already giving into his uncle even though nothing had really happened. “Don't.. I..”

Hinato smirked as he heard Kentaro already beginning to give in. "Come on Kenchan." He wrapped his arms around his nephew and held him close, "I know you like it when we play like this." he murmured in a silky voice, nipping at the teen's jawline.

“It's not..,” Ken mumbled, leaning his head back and closing his eyes tightly. “We shouldn't.... w-wrong....this....”

Hinato chuckled and sucked on the skin he had just nipped. "Are you incapable of forming complete sentences Kenchan? I had no idea I affected you this much." he murmured, trailing his tongue up to the other's ear.

“S-shut up,” Kentaro said, his hand moving to his uncles chest where he barely even pushed. The boy's face flushed brightly as his body reacted quicker than he wanted it to. “Pervert.”

Hinato smirked and let one hand snake around to grip the bulge in his nephew's white panties. "I could just leave you. Get you all excited and then refuse to give you release. How does that sound, Kenchan?"

“Like a threat,” Kentaro said, turning his head to the side as he pushed against his Uncle.

"Perhaps it is. Come, Kenchan." Hinato said, pulling away and taking Kentaro's hand.

And of course, Kentaro followed his uncle like a little puppy, whimpering slightly at the loss. He ached on the inside, conflicted and angry with himself. He knew what he wanted, but he knew what was “correct.” He was too weak to decide, and he hated himself for that. All he could do was keep up his weak protest and allow it to happen.

Hinato pulled him into his office and shut the door, immediately pulling Kentaro into a tight embrace, pressing a deep kiss to his lips.

Kentaro instantly melted into it, his protests jumping out the window at the passion's entrance. Hands reached up to hold on to Hinato, griping and pulling in need as the boy pressed himself against his uncle.

Hinato smiled and pulled back from the kiss just enough to talk, his lips brushing against Kentaro's with every word. "With a reaction like that it almost seems like that out there was just a show for the cook." he murmured, kissing him again.

“I really hate you,” Kentaro reasoned, leaning up to kiss his uncle gently. “I really do.”

Hinato held Kentaro close, stroking over his forehead almost tenderly. "I love hearing you tell me that." he said with a smile before trailing kisses over his neck and down to his collarbone.

“Mmm,” Kentaro mumbled, leaning his head back for Hinato to have more room. “I know you do...”

Hinato spun them around and pressed Kentaro up against the door, forcing a leg between the boy's and pressing up against the boy's groin with his thigh. "I think this is one of my favorite places to take you."

“You just like to take me,” Kentaro said, breathing heavily as he lifted his hands to hold his uncle closer.

Hinato grinned. "That is true." he whispered heatedly before slipping his hands behind Kentaro and unzipping the maid outfit.

Kentaro moved fluidly, slipping out of the dress his Uncle held. “You're just a perverted old man that's into incest,” Kentaro said, leaning against the door clad only in his under garments.

Hinato smirked, tossing the dress aside and running his hands down Kentaro's body slowly. "That's it. Keep talking dirty." he purred.

“What do you want me to say?” Kentaro said, leaning into Hinato's touch. “Boss.”

Hinato nuzzled Kentaro's neck and kissed him. "Anything that you've ever wanted to say to me."

“How does that make it dirty?” Kentaro mumbled, wrapping his arms around Hinato's neck. “That just makes it embarrassing.”

"Just do it. I want to hear it." Hinato whispered, kissing Kentaro again and rocking into him.

“Your breath smells,” Ken said, looking at Hinato with a plain expression.

Hinato blinked at that and then pulled back. "Ok...that...wasn't exactly what I was talking about..."

“It's something I've wanted to say to you,” Kentaro said, grinning at Hinato.

Hinato rolled his eyes, but a small smile slipped over his lips. "Well...let's stay away from that ok...?"

“Then what would you like me to say, oh merciless Boss?” Kentaro said, smiling and leaning forward on Hinato's chest as he wrapped his arms tighter around the neck. The boy kissed his uncle's chin gently.

Hinato gave a purring chuckle and held Kentaro close. "Say...something sexy....Something that would turn me on." he whispered, kissing Kentaro's forehead.

Kentaro thought for a moment, sliding his legs apart. He gazed into Hinato's eyes, one of his hands moving to caress his uncle's cheek. “My panties are tight,” he said, sliding himself against his uncle. “Help me?”

Hinato's eyes darkened at that and he let his fingers hook under Kentaro's panties, pulling them down slowly. "How should we do this, Kenchan? Over the desk...against the wall?" he suggested, a grin coming to his lips.

“Chair,” Kentaro said, puling himself closer to Hinato and wigging. “I want to try the chair!”

Hinato grinned and pulled the panties off the rest of the way before pulling back a bit. "Undress me." he whispered.

“Yes, Boss,” Kentaro said, lowering his hands to Hinaro's tie and pulling. He looked up at his uncle, pulling the tie from under Hinato's collar and over his head. Kentaro kissed his uncle's neck, pressing close while his fingers moved to the buttons on the suit.

Hinato gave a soft moan and let his hands roam over Kentaro's body. "God damn, you're so sexy and you don't even have to try." he murmured, tilting his head back to give Kentaro more room.

“I'm only sexy to you,”Kentaro said, nibbling on Hinato's collarbone as he loosened the shirt, sliding it off his uncle's shoulders. “Because you're a perverted old man that likes young boys in their family.”

"That's right I do. Though...I only have eyes for you. You're the one. The only one that I want." Hinato whispered heatedly, running his hands up and down Kentaro's sides.

