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How To Draw Hands

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Published: September 21, 2007
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Sept 2007, Bic on Xerox Paper

And then he went crazy and drew his hand over and over...

For anyone who carries through with the lessons, feel free to post them, I won't cry foul for copying, etc. So long as you don't post it as your own tutorial - and giving credit is always nice.

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Your tutorials are wonderful, and very thorough!! Thanks for sharing them!
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NaruHB-2Student General Artist
You're the man!
Thanks for this tutorial/lesson :la:
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CrimsonStylusStudent General Artist
It's odd that when I read this, it gives me a mixed feeling of hopelessness and motivation...
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Art is work, but look at the product - it's worth it.
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I need to work on hands and fingers! I suck at those the most!
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Well, first look at your own hand and go through all the motions in the tutorial. Then draw your hand, over and over. Then, any time you have to draw a figure, look in a mirror with your hand in the same position, holding the same thing.
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Thank you very much!
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NanaCasasHobbyist General Artist
Thank you for the work you put into your tutorials. I enjoy them a lot and hope to be able to reach your skill level one day! It's never too late...right? Thanks again for sharing your knowledge and skills.
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dude, you dont need to be modest, those sketches are freakin awesome and you should be proud of them

thanks for da guide!
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Moonshadow1234Hobbyist Traditional Artist
so helpful
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ConflateMythStudent Filmographer
Great! just what i needed. thank you!
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Remember to draw your own hands in these same positions. You learn from drawing.
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Your freaking awesome!
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tomtensrivalHobbyist Traditional Artist
awesome maan! really helpful! :D thaaaanks!
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very nice one really
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ssoun562Student General Artist
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that's a nice tutorial :thumbsup:
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Thanks! A better resource would be to look up Michael Mentler's sketchbook on conceptart.org. He's incredible.
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Raph-chanHobbyist General Artist
Gosh... I wish I could draw hands like you!!! O_o... Unfortunately, it seems to be the only thing I can't draw... AT ALL!!! O_o... This and feet... Can't do both of them... I'll try to follow this tutorial. Thanks :)
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follow the tutorial and draw from life. Look at your hand after you study these drawings, really feel along your hand for the soft muscle masses, hard bones, and tendons. Try to get your hand by a strong light source that brings out the forms. Remember all hands are different. Some hands have different finger proportions. Also, look up Michael Mentler on conceptart.org. He's a master of anatomy, especially drawing hands.
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