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Kaoru sighed, sipping her orange juice slowly as she leaned back in the lodge's cafe's seat. She looked over at Hikaru while sitting the drink down with a small tap. “Do you.... suppose they'll speak to us ever again?” she said, poking at her bagel.

Hikaru bit her bottom lip, her drink hovering just before her lips. "I...don't know...I didn't know Kyo would be that angry about it...It was just a joke..."

“I... I think he was so angry because we scared Ryochan,” Kaoru said and smiled, finding it a little cute that that might be the reason.

Hikaru watched her girlfriend with a raised eyebrow. "And that makes you happy? He'll kill us!"

“But it means there's nothing wrong between Ryo and Kyo!” Kaoru said with a bigger smile, and a giggle. “Other than... you know, the twin bit. They're fine now.”

Hikaru blinked. "You're..." she smiled and leaned over, kissing her cheek, "You're just so cute sometimes I can barely stand it."

Kaoru's face turned a bright shade of red. “Hikaruchan!” she said in half masked embarrassment. “What are you talking about! You're the cute one!”

Hikaru laughed lightly. "No, Kaoru. In my eyes, you are definitely the cutest thing in the world."

“Hikaruchan...” Kaoru said, blushing brighter and taking a bit of her bagel to conceal her embarrassment. She tried avoiding looking directly into Hikaru's eyes and looked to the other side of the cafe just in time to see Ryo, Kyo and the other two boys from their room entering. “Hikaruchan! Look!”

Hikaru blinked and then turned around, glancing over to the boys.

Kyo was looking at Ryo with worried eyes as they entered. For a second they left his brother and glanced around the cafe. When his eyes landed on Hikaru and he glared at her before pulling Ryo off to another section of the cafe.

“Oh, he's mad,” Kaoru said, setting her bagel done and finally feeling a little worse about what they did. “Should... we try to apologize?”

"I think we should give them a few days to cool down...then we should apologize..." Hikaru murmured in return, glancing back over to Kaoru.

“A-alright,” Kaoru said, looking to Hikaru in worry.


Kyo walked around in the snow, waiting for his brother to come out and join him so they could attempt to go skiing. He bent down and picked up a ball of snow in his hand, smiling down at it as he packed it into a tighter ball. Oh he would so bean Ryo with this when his brother came out of the lodge.

“Hey,” came a voice from behind Kyo, followed by a snowball to the back of the neck.

Kyo froze as the ice ran down the back of his shirt and then turned to glare at whoever had thrown it at him. "Hey, yourse-..." His eyes widened a bit and then narrowed into a glare, "Eric."

“Kyo,” Eric said, a grin forming on his face as he took a few steps towards the boy. “Waiting for your princess by chance?” He bent down and picked up a hand full of snow again and rolled it in his hands.

Kyo's cheeks flushed a bit but he took a couple of steps back. "None of your business. Now go away."

“I think it is my business,” Eric said, throwing the snow ball past Kyo to hit the side of a small building. “Just as much as it is yours, I believe. Why so nervous?” He took a few more steps closer to Kyo, his insides aching to discover the truth.

Kyo stepped back again and his back hit the wall. "I'm not nervous, you asswipe." he growled. "Why do you always seem to be around when no one wants you to be there?"

“I have a special talent for that, I suppose,” Eric said, takign his time to look intently at Kyo from head to foot like Kyo was some specimen to be observed and he was the scientist with the scalpel. “Here I am just trying to be friends and you treat me with such malice. What would our little princess think of that?”

Kyo clenched his fists. "I only treat people the way I feel they deserve to be treated. And judging by the last time we met, you deserve every ounce of hatred I can spare."

“Well, now, aren't we touchy?” Eric said and took a step closer to Kyo, placing a hand next to the shorter boy's head. “Look who won in the end, Kyo. Who could win against Mr. Amazing, huh?” He leaned in, taking a good look at Kyo's face. “I don't see why he choose you. I just can't understand it.”

Kyo glared up at him, shrinking back against the wall. "Because he loves me and not you. It's always been that way and nothing you can do will change it. He will never love you."

“I know that,” Eric said, a pained look crossing his face. “I know that but I don't understand it. I don't.” Eric shook his head and brought his other hand up to Kyo's face, running a finger along the boy's jaw. “What's so great about you anyway?” Eric moved closer. “I bet you look just like Ryo underneath it all.”

Kyo froze at the touch and then jerked his head away. "What the hell is that supposed to mean?" he hissed.

“Who knows?” Eric said as he grabbed Kyo's chin in his hands and held him still. “What does anything mean anymore?”

Kyo looked up at Eric with confused and hating eyes. "Get the hell off of me before I make you." he growled.

“How will you do that?” Eric said, pushing his whole body against Kyo to pin him to the wall. “I'm stronger than you, runt.”

Kyo gasped, his eyes widening as his hands moved to try to push Eric away. "Get the hell off of me!" he managed through gritted teeth, trying to ignore the burning flush on his cheeks.

“Aniki!” Came Ryo's voice in the distance, and Eric frowned against Kyo's ear.

“See you later, Prince,” Eric said into Kyo's ear, his hot breath moving Kyo's hair. He pushed himself against Kyo to show he means business before backing away and walking off just as Ryo rounded the corner.


Kyo stared after Eric with wide eyes, jumping when he heard his brother's voice. "R-Ryo..." he whispered, moving over to his brother and wrapping his arms around him, holding him close.

“A-Aniki?” Ryo said in confusion as he dropped the scarf he brought for his brother. “What happened?” His arms wrapped around Kyo and he rubbed his brother's back reassuringly.

