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Rose Model Sheet

Here is the model sheet for Rose McGowan. I'm not sure if it was these drawings that got me the job, or if it was the two pages of storytelling, or all of them together. I did the portrait shots because I figured, whoever it was at CBS who was going to look at the samples and evaluate them, they might not understand comics. I figured they would understand straight portrait shots, and have an easier time deciding if I could draw a likeness, probably the most important aspect of the job.
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Your art is excellent:)
I would like to see more art of Charmed characters. Do you think you would do model sheets for Leo, Wyatt, Chris etc?
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I would like to learn how to draw pretty :)
u should do piper and leo paige and her husband and pheobe and coop (and chris n wyatt)
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awesome to learne!

many thx!
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Loving the comic and your work, the likeness is fantastic :)
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This is absolutely amazing! Great work!!!
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Great work on these and a BIG CONGRATS to you on landing the "Charmed" assignment. Your art is looking great as always! :) While I'm not a super big Charmed fan, it's a good show and I'll look for the comic on the shelves just to see your finished art on this. Do you by chance know when it is expected to be on shelves?
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would you please give a tutorial for the side view of a face? thanks
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Great work Dave- likeness is one of the most difficult things to capture and you did so well. :clap:
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Congrats on the book! I just picked up page 18 from Anthony's site about 10 min ago.
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Hey, you better check on that order. I know someone who bought page 18 at the San Diego Con. Not sure how Anthony sells online but he may not have updated his site yet this week.
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Well that will prove interesting then. He just sent me the information this morning and said that he had the page so I immediately sent him the money via paypal. I might shoot him an email and see if he can check it and refund the money since he doesn't have it. At the very least I can always lodge a dispute. Thanks for the info!
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Give Anthony a chance to check it. Disputes with PayPal can go horribly wrong, so I would wait on that. I've had disputes put on me by people who owed me money just because they wanted to cause me problems (yeah, people are dicks) and it was impossible to get the thing right with PayPal. I'm still owed $200 by a guy who got away with my art and I have nothing to show for it.
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oh I will. I've only had one dispute so far which was handled pretty easily so I try not to use the option often.
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Very nice likenesses!
Damn shame we never got to see the Red Sonja movie that Rose was making.
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Good stuff Dave!
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Was this done by hand? Simply amazing..!
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