Kentaro shivered, leaning most against his uncle as he pushed the shirt and jacket down the large arms. He wanted to believe that. He wanted to believe that he would just be loved by his uncle and everything would work out. He became lost in his thoughts then, staring at Hinato's chest, hands limp on the fabric of the shirt.

Hinato blinked when Kentaro stopped and then looked down at his nephew. He smiled and then reached down to tilt Kentaro's chin up, kissing him tenderly on the lips. "I love you." he whispered.

“It's wrong,” Kentaro said, looking to the wall next to them.

"I don't care if it's wrong. I want you and only you. You are the one that I live for. You are the reason I am on this earth." Hinato murmured.

“Then why were you born my uncle?” Kentaro said, frowning and leaning on Hinato more for comfort.

"Because if I was born any other way, I never would have met you. Now let's get your mind off of this." Hinato murmured, dropping to his knees and running his tongue up the boy's erection.

“AAAH!” Kentaro yelled out in surprise, his whole body tensing and quivering. “B-Boss....” His hands clutched at Hinato's shoulders as he leaned over his uncle, nearly falling down.

Hinato gently pushed Kentaro back against the door and took the head of the erection into his mouth. He sucked gently and then took more into his mouth.

“Do-Don't,” Kentaro gasped out, his hands clutching at the loose fabric on Hinato's back. “I'm... I'll...” His gasps and pants were the only thing he would hear with the pleasure consuming his mind. Hinato was talented in many ways.

Hinato pulled off of Kentaro and then stood up, leading the other over to the chair. He slipped his pants down over his hips and then sat down, pulling Kentaro over to him. "God you're gorgeous." he whispered.

Kentaro gasped in air to catch his breath, his eyes glazed over as he looked at Hinato. “You're god,” he mumbled, climbing onto Hinato's lap without a second thought. His hands wormed their way around the large man as his legs slide to each side. He pressed himself against his uncle, kissing the side of Hinato's face.

Hinato smirked at that and kissed Kentaro's neck. "Why thank you." he whispered, his hands moving to rest on Kentaro's hips.

“Welcome,” Kentaro mumbled, letting out a small whine as he rubbed against his Uncle. “Hurry...”

Hinato grinned and nodded, "You're so impatient, Kenchan." he purred before thrusting up into the other heat, moaning deeply as the tight heat surrounded him again.

“Aah,” Kentaro groaned out, clutching to Hinato as the pain shot up his spine. “U-Uncle...!” His whole body quaked as it adjusted to Hinato.

Hinato paused, letting Kentaro adjust to his size. "Just relax." he whispered, kissing Kentaro's neck and sucking gently.

Nodding, Kentaro relaxed his body more. Moments later, Kentaro moved, whispering to his Uncle that it was alright.

Hinato gently began thrusting his hips up into his nephew, keeping them shallow and letting Kentaro ride him. He leaned forward and kissed Kentaro's neck again, trailing the touch over the boy's shoulder.

Kentaro moaned, throwing his head back as he picked up the pace as arched his back. Beads of sweat formed on his body as it grew warmer. “U-Uncle,” Kentaro gasped out, clinging to Hinato and searching for his mouth.

Hinato pressed his lips to Kentaro's and kissed him deeply as a long and low moan left his lips. His tongue pressed into Kentaro's mouth as his hips bucked into the other's body.

Kentaro accepted Hinato's tongue greedily, sucking and nibbling with vigor. His movements slowed to a deep and rhythmic pace, one of his hands moving down to relieve his straining erection. His thighs squeezed around Hinato.

Hinato moaned, his back arching as he thrust up into the other's body. He pressed deeper into the kiss, pushing all of the love and passion that he had into the action.

“Nnn,” Kentaro moaned, his hand pumping faster and faster as he rose and felt quicker on his uncle. “Aah!” He broke the kiss, his other hand clinging to Hinato as he gasped air in and tensed. He could feel his limit approaching.

Hinato cried out softly, his body tensing. "Oh hell, Kentaro." he whispered, his voice tight as he felt his release nearing.

A moment seemed to freeze in space as Kentaro climaxed, his body constricting around Hinato. “AAAH,” he yelled out, his semen splatting over Hinato's stomach.

Hinato gasped as he felt Kentaro clench around him and then cried out as he released up into his nephew's body. His arms pulled the other closer and he pressed his lips to the other's neck.

“U-uncle,” Kentaro said, his body falling limp on Hinato's. He was spent and knew that he didn't want to go back to work for a while now.

Hinato smiled and held Kentaro close. "God I wish I had a bed here..." he whispered, "What do you say we take a nap on the couch?"

“Mmm,” Kentaro sighed out, already closing his eyes as he buried his head on Hinato's chest. He didn't care what happened, nearly asleep already.

Hinato smiled and kissed the top of his nephew's head. "Let's take a nap." he whispered, "Hop up, love."

Kentaro did as he was told, lazily moving form Hinato's lap with a wet plop. Kentaro yawned, moving sluggishly in a random direction. “Nnn. Uncle..” he said, half asleep on his feet.

Hinato laughed and stood up, scooping Kentaro up into his arms and carrying him over to the couch. He laid him down and then laid down next to him, wrapping his arms around the boy and then pulling the blanket down over them both

Kentaro mumbled something, just loud enough for Hinato to hear before drifting off to sleep.

Hinato smiled and closed his eyes. "I love you too, Kenchan." he whispered before drifting off for a while as well.
The Hideki Twins

A continuing story written by :iconfujifox: and :icontasan: about the tribulations of two twin brothers that come to a realization and work through it with the help and scorn of those around them.

Warnings: Incest, Suggestive Images.

Title Art by :iconfujifox:

Comments Appreciated.

Part One
Part Thirty Five
Part Thirty Seven
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