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About Deviant Artist Tas B.Female/Australia Groups :icondangerous-amateurs: dAngerous-amateurs
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Love Drug by tas-poetry Love Drug :icontas-poetry:tas-poetry 83 19
The Used And Abused Marionette
(This poem is dedicated to all those who are or have been in abusive relationships. My heart goes out to all of you beautiful people.)
I've been nothing
But a slave to your debauched desires
Your sole possession, your marionette
Benumbed by the deceit,
The manipulation veiled
Beneath your soft artist's touch...
And a touch that endeavours to sabotage
The most beautiful of all silhouettes
Is the touch of the irresistible...
The undeniable...
Just like you...
For I was left powerless, forlorn of all hope,
As your hands designed my fate,
With one subtle caress at a time...
With one stage of seduction at a time...
Those gifted hands
Carved me so delicately
Into the figurine of a burlesque doll
Faceless, stripped of an identity
Dehumanised, to gratify your intentions.
My wooden frame,
Varnished by your blood,
The paint of passion, the lacquer of love,
Coated upon my skin as a bittersweet glaze...
Every brittle limb,
Webbed with strings
Bound tightly by intricate knots
To the tips
:icontas-poetry:tas-poetry 110 51
Frozen by tas-poetry Frozen :icontas-poetry:tas-poetry 246 46 Sea Goddess by tas-poetry Sea Goddess :icontas-poetry:tas-poetry 104 21
Mature content
Selling Sex For Grains Of Rice :icontas-poetry:tas-poetry 77 46
Kitty Does Not Like dA Trolls by tas-poetry Kitty Does Not Like dA Trolls :icontas-poetry:tas-poetry 105 29 Vamp Goddess by tas-poetry Vamp Goddess :icontas-poetry:tas-poetry 269 37 Light A Fire In My Heart by tas-poetry Light A Fire In My Heart :icontas-poetry:tas-poetry 451 55 Sketch of Craig and Jade by tas-poetry Sketch of Craig and Jade :icontas-poetry:tas-poetry 15 16 A Drop of Love by tas-poetry A Drop of Love :icontas-poetry:tas-poetry 142 37
Erotomania: A Fatal Obsession
As I watch you, I quiver
Absorbed in my own delirium
Tainted with grotesque desires of You...
A thrill surges through me
By the thought of my teeth
Sinking deep into your sinuous amber skin
With the savoury taste of your blood
Leaving its tinge on my tongue
A thrill surges through me
By the thought of my nails
Carving my name across your chest
Clawing vows into your flesh
Leaving us eternally bound
A thrill surges through me
By the thought of my lips mutilating you
With a jagged razorblade kiss
Rupturing your stolen soul
Leaving you unsound
For 2 years, 7 months, 3 weeks, 2 days, 14 hours, and 19 minutes...
Since the very first time
You intoxicated me
With your liquor-drenched beauty
I've followed you
Observed you
Loved you
From a distance...
Though I remain anonymous to you...
I am the face hidden in the air
Following the fragrant fusion
Of your nectarine scented skin
With Chanel's 'Coco Mademoiselle'
I am the face hidden in your shadow
Following the euphony of your footsteps
As you s
:icontas-poetry:tas-poetry 63 59
That Thing Called Love...
When you speak those three beautiful words
As softly as water droplets gliding down a petal
From gravity’s gentle pull…
When you dissolve me in your romantic metaphors
As sugar does when stirred in warm liquid
With its sweetness melting through…
When your lips meet mine in an ethereal kiss
Embodying love’s sweet languor
As our hearts diffuse…
I see the world through rose-coloured heart-shaped glasses
Where the bitterness is filtered away from my sight
With my eyes, only capable of witnessing beauty
I’m no longer a stranger in a world of spite
For the darkness has been devoured
By the ignition of our love’s light
And when love conquers all
There need be no plight
But when the glasses come off
The candor withers away
As I notice your true colours
I’m paralysed with dismay
You are not the rose I thought you were
You are the thorns on its stem
We are two repelling forces
And together we breed mayhem
So here I am yet again
Staring intuitively at the s
:icontas-poetry:tas-poetry 125 57
Deception - Short Poems
Photographs can tell the most beautiful lies
It can capture insincere emotions with such credibility
That you, yourself can be fooled by your own façade
Just like this photograph of you and me
Where our lips meet in a tender kiss
Unveiling our love story to the world
A story filled with heartbreak and agony
And yet we seem so happily in love
That I can dissolve in the solace
Of this photograph’s sweet deception.
I fabricate a smile
To deceive all those who surround me
Just so they are unable to enjoy the pleasure
Of witnessing my pain.
Our hearts deceive our minds
Into believing that our love is reciprocated
When in truth, it is as one-sided
As the reality of a two-faced lie
When I’d least expect it
You’d creep into my mi
:icontas-poetry:tas-poetry 105 42
Pathological Liar
It is no mystery
That your lips only speak of fictional stories
You use to compose your identity
Not a word you speak has any resemblance with truth
For you are made of a thick façade of lies
Whether it be big or small, you care not
As long as there is no glimpse of honesty
Underlying in the words you speak
For the revelation of truth is what you fear most
I know that those lies masquerade
An overt denial of unpleasant realities
I know that deep down you are a tormented soul
That lies provide you with relief
A relief you long for
I know that you are a stranger in your own body
But you have lost all credibility now
Your lies are inconsistent
You are no longer a father
But a manipulative man
That only breeds chaos in our family
Your deception is no longer welcome
You, Dad, are no longer welcome in my life
Now it is my time to neglect you
The way you neglected me
For the way you abused my mother
For the emptiness you have left in my heart
As I grew up without a father
For all the pro
:icontas-poetry:tas-poetry 96 78
Dear Egomaniac
You consider yourself superior to all those that surround you
Your undeserved ego rises beyond any possibility of calculation
You feed your pride by demeaning others
To tear them down with your spitefulness
Is psychological masturbation for you.
You claim to possess intelligence
But let me tell you something
Memorising a textbook and then vocalising information
Does not make you intelligent
It only shows your lack of knowledge on all that is truly significant
Quoting facts that were not discovered by yourself
Shows that you can only utilise other people’s knowledge
Not your own.
True wisdom comes from real life experiences
Personal experiences
And what you learn from them
A book will never teach you
What life teaches you
No person can ever teach you
What you learn for yourself
You can only learn from what you witness with own your eyes
All else is passed-on information.
That voice you so passionately use
To convey your intelligence
To prove your superiority
Only rev
:icontas-poetry:tas-poetry 142 68




