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PoA - Chapter 7



The Boggart in the Wardrobe 

"Harry, however, wasn't feeling cheerful. Professr Lupin had deliberately stopped him tackling the Boggart.  Why?  Was it because he'd seen Harry collapse on the train, and thought he wasn't up to much? Had he thought Harry would pass out again?"
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This. Is. Perfect. I love the way you chose to compose the picture, with Lupin in the front, so we can see his expression, but we don't know (at this point) why it is that he wouldn't let Harry tackle it. I love Harry's expression of confusion and a bit of anger. You got that really, really good. I love Ron with the fingers! Silly spiders. Wait...I just...was this the same wardrobe that Ron and Harry hid in, in COS where they overheard that it was Ginny in the chamber? Darn it, now I really have to go back and read them. Not that I mind of course ;-) 
Again, I adore the way you're drawing Lupin. *applauds you heartily*