The Lotus Flower Philosophy

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A lotus
The sacred gem of compassion
Floats serenely
On a shimmering lake
The soft petals
Bathing in the light
Of a gleaming gold sunset
Caressed by the breeze
As it chants
With such eloquence
Yet so silent
Charming the depths of our souls
With its purity
Intoxicating our spirits
With its charm
Mesmerising our thoughts
With its tranquility
So alluring
Yet so untouchable
One of nature’s delicacies
Like the birth of a child
Like a mother’s love
Like friendship
A beauty
That cannot be described
But felt
In the depth of our souls
Where our hearts lay exposed
Craving the companionship
Of love
And compassion
This graceful lotus flower
Whose seed being the stagnant water
Sprouted radiantly through
The muddiest floors
With a pristine bloom
Teaching us
To never adhere ourselves
To the dirt in life
But to grow and progress
To the most important destination
And shine through
To the peaceful paradise
Just like a lotus
For it travels through
“The primeval mud of materialism
Through the waters of experience
And into the bright sunshine of enlightenment”
Despite the obstacles in its path
For life is a journey
Where every moment
Is a step closer to your purpose
And every experience
Is a source of wisdom
So live and let live.
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Thanks for sharing this.