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HT Drabble - Kyo :icontasan:Tasan 3 12
"Oh of all the-"
Draco's voice rang gently in the abandoned corridors, stirring some bats that hung in the rafters. Seven years in this stupid castle, and he had somehow managed to get himself lost. He had never seen this corridor before, at least. If only he had that map that the Weasleys gave Potter. Or hell, a map in general.
"Lost, Malfoy?"
The soft voice made him jump nearly a foot in the air and he turned around sharply to find a girl gazing dazedly at him. Ugh...
"what do you want, Lovegood?"
"I happened to notice that you looked confused...and besides, your aura seems troubled." The pale eyes gazed at the area around his body and he frowned lightly, turning away.
"I'm fine. You shouldn't be out of your dorm."
"You don't seem fine." Came the lofty voice behind him and he sighed.
"I'm fine, Luna. I can figure this out on my own."
The girl smiled and stepped up beside him, easily sliding her hand into his, and giggling at the way he tensed, silver eyes looking down at her in surpr
:icontasan:Tasan 7 12
Mature content
Dare :icontasan:Tasan 5 25
Thunder Storm
Thunder Storm
It had started out as a soft rumble in the distance, unnoticed for the time being save for one person. Games had been laid out on the bed, popcorn popped, the ever so rare soda in glasses on the bedside table. Kyo knew that Ryo wouldn't be able to handle the incoming storm. It looked like a nasty one, too, based on the jagged edges of the clouds, the rolling darkness that was stretching down their street, killing the sun.
A flash of lightning had the seven year old out of the room in an instant, calling down the hall and into the living room for his brother. How would he find him this time? Shaking? Crying? He'd seen them all, and after a few years of it, had figured out how to handle his twin's reactions to the thunder that crashed loudly against their windows and doors.
Sumiko had left earlier that day to run some errands and had not returned yet, which Kyo felt made it even worse. One of their salvations was found in their mother's arms, curled into the heavy bl
:icontasan:Tasan 2 5
Desktop BG by Tasan Desktop BG :icontasan:Tasan 0 2 Arianna Woods by Tasan Arianna Woods :icontasan:Tasan 0 0
Hideki Twins Part 43
Kyo stood beside his brother, waiting until all people in the hall had cleared out. He smiled to his brother and kissed his cheek. "I've got to do some things for a class, so why don't you head home without me?"
Ryo shook his head instantly. “No, I’ll wait for you,” he said, a small smile on his face as he shifted on his feet. “I’m not leaving you to walk home by yourself.”
Kyo gave a small smile, but sighed. "I'm a big boy, Ryo. I'll be fine. But you can wait if you want to."
“I’ll wait for you at the gate, and if you’re not there in 20 minutes, “ Ryo said, pausing to give Kyo a pointed look. “I’m coming back in for you!”  He took a step away, looking at his brother.
Kyo laughed lightly and leaned over to kiss his brother softly. "Fine, fine. See you in a few." With that he turned and headed off to the meeting he had to attend.
Ryo watched Kyo leave, smiling to himself at how his brother was recovering. 
:icontasan:Tasan 7 28
Worlds Apart Chapter 2
Note clutched in his hand, Harry ran toward the barrier wall between platforms nine and ten, skidding to a stop in the middle of platform 9 ¾ . Students milled about, some hugging their parents goodbye for the semester, some joking and laughing. Mostly that was Fred, George, and Lee. Apparently they had animated a little rubber spider and were going about dropping it on girl’s shoulders, being there to comfort them when they screamed and turned to the nearest guy for help. Sneaky bastards.
Harry smirked and moved toward the train, carefully stowing away his things and taking Hedwig’s cage up to an empty compartment. At least he had a place saved for himself, Ron, and Hermione. The train’s horn blared through the platform, signaling they had just ten minutes to finish their goodbyes and get on the train.
