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...And fractal weather-making butterfly with mandelbrot wings!

For those who have read Terry Prathett's "Interesting Times".
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yup that is pretty much how i've always envisioned him. heh.
GlowCrystal's avatar
This is one of the best drawings of Rincewind I've ever seen- u've really captured him well! I love it, well done.:) Beautiful picture.

Interesting Times is my all time favourite book.:D
coffeedesparation's avatar
interesting times id probably one of my favorite terry pratchett books, and you have managed to capture my ideal of rincewind magnificently!
KatnipKipper's avatar
Wonderfully detailed! I love Rincewind's expression.
TheColorofMagic's avatar
This is a beautiful drawing of Rincewind! It's nice to see so many Terry Pratchett fans on here :)

"Build a man a fire, and he'll be warm for a day. Set a man on fire, and he'll be warm for the rest of his life." -Terry P.
Achromant's avatar
I can't say it another way: It is one of the best pictures of RIncewind I ever saw.
belfasterd's avatar
beautiful picture!!!!
BaronMuenchhausen's avatar
masterpiece (my first comment at deviantart)
Hymenomycotina's avatar
you've captured his Rincewindiness perfectly!
MaliciousMallard's avatar
Woow this is great! you really captured Rincewind's slightly worried but curious nature. Excellent! :clap:
Evil-Entity's avatar
I love how much detail you put into this. It's fantastic.
cubs2084's avatar
Very nice. You've got the tired eyes of a wizard who spends his life constantly running from trouble pretty down pat
InkKiller's avatar
Beautiful work :)
Mr-Gordons's avatar
This is fantastic ! -favs-
firekata's avatar
Wow! This is so awesome! :D
Kinan's avatar
There's numerous pictures of Rincewind out there, but this is one of the few that - I think - captures him very well.
Fangirl-of-Ace's avatar
It's Rincewind! :D He looks so sad, though. Maybe he thinks about the fragileness of the butterfly, and the likeliness of it being killed by wayward spells. D:
SithLordLiisa's avatar
I loved that book.
hunlin's avatar
Gods, I love this!
Shirabelle's avatar
Oh I like that a lot!
I like the Atmosphere in this Pic. Great Work :clap:
Amsuhl's avatar
Heh, I'm reading that book right now.
Discworld-Freakiod's avatar
Omg! This is awesome! Lol butterfly zaps Rincewind's nose n n
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