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Wonder Woman Sketch

Here's a sketch of Wonder Woman done with the Tuscon Red pencil.
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Very very pretty!
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I love this, it's absolutely stunning.
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Very nice piece as is, but have you possibly considered doing a colorized version of it? If you do, then I believe, in order to keep the beauty of it intact, you might think about using very soft pastel type colors.
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Awesome pic and sexy, too. Love the coloring and detail. Her pose is very natural looking and graceful:heart:
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I love this, nice job!
Wow! Just... wow!!!
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this is awesome! im makng a worship collage of wonderwoman, may i use this? i'll give you credit on my artists comments when/if i post it
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Hey sure, go ahead and use it if you like. Sorry for my lack of a reply, I've been away on vacation.
Til-It-Kills-You's avatar
thank you
and its all cool with the slow responce, i just got back from Las Angeles myself, thats what summer is for.
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Tuscon REd pencil? I thought it was something like "sanguine"... I like the colour tone...! good job!
wow clean skecth awesome
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So beautiful :D
I love your style and how you manage to capture the personality in your drawings!
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Quite beautiful. she looks quite elegant :)
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Lovely work man! her left eye is a little off but it's still great!
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Wow, she hasn't looked this good since Lynda Carter hung up the bracelets!
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I really like the soft wisps of hair you placed on her shoulders. As far as masculine WW, I think it's more interesting to have a very feminine figure lifting a truck. The irony is what makes superheroes interesting to me.
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When I saw your Black Canary piece, I said I'd like to see more DC women from you. Now I want to see even more. This is a wonderful and, as lamplighter has pointed out, very feminine take on the Amazonian princess. However, I don't quite like how the bottom of her "W" chest plate goes all the way down to her belt. I prefer ending at a short point, like how it does in her modern design (as drawn by Terry Dodson, Ed Benes, Adam Hughes and others). Still, excellent work, and the effect of the red pencil works marvellously!
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Gorgeous art of the Amazing Amazon- Wonder Woman! :)
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My compliments, sir! In the last few years, it has become popular to depict Wonder Woman in a very macho way...highly muscularized...basically a steroid monster with breasts. So, big kudos for showing a softer, feminine version of her. Very well done!
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Hey you know what, I agree with you about how some artists portray Wonder Woman. I have never liked the overly muscular portrayals: I tend to like girls that look like girls and not the "steroid monsters" that you mention. That's not to say girls can't have muscles, I just try to focus on the softer side. Thanks much for your comment!
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I envy your ability to create images that you yourself can enjoy....I do not have that ability, so I have to pay other people to create them for
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