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Slug Club

So the Edinburgh Uni Harry Potter Society are putting on a Slug Club! we're going to decorate the hall with pictures of famous witches and wizards (and a few muggles) I decided to paint some stuff as well. Not entirely sure when this scene takes place - I'm sure Slughorn managed a group shot at some point!
the night's going to be great - the committee are dressing up as 'celebrity' and the guests have to guess what we're famous for, and who is the fake celebrity! We're also doing potion making - involving cupcake cauldrons - and we've invited the Ballroom dance society to teach us moves so we can waltz on the dance floor! Oh, and we're having a VIP section which guests can only get into once they've proved themselves worthy! sorry, rambling but I'm rather excited!
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A local town is hosting a Potterfest this week - yay! My kid and I went to the trivia portion last night. The two of us were up against groups of 4-6 people, there was a good showing of people, and we came in 6th. Yay us! Hehhe. Sounds like your Slug Club is going to be fabulous.
I always did picture Slughorn doing the one-arm-grab just like Lockhart!
Let's that Zabini? And...oh dear, guess I better read HBP again! I don't think that's Cormac...?
Anyway, it's all gorgeous as usual. Slughorn is very sluggy and Harry is wonderfully "ugh, stupid fame thing = angst."
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aw, that sounds awesome! well done! yes, i'm very excited about the slug club - even if it does mean I have to wear a dress!
Originally I wanted to have Slughorn shaking Harry's hand but then I realised Harry was on the wrong side, meaning slughorn would be using his left hand and...yeah, it just looked odd so I went for Lockhart hug!
Yup, it's Zabini, Cormac, Ginny and Hermione and the girl in the background is Melinda Bobbins who's the only one mentioned as far as I can tell...
anyway, thanks again! xD
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This may be way off the mark, but depending on what character you're going as, there's a line of awesome wizard-looking dresses at
I'm going to Misti-Con in May, and am going to get one from there. (I got one a few years ago and love it.) Not sure what style you're looking for, but they're really cool! Lockhart-hugs are creepier anyway :-)
So glad I got Zabini and Cormac right *gives self a pat on the back* hehe. Wow, Melinda Bobbins...I'm going to have to remember that one for the next trivia event!
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haha, this is AWESOME!!! Nice job on the lighting and shading. :love:
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hee hee! thank you!
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you're welcome!!! :D
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