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Artist Rights

:llama: READ ME! If you do not support the complete message of this stamp then, I urge you, PLEASE DO NOT add this stamp to your favourites!

Get permission before using any creative work that is not your own. Crediting or disclaiming IS NOT permission.


What's this About?

You don't feel bad using someone else's pretty photo or kawaii anime artwork for your graphic design? Because it's copying, not stealing? Right? But you're not just making a copy of the file! You're leeching off someone else's talent without them knowing!

Artists have the same intellectual property rights online as they do in real life. And just because it's easy to get away with it on the internet, doesn't mean it's ok to do!

IT FEELS GOOD to know people want to use your artwork for a web/graphic design. But it's annoying to have it done without your awareness.

Ask permission! Communicate! Make an artist happy knowing you like their work! Make yourself happy knowing the artist is ok with you've done with their work!



:bulletorange: Purchasing a book, game, music or DVD, does not grant you the right to copy its content online. These products come with a license limiting what you can do with them. Often the author states inside the cover they do not want you re-using their work!

:bulletorange: Crediting or disclaiming does not equal permission. It doesn't clear you of doing anything wrong.

:bulletorange: "Credit to whoever" or "this isn't mine, I found it on the internet", is not the correct source to credit. Also, it doesn't help anyone - you might as well say nothing.

:bulletorange: "Credit goes to Google" or "Credit goes to -xyz- scans gallery", is not the correct source to credit.

:bulletorange: You are not allowed to put "Copyright (c) Me" on something you upload to the internet if it's mostly made from other people's work.


Getting Permission is Not Difficult

If you can take an hour to create a wallpaper or something, surely you can spend 5 minutes sending an email or letter asking permission.


Thank You All!

I wish to thank all the people who do the right thing. :) And hope that you set a good example for everyone else.

Subscribers: You have permission to display this stamp in your journal! Everyone else: Feel free to +fav and show this stamp anywhere!


Further Reading

As you can see, copyright and artist rights are important to a lot of people:

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Online Fanarts Protection - Not being able to communicate with artists is no excuse to steal!


deviantART's Submission Policies! :faq:

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:D Feel free to show this stamp in your journal (if you're a subscriber) or anywhere. :D

Revised on 2/October/2014.
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I ask toei animation to used goku black they never reply

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Scared to ask, and I'm not a copyright supporter because people don't realize is that people might have the same idea, that why you shouldn't copyight.  
Everyone has the same idea (Respect Copies) by Ahmadx1x1

Sorry if I offended you with bold letters but it's a serious problem.
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If I REALLY want to do my own version of a picture, I ask.

I recently did a redraw of one of my sister's pictures because I told her I could draw it better than she did. It was a challenge. To even it out, my sister agreed to (eventually) redraw a a deviation of mine she chooses.
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Using this in my description
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Thanks, great stamp.
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i always ask the artist before hand and i dont draw the pic until i get an awnser i totaly agree with this 
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Yeah putting this in my descriptions. Gonan be using this.
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I will definitely be putting this on my description
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I'd like to use this, I hope, you won't mind. :blush:
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This is going in the description of every deviation from now on.
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I understand the concept
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Thank you very much for this resource!  I'll surely be putting it on my submissions when I put more up.
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Go to thumb, and embed the thumb in your page. c:
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Thank you for making this. I am sharing it as I am sick of unauthorised "derivative works" and other rights infringements. So this means alot. :heart:
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It was something that used to enrage me, but sometimes I have to give people the benefit of the doubt. No, often someone doesn't mean to be hurtful by saying, "copyright someone not me".

I don't understand how people can miss the fact that the kawaii picture they found on Google was made by an artist who put years of skill and effort into the piece. I don't understand it, but it happens anyway. It's really no use to yell at these people and call them names because they don't know any better. However, if it's laziness, then that's absolutely no excuse.

The point is, I would feel gutted if I displayed some of my own beautiful artwork on the internet, and it was given the caption, "image copyright to Google".
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Thank you for making this!~ <3 I'm using it~
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Well I guess it was mainly Japanese companies it is being done with so they don't usually worry...that latest one even ripped off Disney (no credit given for wreck it ralph) though lol the thieves are doomed I hope...
Even if the company doesn't care stuff like this makes me not want to do it at all...Guess I'll be a big unpopular but meh better that and a real artist than a sorta sell out and encouraging this sort of thing because that will make big companies try to bring up things similar to SOPA again..Don't get why these guys don't realize this. =/
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