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PoA - Chapter 6

Talons and Tea Leaves

"Everyone was staring, transfixed, at Professor Trelawney who gave the cup a final turn, gasped, and then screamed."
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*dances around with glee*  This makes me so happy! Trelawney was one of those iffy liked to dislike her just for her doom and gloom, but she was harmless so you couldn't really hate her. She was a minor character, but yet several things hinged on things she said, and one thing she did. Anyway! The poofs are wonderfully poofy, the expressions are PRICEless, so, so good. Hah, I love Lavender's "eeep!" look. I love the poses you chose, and the perspective. The room is fabulous - lovely details! And Trelawney...excellent. It makes me giggle. 
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yeah, I remember reading this for the first time and thinking, wow, this is a cool new character. then as the boo goes on you realise she's a fraud and is there for a lot of comic relief - the wham! it turns out she's actually quite important! 
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Lovely detail and I adore the way you've drawn all of their facial expressions; especially Trelawney! Beautiful job!
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really cool!!

I love the composition here!!

I'm currently reading this book again XD

I love how Hermione reacts to Trelawney's predictions...
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I love your goggle-eyed Trelawney and the bewildered expressions on the kids' faces! :D
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Trelawney! I love the way you drew her!!
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