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Please Credit Properly



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Anyway, we all know crediting is good. It shows appreciation to the original creator, and helps other people locate the source material too.


How to do it wrong...

"Credit goes to whoever made this."
This statement is 110% disrespectful. You might as well not include a credit if you're too lazy to find the original creator.

"Stock photo credit: Flickr"
Flickr doesn't own people's photos; And not all of it is free stock.

"Credit: Google image search"
The images you find in Google search don't belong to Google! Crediting like this doesn't help anyone.

"Credit: {insert game/movie/book company here}"
These things are not your free resources to play with... Unless the original creator published them AS resources.

"Credit: Anime render gallery/scan site/screenshot site"
These people don't have the authority over intellectual property rights just because they scanned/cut-out/cropped/collected the images. Seek permission and credit the ORIGINAL source.

"I don't know who originally made this, but if you want it removed, tell me."
Actually, if you had asked beforehand, you might not have to worry about them wanting the work removed. And if you liked it so much in the first place, you should show appreciation to the original owner by seeking them out and getting their permission. You'd want the same for yourself... Right?

FAQ #306: Does "Crediting" let me use whatever I want?
(Short answer: No.)

Updated: 30/April/2012
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