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Published: February 14, 2014

is time for a new Contest

Ends on October 26 

Draw one or more of my OC´s here



bubbles by TaSaMaBi


Kitty by TaSaMaBi


bunny by TaSaMaBi


Katty by TaSaMaBi


Shana by TaSaMaBi


Flower by TaSaMaBi  Flower Halfbody by TaSaMaBi


Rose by TaSaMaBi


Dragona by TaSaMaBi Dragona Halfbody by TaSaMaBi


Tasa by TaSaMaBi

maggie Maggie by TaSaMaBi


Anisa  my new OC Anisa by TaSaMaBi

Sirena  Sirena by TaSaMaBi

Anabell  Easter  3 by TaSaMaBi

Sina  Sina by TaSaMaBi

Angi Angi by TaSaMaBi


justy by TaSaMaBi

Chess by TaSaMaBi

Luvis by TaSaMaBi
Thorsten by TaSaMaBi
Kuma by TaSaMaBi

Jack by TaSaMaBi

Calvin by TaSaMaBi

Tom Tom by TaSaMaBi

new OC´s Couples, Siblings

Psina and Nara
Psina and Nara by TaSaMaBi


please not Sketches, Oulines, must finish and colored

must draw or made by yourself

you can draw so many to you like, theres not limit

You can draw so many of my OC´s on one paper, to you like, too

Have fun

I Accept

All Style (Chibi, Headshots, Anime, Realistic, Comic, Disney)

MLP, Furrys, Animals, SonicStyle
You can draw them in Akira Toriyama, in Eiichiro Oda, in Arina Tanemura in Ghibli or in other Style, too
Digital and Traditional
Soft Yaoi and Yuri I mean more Shonen Ai or Shojo Ai than Yaoi or Yuri (two boy or two girl kiss)

Couples BoyxGirl

I don´t accept

Sketches, Drawing must be finish and colored
Sex by Yaoi, Yuri or Couples


1. Place

2000 Points or 20 USD by paypal

24 month Premium Member Ship p>

7 Chibis Drawings + a Chibi Artwork please tell me what you like on this Picture . ^^

3 Headshots

2 Halfbodys

a Chibi Request by :iconcaramellcookie:

a Request by :iconsylentya: Reference here 

Maru too cute? (re-upload) by Sylentya


Happy birthday Sabishy (re-upload) by Sylentya

a Colored Fullbody by :iconamaranthicalrose:

a Request by :iconmaskedpeach:

a Chibi by :iconfishylake:

a quick sketch by :iconxxforgotten:

Feature on my profil

a Watch

10 Comments and 20 Faves

- Full body [black and white]
- Waist-up [black and white]
- Chibi [blue pen]
- Chibi [black and white] by  :iconnadeshikofan:
- a colored Fullbody by :iconwuhvly:
- Full Color Picture by :iconhorrendeer:
- a free Commission from :iconnerdywritergal:
- 3 Chibi Drawings + a Wolf Drawing from :iconmr-fart-sparkle:
a Chibi by :iconqueenbeecoffeequeen:

2. place

12 month Premium Member Ship or 500 Points

4 Chibi Drawings

1 Headshots

1 Halfbody

a Chibi Request by :iconmeshion:

a Chibi Request by :iconsylentya: 

a Colored Halfbody sketch by :iconamaranthicalrose:

a Request by :iconmaskedpeach:

a Chibi by :iconfishylake:

a free Request form :iconxpeppermintyx:
a Watch
6 Comments and 12 Faves
Waist-up [black and white]
- Chibi [blue pen]
- Chibi [black and white]
by  :iconnadeshikofan:
- a colored Fullbody by :iconwuhvly:
- Flat Color Picture by :iconhorrendeer:
-2 Chibi Drawings from  :iconmr-fart-sparkle:
a Chibi  :iconqueenbeecoffeequeen:

3. place

40 Points

2 Chibi Drawings

1 Headshot

a Chibi Request by :iconmeshion:

a Halfbody Sketch by :iconamaranthicalrose:

a Request by :iconmaskedpeach:

a Chibi by :iconfishylake:

4 Comments and  8 Faves
 - Waist-up [black and white]

- Messy Waist-up [black and white]
- Chibi [black and white]
1 month Premium Member Ship by :iconservampai:
- a flat Color Chibi from :iconkiimiro:
- a Chibi Drawing from  :iconmr-fart-sparkle:
a Chibi by :iconqueenbeecoffeequeen:
Fullbody from :iconcandyrag:

