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Wondergirl Times Three

Here is the character Wondergirl from the Teen Titans. She's changed a bit over the years, so I wanted to do a piece which shows her in three different costumes from different time periods.
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Great pic of Wonder Girl.
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realy wonderful job, I'm so sorry she died, and does not appear in th new 52....whateva nice poses and colours! =D
I wish I had seen this before Dave's untimely passing. This is really a great representation of Wonder Girl in her 3 major stages (not counting her Dark Star days or just Donna Troy). I like how, in the old costume, she's got a smaller body, and not just because she's further back.
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With Dave, do you mean Tarzman? Isn't he longer with us? :(
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Wonderfull laides

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My new Wallpaper!
dinobatfan's avatar
Simply Awesome!!! :)
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Love Donna! Great job!
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Great job on this. Very sexy on the adult versions and I do like the thru the years type collage:heart:
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Different costumes, different time periods, same girl, good work she looks like the same person
andreshanti's avatar
Oh my God, this is perfection!!
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I love the transitional nature of this pic
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This is a beautiful piece of art! I can't draw pretty girls very well, but I sure appreciate those who do -- and no one does it better than you! By the way, I also always liked the red costume the best!
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I think this might be the best Donna Troy pic I've seen. I love how you captured the evolution of her as a person, and I love her pose at the end.
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Thanks much, truely appreciated!
minarho1's avatar
I featured this in my journal. I hope that's okay with you, pretty please?
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Hey, it's perfectly great you featured my art in your journal. Wondergirl has always been a favorite character of mine, so I'm glad someone else had a use for it. Thanks!
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Oh god, I really like their hair in this piece!!
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You draw AMAZING women my man!
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I'm not sure just when this happened, but I became obsessed with drawing women. I see a beatiful face and I have to try to capture it. It's a sickness I don't wish to recover from. Thanks again for your comments!
PatCarlucci's avatar
I feel ya on that one bro... I just don't draw the women as well as you do...
The sentiment is the same though!!!

Can't wait to see what you post next!
Tarzman's avatar
Hey Pat, I didn't know you were in Pittsburgh! If I'd have known I would have tried to find you. Are you going to be in Philadelphia at the Wizard Con? Let me know if you are, I'd like to meet the real Pat in person! I had a great time in Pittsburgh, but I was so busy drawing I didn't walk around as much as I would have liked. Anyway, let me know.
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