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PoA - Chapter 8

Flight of the Fat Lady

"'Ah, Severus,' said lupin, smiling. 'Thanks very much. Could you leave it here on the desk for?'"

I know I've drawn a bit from this scene before but I've changed some things around a bit. Also I love Harry's complete lack of subtly over his horror that Lupin would drink anything given to him by Snape!  
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It looks pretty cool :D what did you use to colour it? 
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thank you! it's watercolour :D
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This makes me giggle, including your description of Harry's lack of grace! I love, in particular, Snape's pose with one hand behind his back - it looks suspicious. Harry's face is so, so, spot-on. Like he's about to cry or throw up, or...didn't he also want to knock the goblet away? Hrm. So long since I've read POA! I adore the way you draw Lupin - with lines, but not as deep nor as numerous as other artists. I mean, it just doesn't make sense that he'd look that beat up all the time/ with that many scars. *shrug* I also like the grindylow tank. And, as always, your wood and stonework is AWEsome! 
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Yeah, it's always sort of bugged me that there's this thing for lupin having scars on his face all the time.  I think the movie has something to answer for but it's never mentioned in the books.
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I really enjoy your illustrations.  The details, expressions and body language of the characters show that you really read the books carefully--and love them!
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yay! that's great to hear!
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