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Zatanna Spellcaster

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Tayl5067's avatar
Great pic of Zatanna.
SmlArt's avatar
I kida prefer the newest outfit, but this is amazing! nice lines and colours =D
Shulkie's avatar
Awesome job and very sexy as well. Gotta love those fishnets:heart:
theEyZmaster's avatar
She looks fantastic!
Lovely :P
dinobatfan's avatar
Very beautiful, classy, and powerful image! I love your use of color here and pose. Great art!
TanukiTagawa's avatar
Zatanna are cute and sexy! :clap: The colors are great! :aww:
FreyaRMMBlack's avatar
COOL! This is really really good! I like your use of colour
Tarzman's avatar
Hey, thanks so much!
MJBivouac's avatar
Very nice work. I also saw the Hughs "flavor", and that is quite all right! If I had one very tiny crit, it would be that the brim of her top hat seems a bit narrow. But that is it!
StrikeFreedom21's avatar
Nice! One of the best DC characters.
BrenGun's avatar
wow looks great!!!!!!!!!!
Tarzman's avatar
Thanks again!
MangaAngel's avatar
hot!... very good detail work!
NewGirlComic's avatar
great pose and colouring!
Unage00's avatar
She does not need wand to cast spells.
demonlord6696's avatar
I love Zatanna pics!
robokop's avatar
Oh very pretty! :D
NickMockoviak's avatar
She could put a spell on me any day....:D
Vynnx's avatar
Very nice! The style kind of reminds me of Adam Hughes in a way, and yet unique at the same time. Yeah, that probably made no sense whatsoever.
Tarzman's avatar
Hey, I know exactly what you mean. I love Adam Hughes' work, and it's hard not to be influenced in some way, but I definately try to do my own thing.
Vynnx's avatar
Oh you definitely have your own style. So do you do work for a publisher or do you just freelance?
Tarzman's avatar
At the moment I just freelance. I worked for a time in comics, and then walked away for a while. i'm thinking of going back, but at the same time I am working on my own book. How about you, what do you do?
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