Tas B.
:iconcraigp-photography: Craig is a wonderful photographer but more importantly a wonderful person with a heart filled with compassion, love and humility. He is a truly honourable person most certainly worth getting to know. I have a tremendous amount of respect for him as an artist, a friend, a father and most importantly as a gracious human being. :heart:

:iconlandoriginal: Lando is an absolutely amazing, yet underrated poet. If you're a lover of poetry, visit his page. This man has soul, passion and is so filled with love. It is no wonder that he shares a piece of his heart with every poem that he indites so effortlessly. :heart:
Dear the beautiful people of deviantART,

This is a bit of an odd journal to write, and I'm a little uncomfortable about describing myself - but it seems a few people would like to know the 'real', offline me. My online persona is actually very close to my offline persona. If anything is different, I may be more polite online. For instance, if someone insults me online, I'm likely to respond (if at all), "Thank you. I appreciate your compelling insults. Unfortunately for you, it does not affect me and my degree of self-respect remains the same." In the non-virtual world, I'm more likely to say "I'm not interested in this conversation, nor do I give any f***s about your views, so do yourself a favour and find a hobby that doesn't entail hacking, hating and humiliating. Your behaviour does not impress anyone with reasonable standards."

Anyway, here are some things you may not know about me:

* My name is actually Tas; it is short for Tasnuva, which means 'a piece of gold'.

* I am addicted to crosswords.

* I don't drink alcohol very often (maybe once every 3 months at most and even that is too often for me) and when I drink I don't drink much - this is not because of religious views, nor is it because I'm Miss Goody-Two-Shoes. It is because I generally don't like the taste, the burning sensation, nor the psychological effects of alcohol. To be honest, I always think to myself, 'this chardonnay would be significantly tastier if there was no alcohol in it.'

* I do not use any social networking sites. (I have avoided the plague of the digital age!)

* My most outstanding talent is procrastinating. I will use any excuse to avoid doing the work that I need to do - this will often lead me into a panic spiral in the last minute. And for some reason, I do manage to get things done in the last minute. So, rather than worrying about an assignment for, say, 2 weeks prior to its due date, I may as well just worry the night before. Bad strategy, but works for me.

* If I had my way, I would win the lottery and do charity work for the rest of my life. I would also be a performer, as well as a theatre and film writer and director.

* I have a bizarre fear of balloons popping - in other words, I suffer from globophobia. (Yes, you may laugh).

* Discussions on politics and celebrity gossip have a profound impact on my insomnia - that is, it temporarily cures it.

* I get plenty of hate mail on deviantART for the subject matters of my poems; they have no effect on me other than making me chuckle every now and then.

* I am passionate about animal rights and welfare. I feel very connected to animals, and I have enormous empathy for them.

* I am extremely impatient. Waiting in line makes me want to strangle the person who's slow and making me wait. (I think impatience is one of the worst qualities someone can have).

* I love the rain, including being drenched in it. I love it when nature bawls its heart out. (After all, we all need a cry every now and then don't we?) This also means that I strongly dislike the sun. A hot and sunny day annoys me and makes me want to stay at home. Then again, I live in Australia (aka Skin Cancer Central), so it's not too unreasonable.

* I over-analyse everything but I don't do it consciously. I see too much. I interpret too much. And this process reveals too much.

* I am comfortable about my sexuality as a woman. I don't feel any need to hide what is natural. Most of us want to be desired and touched. (That's probably obvious given I write erotic poetry as well).

* I don't believe that love conquers all. I believe that love is a good motivation to conquer all the obstacles that come your way.

* I can eat 10 jars of olives at once. In fact, the thought of olives stuffed with ricotta cheese is making me hungry.

* I can officially cook and prepare good food, even if it involves setting the kitchen on fire and stabbing myself in the foot by accidentally dropping a knife on the floor. This may seem 'whatever', but the truth is I failed Food Tech in high school multiple times - once because I didn't know onions were supposed to be peeled first. In fact, the teacher said I should be permanently banned from the kitchen.

* I love pentacles, and other symbols that represent the elements of nature.

* Public bathrooms terrify me, usually because there's something there that I wish I didn't see.

* I have little tolerance for bad table manners. If someone chews loudly, slurps and burps incessantly, I cannot guarantee that a fork and butter knife will not be used as homicide weapons.

* My favourite crystal is rose quartz because it represents love.

* My favourite flowers are yellow roses.

* I only like sweet foods once a month for reasons that 'once a month' indicates. At other times, I find sweet foods extremely unpleasant.

* Mainstream media bores me to death. It is no wonder I hate my degree.


* I love you all for being so beautiful and supportive.

Hugs and kisses,



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Tears Of Joy by sesam-is-openMay your DREAMS come true by KmyGraphic
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