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Another sketch of Zatanna done with an Indigo Blue pencil. Zatanna is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters to draw.
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I love your pencils, finihed illustrations also, they look great, but they always missing something beutiful that pencils have.
That's qiute common to many artists, something lose, something else got when illustration is finished.
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Wow! A blue pencil ONLY!?
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Nude with only the coat, hat and gloves would be perfect.
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Love this. Love the blue.
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What a lovely drawing especially the face!
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Great comment Nick, said backwards so you just cast a spell on the art and made it great! This gets the award for most clever reply ever! And thanks!
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I was surprised that no one else left a comment that way..I mean, it's Zatanna fercripessake.

And I won! Yay!!! :winner:
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Anyone else think this looks like the beautiful Jennifer Connelly as Zatanna or is it just me? Well done, Dave!
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Wow, for some reason Jennifer Connelly never occurred to me, but she would make the perfect Zatanna. I've alwyas found her extremely attractive, and now I know why. Thanks!
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This is why I'm willing to be patient, because I KNOW I'm going to LOVE my Rocketeer and Bettie/Jenny commission (as well as all my others)! You're so awesome you're drawing gorgeous women subconciously! HAHAHA!
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she looks smoking
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Zatanna is one of the sexiest girls in the DC universe. Gotta love the fishnets:heart: Great job on her.
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Nice work, Zatanna is a great character I'll have to try drawing her myself. Excellent job mate
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I can see why you like drawing that, most definitely.
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She looks very good.
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