Kyo shook his head, a shudder running through his body as he thought over what had just happened. His arms tightened around Ryo and he buried his face into his brother's neck.

Ryo's brows knitted and he hugged Kyo close, only able to offer this comfort. “It's alright, Aniki,” he whispered and kissed the side of Kyo's head. Something wasn't right, and Ryo wanted to find out.


Kyo slipped into a seat on the back of the bus next to the seat with all of the bags. They were going home and he couldn't be looking forward to the bus ride home with Ryo. He stretched and grinned, relaxing back into the seat after a minute.

“Aniki!” Ryo called from the front of the buss as he boarded, students moving about between him and Kyo on the bus as he tried to make his way back. “Save me a spot!”

Kyo nodded. "You got it!" he called in return, grinning to his brother.

Ryo smiled and backed up when someone darted across the isle to another seat. When Ryo looked up, Eric was sitting next to Kyo.

Kyo glared at Eric. "Get out! Ryo's sitting here, asshat..."

“It looks like I'm sitting here, though, Prince,” Eric said with a smile, leaning back and getting comfortable. He smiled sweetly at he saw the expression on Ryo's face. “Not our Princess.”

Kyo pushed him to try to get him out of the seat. "Like hell you're sitting here!"

“Yes, just like hell,” Eric said and grinned at Kyo.

“Aniki?” Ryo called as he stood a few seats away.

Kyo looked over to Ryo apologetically. "He won't move." He turned his glare back to Eric. "Move dammit!!"

Eric smiled at Kyo. “I'm already comfortable,” he said and turned to Ryo. “You better find a seat soon, The teacher will yell at you if you don't.” Eric tried not to cringe at the hurt look on Ryo's face.

Kyo glared at Eric harshly. "Get the fuck up," he growled.

“Can't,” Eric said, smiling at a teacher told everyone to take a seat, the bus was starting to move. “See?”

“Aniki...” Ryo said as he looked down, moving away to sit in the only available seat, three rows in front of Kyo and Eric.

Kyo glared daggers at Eric before crossing his arms and scooting as close to the window as possible. This was going to suck...GOD this was going to suck.

Eric looked over to Kyo and snorted. “What? Afraid of me?” he said and leaned forward in the seat.

"No. I'm just pissed the hell off at you." Kyo snapped.

“Oh?” Eric said, moving a hand to rest int eh space between them. “You shouldn't be, it's bad for your complexion.”

Kyo glanced uneasily at the hand that was near him. "Why don't you just stay over there and I'll stay over here and we won't talk to each other for the rest of the trip, hmm?"

“That's impossible,” Eric said, and scooted closer to Kyo.

Kyo pressed back against the window, now wishing he had sat at least in front of someone. "No it isn't."

“Yes it is,” Eric said, and stared at Kyo. “I just can't understand,” he mumbled and leaning in closer. “You must be good in bed or something.”

Kyo flushed darkly and turned his face away from him. "Ryo and I haven't done anything like that, you pervert. Now get away from me," he said, his hands moving up to push against Eric's shoulders.

“No,” Eric said and pushed himself against Kyo, crushing the boy's body between him and the window. “Hmmm.”

Kyo winced a bit and shifted under Eric, glaring at him. "Get off me now, or I'll scream."

“I'll shut you up before then,” Eric said, narrowing his eyes and pressing closer, his hands moving to inspect the muscles on Kyo's legs.

Kyo shuddered at the touch and tried to pull away as he opened his mouth to scream. "SEN-"

Eric's mouth was on Kyo's before the words made an impact on anyone. His hands clenched down on Kyo's limbs and he pressed closer.

Kyo's eyes widened dramatically as his scream was cut off by Eric's lips. A whimper left his lips as he struggled to get away from the kiss.

Eric stared into Kyo's face, calculating as he pushed his tongue past his lips and into Kyo's mouth. He let one hand drop to Kyo's pants and he touched the boy in all the wrong places, searching and finding nothing to quell his need for understanding.

Kyo gasped as the kiss deepened and a very dark flush covered his cheeks. His hands moved to Eric's, trying to push them away from his body.

Eric persisted, pressing closer until he couldn't press any further. His hand roamed all over Kyo's legs and stomach, trying to decipher the secret to Ryo's heart under his fingers. “Mm.”

Kyo whimpered as he tried to push Eric away, trying not to react to the touches. His eyes closed tightly, trying to block out the image of Eric doing this to him.

Eric's tongue roamed every crevice of Kyo's mouth and he watched all the expression that passed over Kyo's face. He need to search deeper, he couldn't find it. His hand moved up under Kyo's shirt and then passed over the boy's crotch, grabbing and caressing and feeling everything he could.

Kyo's eyes shot open at that touch and then he glared, biting down on Eric's tongue as hard as he could.

Eric gasped and drew back, spitting out some blood onto the window. “That hurt,” he said, and held on tightly to Kyo. “I hope that's not what Ryo likes.”

Kyo glared at him, pushing against his chest. "You'll never find out. Now get off of me," he hissed.

“No,” Eric said, leaning in for more. “Now be a good boy and I won't hurt you.” Eric didn't stop with just a kiss this time.
The Hideki Twins

A continuing story written by :iconfujifox: and :icontasan: about the tribulations of two twin brothers that come to a realization and work through it with the help and scorn of those around them.

Warnings: Incest, Suggestive Images.

Title Art by :iconfujifox:

Comments Appreciated.

Part One
Part Thirty Three
Part Thirty Five
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