“Gotta find Ron and Hermione.” Harry muttered to himself, forgoing the steps down the train all together and just jumping down to the platform. It didn
:icontasan:Tasan 18 22
Mature content
Worlds Apart Chapter 1 :icontasan:Tasan 23 18
Mature content
Worlds Apart Ch. 1 Teaser :icontasan:Tasan 7 21
The Hideki Twins Part 42
Kyo smiled shyly, waving off the greetings and good wishes he received. He stuck close to Ryo's side as he had since the night Eric had come over, only leaving him for absolute nessecities. His fingers laced into Ryo's between them, his cheeks reddening from the very warm welcome he had received.
“Are you alright?” Ryo said, leaning in close to Kyo as the crowd started to dissipate and head back to their seats for homeroom. Kaoru and Hikaru circled around, curious and happy eyes on the boys.
Kyo nodded and leaned in to press a very discreet kiss to his brother's cheek. "I'm fine," he whispered. His head turned to Hikaru and Kaoru as the taller girl smiled.
"We're glad to see you back, Kyochan!" she said happily, her fingers lacing into Kaoru's.
“Very much,” Kaoru added with a sweet smile, winking at Ryo as a blush formed on his face. “Ryochan doesn't look like he's dog died anymore!”
“Hey...” Ryo said, his blush deepening in embarrassment. He loo
:icontasan:Tasan 9 68
Mature content
The Hideki Twins Part 40 :icontasan:Tasan 7 59
Hideki Twins Part 38
The thunder rolled while the skies opened up and poured down onto the Hideki household. The rain was hard and thick and accented the mood perfectly. “Aniki,” Ryo called, sitting on the guest room's bed. They had been able to take Kyo home and for some reason the boy had went straight to the guest bedroom. He hardly spoke and that torn at Ryo more than anything. He reached a hand out to place it on Kyo's. His brother looked so lost.
Kyo stared down at their hands without actually seeing them. He had to tell Ryo. This was his chance and he had to say it. His mouth opened but he couldn't find his voice. How would Ryo react to it? He had been so weak. He hadn't even been able to push Eric off of him. He closed his mouth again and the tears started again. He wept silently, the only indication that he was crying being the tear drops that fell to Ryo's hand.
Ryo's heart broke more, seeing his brother like this only made him want to kill the person that had did this to him. “Ani
:icontasan:Tasan 3 36
Mature content
Hideki Twins Part 36 :icontasan:Tasan 6 11
Hideki Twins Part 34
Kaoru sighed, sipping her orange juice slowly as she leaned back in the lodge's cafe's seat. She looked over at Hikaru while sitting the drink down with a small tap. “Do you.... suppose they'll speak to us ever again?” she said, poking at her bagel.
Hikaru bit her bottom lip, her drink hovering just before her lips. "I...don't know...I didn't know Kyo would be that angry about it...It was just a joke..."
“I... I think he was so angry because we scared Ryochan,” Kaoru said and smiled, finding it a little cute that that might be the reason.
Hikaru watched her girlfriend with a raised eyebrow. "And that makes you happy? He'll kill us!"
“But it means there's nothing wrong between Ryo and Kyo!” Kaoru said with a bigger smile, and a giggle. “Other than... you know, the twin bit. They're fine now.”
Hikaru blinked. "You're..." she smiled and leaned over, kissing her cheek, "You're just so cute sometimes I can barely stand it."
Kaoru's face tur
:icontasan:Tasan 3 16
The Hideki Twins Part 32
Kyo's eyes widened as the room assignments were read off. At least he was with Ryo...but he wasn't sure how well that was going to go as they were on the fourth the room that was apparently haunted. He gave a sideways glance to his brother, hoping that Ryo didn't realize it.
As luck would have it, Ryo had realized and looked as thought he was about to die from shook and fear. His face had turned a deathly pale color and his whole body was frozen in time. The thoughts that were running through his mind at the time were something along the lines of:
Kyo bit his bottom lip and looked up at the teacher. "I-Is there any way...we can switch rooms, Sensei?" he asked politely, though scowled when the teacher shook his head. "Fine...c'mon, Ryo..." he said softly, tugging his brother's sleeve to try to get him to move.
Ryo didn't move forward, but opened and closed his mouth in silent speech. His head turned form side to
:icontasan:Tasan 5 15


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