EXtras Prizes

best Chibi Drawing
best Anime Drawing
best Realistic Drawing
best Comic Drawing
best Mangaka Style Drawing
best none Human Drawing
best Yaoi 
best Yuri
best Couple

and for all other member a free Chibi Request

that sounds a bit daft, but I would like to make the best pictures of course with the consent of the artist a calendar for 2015. Which I then for about 5.00 - 10.00 euros. Participating in the Contest is there for nothing then. Would be really super nice if really many, many talented artist would join in, others are also welcome and because I need more points please ask me for a commission, will not join the contest with and maybe is yes then one of you the winner of my planned 24 month premium ship + 2000 points, which unfortunately I can not list because I just been missing these points. Sorry.

Entrys here tasamabi.deviantart.com/favour…

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I wish I had joined but i'm late.
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ChebariHobbyist General Artist
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SMemeG4Hobbyist Digital Artist
t h i s  w a s  5  y e a r s  a g o .  i  a m  v e r y  l a t e  t o  t h i s ,  a i n ' t  i ?
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poppy-lightHobbyist Digital Artist
mm, maybe you're just the slightest bit late, I dunno.
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imageretouchinglabProfessional Interface Designer
Nice Work!
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MalVintageHobbyist Digital Artist
god damn it i was gonna join but its over! T^T rip me
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Waah, zu spät. Naja, dann nächtes Mal. ^^'

Hmm, hast du Lust, für mein Contest einen Preis zu geben? jyki.deviantart.com/journal/Do…
TaSaMaBi's avatar
TaSaMaBiHobbyist Traditional Artist
wird es leider nicht geben. 

würde ich schon aber ich werde hier auf diesen Profil nicht mehr on kommen oder nur noch ganz selten. 

Ich werde hier leider nicht mehr aktiv sein.  

Und na ja jetzt mal die Wahrheit, SweetAdoptParadies ist meine kleine Schwester und sie würde sich bestimmt freuen, wenn sie für deinen Contest einen Preis geben könnte. ^^
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Ich habe es schon gesehen. :(

Du hattest doch mal gesagt, SweetAdoptParadies wärst (du weißt schon, wen ich meine XD) ... ist sie echt deine kleine Schwester? ^^'
TaSaMaBi's avatar
TaSaMaBiHobbyist Traditional Artist
ja, aber ich melde mich ja nicht ab nur komme ich ab sofort nur noch ganz selten on. 

ja ist sie, na ja besser gesagt meine Adoptiv Schwester.  
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Ach so. ^^'

Verstehe XD
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ClassicallyOrnateHobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm so sorry this wasn't turned in on the deadline, my scanner was being a jerk, then my computer, and then DA wouldn't load! :iconyuicryplz: I really am sorry I was really excited.

Just condier this a birthday gift ^^ Contest entry. by ClassicallyOrnate  Happy Birthday!
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TaSaMaBiHobbyist Traditional Artist
no problem is closed now, but I have accept she for my contest. ^^

Thank you so much ^^
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ClassicallyOrnateHobbyist Traditional Artist
Really?! Thank you so much you are so kind! ^^ I really appreciate it! :iconyuihugplz:
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Danyan-kunHobbyist Traditional Artist
Last :'D
Waiting for the 100th rose to bloom by Danyan-kun

Happy Birthday :D
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MichikoAikaHobbyist Traditional Artist
My second entry~


And Happy Birthday~
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LizallyStudent General Artist
My entry <3

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musiclovereeveeStudent General Artist
here's my contest entry: fav.me/d845htf
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finistinaHobbyist Traditional Artist
my entry fav.me/d844gf3
I'm late? T.T
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TaSaMaBiHobbyist Traditional Artist
no your are not to late. ^^

I closed this Contest in 21 hours
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oEvangelineHobbyist Digital Artist
endlich fertig ;P !!! Ich hab doch gewusst, dass das wieder erst auf den letzten drücker fertig wird XD




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TaSaMaBiHobbyist Traditional Artist
Vielen vielen Dank aber du hast es ja noch geschafft. ^^
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okay, here is my entry, hope im not too late

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SkunkyflyHobbyist General Artist
happy earlier birthday dear~~~ Wish u all the best.Icon - 207 Yuka 
here is my contest entry (and my gift for you too, hehe) : Photogenic!

Hope you will like it :heart: 
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