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Quidditch Practice

Gryffindor Quidditch practise :)

I'm going to be pretty sad when term starts again and the amount of painting I get to do will be halved :(

OH well... :D
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WOW!!!! I'm in awe of this picture!!!! :wow: I love every detail!!! :love: :D AWESOME WORK!!!! :squee: I can't wait to see more of your art work!! :woohoo: :D
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oh thank you! That means a lot! XD
HerHeartCrafts's avatar
You're welcome!!! :D
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I'm grinning at the picture, but frowning at less pictures forthcoming!
Your quidditch uniforms in motion are really REALLY good. Those folds in the air canNOT have been easy!
I love the colors.
Well done! And yay for more HP pics ;-) Not that I don't like your other works, but since HP is close to my heart, I get all smiley when you post a new one!
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aw, thank you! Don't worry, I'll find the time for some pictures even if it means doodleing in lectures! (Not that I don't do that anyway! :P)
thanks again for your kind words! XD
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awesome! :D well.. not the painting time being halved but this actual painting.... you get my drift :P
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hee hee, thank you!
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